Web based Spreadsheet

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Web based Spreadsheet

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ZK Spreadheet

ZK Spreadsheet is a web-based spreadsheet component built on the ZK framework. I served as the designer and developer of the frontend for version 1 in 2009, utilizing pure JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, ensuring compatibility with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Additionally, I took on the role of the team leader for version 3 in 2013

Application Mode

In application mode, it designed for intuitive user interaction. The interface incorporates a toolbar, menubar, and formula bar, providing users with familiar tools for efficient data manipulation. It also facilitates seamless interaction with external data sources. Users can effortlessly load and save Excel forms to and from backend datasources, ensuring data consistency and accessibility

Embedded Component Mode

When utilized as an embedded component, you have the flexibility to integrate a sheet directly into your page and seamlessly control it to interact with other ZK components. (The accompanying image illustrates a single sheet and its interaction with an external Dropbox, showcasing the versatility of the integration)

ZK Spreadsheet provides a rich and interactive user interface for creating and manipulating spreadsheets within a web application
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Published: Jan 7th 2024