Tuning Golf GTI MK7 has 400whp++!

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Tuning Golf GTI MK7 has 400whp++!

Johor, Malaysia
Article link(Chinese ver. only): https://carnews.com/article/info/9c4709ad-a0ff-11e8-a9e3-42010af00004/ EA888 engine to third generation from VAG, the exhaust header to shorten(reducing turbo lag) and using ECU Open Loop design to control A/F ratio of the whole area and make GTI MK7 have a better fuel efficiency.It has raised to the power 220hp/35.68kgm through variable lubricant pump of this new technology, and with DSG transmission can do accelerate to 6.5 seconds at 0-100km/h. After becoming mainstream modified with GTI, and rigorous monitoring Siemens ECU was also cracked the OEM program by CPA Taiwan brands of ECU.It has widened the allowable range of values successfully, just like this GTI MK7 is keeping the state of original engine body,electronic blow-off valve and throttle body,it can withstand 2 bar high pressure of turbo(replaced to CPA 400 bigger turbo within the safe range and the limit of 2.5 bar) .Even if put on the whole straight downpipe through exhaust pipe, the oxygen sensor continues as a feedback signal to ECU as a parameter for fuel injection and air intake and the error light will not be lit inside the meter. To prevent the clutch slipping of DSG transmission, it has double clutch plates to enhance the bonding force will solve the problem.If we want to prevent overheating causing distress of locking gear,crack the gearbox code is part of the most challenging, but also the reason for lowering boost value.In the correcting repeatedly and successfully at 100-200km/h acceleration time of 7.54 seconds, 250km/h speed limit is also released and measured 300km/h top speed on the U.S. Dynojet machine.However, in order closer to real situation, the Dyno machine is set with load state to simulate climbing, and the blower is also set to simulate wind resistance because more power is needed while under heavier load.It can find the average of the best A/F ratio so that the engine will not suddenly turn off on the road.

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Published: Mar 18th 2019