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When the Internet of Things Gives Your Finances a

By Saagar Gupta, February 19, 2020

When the Internet of Things Gives Your Finances a
What is the Internet of Things? To some degree, you’ve already been exposed to the Internet of Things (IoT) and what it can do. In modern cars, for example, we can lock, track or start our engines without being there. What makes something an IoT device is its connection to an internet signal. Wireless and remote technology aren’t exactly the same as IoT technology. The wireless ability of the Internet of Things is specifically powered by the web. Though an antenna could be used to achieve the same wireless features in some cases, society gains a larger range of mobility through an internet connection. Can IoT Improve My Finances? The Internet of Things can improve how financial decisions are made. Our wireless technologies are evolving fast, and the current demands of our data society has led to a few promises in how financial services will be provided. The core takeaway, as it relates to both finances and IoT, is the ability to collect data in a way that we never could before. Finish this article at:

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