UTasks a buggy app for testing purposes

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UTasks a buggy app for testing purposes

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UTasks is a Todoist clone, meant for testing purposes, like trying different test automation tools and techniques or just manually test the app instead of relying on some online apps "that may changes over time and make your test automation scripts fails" or "you simply don't have a way to try some advanced test automation techniques, weird scenarios or some test automation best practices"

😉 Features

  • A simple feature-rich website but a bit tricky to work with.
  • Simple & easy to set up and run in your local machine or deploy it publicly
  • A unique identifier data-testid for mostly all of the fields in the app
  • Doesn't require a lot of knowledge to set it up "Just a Google Account and Nodejs"
  • Created using Create React App as Frontend and Firestore as Backend

🦾 Usage

There are already a public website for this application you can use them or you can make your own one "locally or publicly"

📱 Use a deployed version

⚠️ Warning
  • If you are using the public websites: your data may get removed from time to time "every 2 to 3 months"
  • Each website has its own separate environment, so signup in the Utasks Develop website doesn't make you able to login to the Utasks Main website.

🙄 Setup your own app

To setup you own, check out the Prerequisites,and the Setup

🧰 Prerequisites

🏗️ Setup

NOTE: You can watch this 8 mins video for the full setup. 
  • Get the source code in your machine (Using one of the following options):
  • Clone the repo git clone https://github.com/TestMECA/UTasks.git
  • Download the buggy branch or check out to it git checkout buggy
  • Downland the Utasks Buggy V0.3.0
  • (The best option) Fork the repo and clone your fork git clone https://github.com/<your-github-username>/UTasks.git then check out to the buggy branch by running git checkout buggy
  • Change the name of the file .env.example to .env
  • Install yarn to install all the needed dependencies npm install --global yarn
  • Install the needed dependencies yarn install
  • Create a Firebase project from the Firebase Console and after that:
  • Add app to register a web application from the Firebase Console and register it with the same name as the project name
  • Open the Authentication tab from the created project in the Firebase Console and add the "username/password" as your sign in method/provider
  • Open the Cloud Firestore/Firestore Database from the created project in the Firebase Console and add create a database
  • Run yarn firebase login to login from the CLI to your Firebase Console using the Firebase CLI
  • Run yarn firebase use <firebase-project-name> && yarn firebase apps:sdkconfig web --json with <firebase-project-name> is your Project Name you created in Firebase Console
  • Copy the appropriate data from the output of the previous command and add it to the proper place in the utasks-configuration.json.example file
  • Change the name of the file utasks-configuration.json.example to utasks-configuration.json
  • Setup the Firestore rules by running the following command yarn firebase deploy --only firestore:rules

🔥 Local setup

  • Run the app locally by running the yarn react-scripts start and it will be open in Localhost:5050

🚀 (Optional) Make it online

If you want to make your own app a public website, you need to do the following:

  • Add your <firebase-project-name> with the appropriate configuration to the firebase.json file
  • Build the app by running yarn react-scripts build
  • Run yarn firebase deploy --only hosting:<firebase-project-name> with <firebase-project-name> is your Project Name you created in Firebase Console, and thats it,you will find the website url in the output of the previous command, or you can check it from the Hosting tab from the created project in the Firebase Console.
A buggy app that seems similar to the Todoist app was created and publicly deployed for testing, and hiring processes purposes
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Published: Dec 5th 2023



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