Prasenjit Das

{ Backend Developer/ Full Stack Engineer }


I have been coding for the last 12 years and had been involved with big firms as well as startups, services and products. Apart for full time work I had co-worked with few startups on IoT and Microservices based solutions.

Although I had started my career in .net technologies, I had been exploring the other areas on my will and eagerly looking for a position where I can make things happen.

"Learning is fun and never enough and I am never tired of that..."

Established & Confident in...

  • Active listening skills, outstanding client interaction skills
  • Ability to make things happen, I plan details and depth
  • Strong mindset, never give up quickly
  • Tech evangelist and enthusiast
  • Team player, people like to work with me
  • Remote work exposure, worked remotely for PST,CST timezone for 5 years

Hands-on with


Python 3, Django, Bottle,
Scrapy, Flask, RESTful API development, MongoDB,
BeautifulSoup, Docker,


NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB

.net Core

.net core 2.1 CLI, webAPI, swagger, NUnit, MongoDB, AWS, 

Tech Exposure

C#, 9 years
T-SQL, 9 years
JavaScript, 9 years
HTML/CSS, 9 years
PHP, 1 year
Agile, 7 years
MongoDB, 6 months
WCF, 3 years
WebAPI, 6 months
MVC.net, 6 months
Entity Framework, 3 years
NodeJS, 3 months

Tableau Desktop, hands-on


using .net Core, 3 months

using GoLang, 1 month

Microservices 9 months

Python/Django/Scrapy, 6 months

Docker, handson

Skills {Tech}

C#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, T-SQL 

MS SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SSIS, Stored Procedures 

ASP.net, JQuery, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Socket.IO, WebRTC, Bootstrap3, MVC.net, Telerik Controls, LINQ 



Jenkins, MantisBT, TeamCity 

Agile Software Development, Test Driven Development, REST 

Cloud Deployment 

Heroku, Google Firebase, Hands-on AWS 

Search Platforms
Apache SOLR 

Work Experience

Bencin Studios, Fullstack Engineer (Contractual), Sep 2020 till present

It is a gaming company, I am currently engaged in developing a full cycle backend platform for games integration, the tech stack is MVC.net 5, Azure, EF6, Code first approach.

Amvik Solutions, Senior Software Developer(Consultant) & L2 Tech Support, Oct 2017 ~ Apr 2019

I was hired by Amvik as a software developer and L2 Tech support, this company deals in Behavioral Therapy. The product is a semi-SAAS which provides operational utility for therapy centers to schedule, log, track,audit their patients(esp kids with autism therapy requirements). The big part of the application was the Billing & Insurance Claims module which was an added service module which helped the clients in illing and insurance claims. It has lot of critical areas and high demand reporting with security which I was responsible. I joined them with a 3 member development team so here I was entitles for self driven work and approach. I had to communicate actively with clients, sort issues and push them to JIRA(major or minor). Due to the increased load, I was responsible to setup DevOPS and implement QA cycle. I also interviewed a large number of tech candidates and helped setup the dev center in Noida, India.

Activ4Pets, Consultant Product Manager, Apr 2017 ~ Sep 2017

I was engaged as the Product Manager for the B2C product which was healthcare for pets and animals which included 8 distinct modules right from PHR to E-consultation. I was managing the product features and enhancement. The entire 22 member dev team was under my direction. I successfully implemented Dev Ops for continous deployment of web apis and integration with individual android and IoS apps which were scheduled into weekly minor builds and major build deployments. I also envisaged product feature with management, marketing team and setup goals and tasks, implemented scrum methods for production and operations. I got a big exposure to my balance on management + tech supervision skills.
I had to leave the company due to personal reasons when we just started with IoT enabled pet tagging devices, we were about to start collaboration with a startup in bangalore who were actively into the tagging device area. 

Ridgehead LLC, Software Consultant, Jan 2014 ~ Mar 2017

In my tenure with Ridgehead, I was working as a third party senior developer for NetApp USA across various projects and was actively involved in having direct communication with NetApp Business Heads, capturing requirements, designing TDD, application architecture, development & delivery. I am listing out the project that I had worked on during this tenure. 
  • Net2-RMA(Asset-Recovery)
    This tool is used by NetApp to track parts that have not been returned by clients that have either asked for servicing and simply not returned the defective hardware or in cases where historical data is inaccurate and requires to be consolidated. The system also allows CSRs to track their interactions with clients so as to provide an audit trail for follow-up should it be necessary. The entire process for this was manual before it was converted to a system that does not require user-intervention when items are returned or their status is changed. The key integration points in this system are SAP, Oracle and the Reporting System (SQL) from which data is gathered and automatically transformed to provide value to the client for tracking and re-acquiring their hardware. The system also provides a robust search interface for granular as well as macro search capabilities where necessary. 
    Technologies { MSSQL, JQuery, UnderscoreJS, JavaScript, Apache SOLR, SSIS, WCF, JSON Web Services, Kendo UI, IIS ARR, EntityFramework, LINQ }

  • CSS-Track
    This is a CRM tool used to track work/projects in the form of tickets that can be administered by project administrators. The tool also has a workflow feature which allows administrator users to create workflows for tickets based on user-interactions as well as system triggers. It was originally written with a SQL back-end but is currently in the process of moving to a MongoDB back-end. I was actively involved in stabilizing the application and porting the backend to MongoDB. The complexity of the application was it was a legacy application built on core asp.net and used server controls as well as html controls; data was relational and had runtime performance issues due to huge data and multiple workflows running in the background. 
    Technologies { C#, IIS 7.x/8.x, jQuery, UnderscoreJS, jQueryUI, Kendo UI, WCF, SQL Server 08/12, MongoDB }

