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五指山三十秒換卡鉗? - Triones川歐力士 魔術接頭Wuzhishan change calipers in 30 seconds? -Triones Chuan Orix magic connector

By Chuan-Chih Sheng, May 23, 2020

五指山三十秒換卡鉗? - Triones川歐力士 魔術接頭
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利用創意發想產品特性,讓產品的特性放大效果呈現。並且使讀者擁有相當的產品記憶點! 觀看次數:12萬次 分享次數:26次 影片拍攝 / 影片監製 / 企劃腳本 / 影片剪輯 / 影片後期製作 / 現場燈光設定
Use creative ideas to think about product features and let the product features appear magnified. And make readers have considerable product memory points! Views: 120,000 Shares: 26 times of filming / film production / scripting / film editing / film post-production / scene lighting settings

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