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地方創生 X 採訪撰寫Local Chuangsheng X interview writing

By Venus Tsao, May 20, 2020

地方創生 X 採訪撰寫
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一堂通識課的作業,關於採訪報導。 記得這天一個人帶著相機,怯生生走進台中不老夢想,拉開日式木門,迎接我的是面容慈祥的阿嬤,身穿圍裙,上頭寫著「不老料理人」字樣。過不久,我的訪談對象—不老夢想館長來了,她沒有穿著圍裙,臉上掛著的卻是一樣的笑容,非常溫暖。 攝影、對談、錄音......那是我的採訪初體驗。
Homework in a general class, about interview reports. I remember that one day I walked into Taichung with my camera and walked into Taichung ’s old dream. When I opened the Japanese wooden door, I was greeted by a kind-faced grandma, wearing an apron with the words "I am not a culinary man" written on it. Soon after, my interviewee, Curator of Dreams of Old Dreams came. She was not wearing an apron, but she had the same smile on her face and was very warm. Photography, dialogue, recording ... that was my first experience in an interview.

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