  • Net2 Scripting
    This application was intended to allow field engineers to access the work process script, a method/manual description on how to diagnose an equipment. Primarily the challenge was to have an offline application that can be viewed in handheld devices as this application had to enter secure and de-militarized zones where there would be no access to internet. The application vastly used json as local file and javascript, on returning to connectivity the application will auto-sync the remote data to the live servers. This application also had a javascript based rules engine that would make decisions based on inputs. The application was deployed using JBOSS as we had some data from soap APIs from java environments and some were WCF. 
    Technologies { JQuery,UnderscoreJS, JSON, Java, Servlets, JBOSS, IIS ARR }

Cognizant Technology Solutions, Project Associate, Dec 2010 ~ Jan 2014

  • Riversand Technologies (Partner-Venture)
    Riversand Technologies are a product company and that runs the MDM industry with their product Riversand MDM. Cognizant had a partnership alliance with Riversand Technologies and I was deputed to work along the implementation team as a Implementation Consultant. The product was developed using .net core and followed MVVM, WWF.net. In my tenure I had successfully worked on implementation and support for medicine companies like TEVA Israel and retail companies like VF Corp.
    Technologies { Riversand MDM Center 6/7, C#,JavaScript/JQuery, T-SQL, SQL Profiler, TFS }

  • Travelers Indemnity Portal (Client: Travelers USA)
    Web based application to facilitate agents manage bonds for customers with workflow of commercial bond practice as followed by Travelers. The main objective of this e-Commerce Bond Portal Application is to allow the Logged in User (Agents and Underwriters) to propose or create a Commercial Bond (different types of bond such as License & Permit, Probate Bond, Commercial, Court and Misc. bonds). Bond is actually an agreement on papers between Principal, Oblige and Insurance Company. The application constituted of Web and WCF Services as Middle Tier. Web Pages constitutes of HTML and YUI, java script as scripting language. Middle tier application is developed based on Service Oriented Architecture where in functionalities are grouped into distinct services which can be distributed over a network and can be combined together and reused to create business applications. Another feature of this application is that presentation layer is not having any Post back and feels like a normal windows application as it uses YUI and HTML pages for front end. WCF Services makes and supports the UI to have a loosely couple – highly cohesive architecture.
    Technologies { Visual Studio 2008, MS FxCop, vb.net, javascript, Yahoo UI Library, WCF }

ITC Infotech, Associate IT Consultant, Jan 2010 ~ Nov 2010

  • ITC Agarbatti VMS
    In-house project, Allow third party vendors to propose and provide available materials and facilitate ITC Ltd. To process data and make productions plans and also monitor production process and forecast demand and supply for the FMCG segments. ITC Limited has a wide FMCG section and most modules are implemented in SAP but system requires web based interfaces to collect and communicate data with third party suppliers and clients. The application was intended to facilitate vendors and suppliers to have realized data with the organization’s production plan. The application was also intended to create reports and help in analysis of cost optimization, production cost and quality metrics. The application was designed on 3 tier architecture and included WCF for web services. This is the first time I was exposed to WCF & JQuery in more depth. 
    Technologies { asp.net, C#, WCF, T-SQL, JavaScript/JQuery }

Flatworld Solutions, Software Engineer, Jun 2008 ~ Jan 2010

  • I-Bridge
    Project Management Application for managing outsourcing of Image Processing meant for in house business activity among the organization and its clients. Flatworld Solutions carries out an outsourcing network across the globe. The network includes customers, outsourcing company and delivery center and image developers. This application was intended to work on scrum model and facilitate the creation, execution, QA and delivery of an image processing task. The application is a combination of web services and desktop winform application. The user can drag a file and provide the requirements and the file gets synced to the native servers. The mail system updates the supervisor about the upcoming task which upon estimation is assigned to another developer who is remotely situated. The file synchronization tool developed on winforms and filezilla api synchronizes the file to the native servers with meta information and hence returns back to the customer upon completion and quality check. Along with this the billing and timeline is decided by the application.
    Technologies { asp.net, c#, Sql Server, web services, JQuery, win forms, filezilla api }

  • IDC Circle (Client-APAC)
    Portal for IDC Circle, a market research organization and the application was for information exchange over the internet via blogs, forums, surveys, polls, web casts and research paper access etc. IDC Circle is a world renowned market research company. The business revolves data collection and distribution regarding business trends by means of white papers, surveys, polls, blogs and forums. Having a wide customer network and the application was meant to facilitate the activities around APAC region. It’s a web based application with 5 individual web applications hosted on different servers and connected via SSO (Single Sign On). The application allows users to register and purchase whitepapers and attend webcasts. The payment transactions were routed via paypal.
    Technologies { asp.net, C#, Sql Server, EntityFramework, JQuery, LINQ, paypal api, blogengine.net sdk, YAF sdk }


Master of Computer Applications From Jorhat Engineering College, Jorhat, Assam, India in the year 2006, 69% Marks

Bachelor of Computer Applications From MCRP University, Bhopal, MP, India in the year 2002, 63.14% Marks 

10+2 (Science) From CBSE in the year 1999, 68% Marks

10th From CBSE in the year 1997, 75% Marks


Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, ASP.net 2.0, March 2009 (MCP ID # 6648199)

Blockchain Basics from Coursera, Dec 2018 (Credential ID# 6QL62EQUZE67)

Visa/Work Permit

Passport (Union of India),  G6443776 valid till 11th March 2028

VISA, US B1/B2 valid till 4th September 2024

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