UI design - TV OSUI design - TV OS

Jia-Hsing, Sung

By Jia-Hsing, SungUI/UX 設計師

UI design - TV OS
Translated by GoogleShow original (zh-TW)
串流影音電視UI設計,給每個家庭成員的個人化電視系統,多用戶電視窗可一鍵切換使用者,介面下方並有專屬於每個使用者的喜好推薦影片,滿足現代影音串流使用者習性。 產品廣告:https://youtu.be/aZtfYRx74Hs
Streaming audio-visual TV UI design, a personalized TV system for each family member, multi-user TV window can switch users with one click, and there are recommended videos for each user’s preferences at the bottom of the interface, satisfying the use of modern audio-visual streaming Habits. Product advertisement: https://youtu.be/aZtfYRx74Hs
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