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Chi Chung

By Chi ChungUI/UX Designer

UI/UX Design | 展鑫銀行App
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這是一款簡單明瞭的銀行App,整體介面以台灣黑熊為主,方便不同年齡層民眾使用。 您可以看到每日外幣匯率漲幅、試算借貸資格、累積的紅利點數,還有4種不同匯款方式。解決您生活上理財投資、匯款定存、外幣匯率、紅利點數等...各種難題。 link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/118365601/UIUX-Design-App
This is a simple and clear banking App. The overall interface is mainly Taiwan Black Bear, which is convenient for people of different ages to use. You can see the daily increase in foreign currency exchange rates, trial loan eligibility, accumulated bonus points, and 4 different remittance methods. Solve all kinds of problems in your life such as financial investment, fixed deposit of remittance, foreign currency exchange rate, bonus points, etc... link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/118365601/UIUX-Design-App
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