Toyota Vios 4AT Change to 5MT

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Toyota Vios 4AT Change to 5MT

Johor, Malaysia
This is modified Toyota Vios in Malaysia.It has a series of modification to race at Sepang International Circuit, such as changing intake and exhaust system, strengthening ignition system(Denso SK20), oil gas catch tank, racing shock absorber, Yaris RS brake system, full set of struc bar, Kevtec Thailand carbon bonnet,Links Monsoon ECU and etc. For better results, replace the 4AT transmission into Yaris RS 5MT gearbox from Japan which have 4.312 final ratio to output 120hp/14kgm and took the hot lap at 2:53.According to my follow-up, the owner has also strengthened the piston rod and crankshaft of this 1NZ-FE engine and a full roll cage as a track car,the hot lap has improved by 2 seconds to win the champion of time attack 1500c.c. NA open group. This reviews attracted more than 100,00 hits on Option FB fanpage(Chinese ver. only): Youtube video(Chinese ver. only):

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