Preet P. Vadaliya

Student at AIIE || GSoC Student Developer at MIT

Seeking a position in the field of Computer Science where I can utilize my skills to further work towards personal and professional development and contribute towards the prosperity of the organization.

  Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India  



Java    Python   JavaScript    HTML5   CSS3   Bootstrap   Markdown   XML   YAML   Android   Google Web Toolkit   JUnit   Node.js   Express.js   Blockly   Git   Github   Postman   Firebase   Cloud Computing   

Work Experience

October 2021 - Present

Software Developer & Trainer


At the IoT Lab, we always strive to develop new components related to IoT For the App Inventor, and we conduct lab sessions to teach junior students and school students the basics of Android using an App Inventor and IoT-related development using for an App Inventor, Arduino IDE, Firebase.

March 2021 - Present

Opensource Contributor

MIT App Inventor

As an open-source developer, I worked on finding various bugs and trying to fix them. I also worked on adding new functionality and features to the components as well as writing test cases for various components for automatic testing of MIT App Inventor software.

May 2021 - August 2021

GSoC Student Developer

MIT App Inventor

As a student developer, I successfully completed my Google Summer of Code with MIT App Inventor. During the project, I worked on adding a new feature called "Custom Font Support" to all visible components that support text content.

April 2021 - April 2021

Web Developer Internship

NMR Enterprice

I successfully completed a one-month internship as a project leader as part of the university curriculum activity, during which time I worked as a project leader as well as a backend developer to organize login signup activity with Firebase for our project.


Adani Institute of Infrastructure Engineering

B.E Information & Communication Technology

July 2018 - May 2022

3.3 / 4.0 GPA

Shree Sandipani Vidya Sankul

Higher Secondary School Certificate (Major in PCM)

June 2016 - March 2018

96 PR

Shree Sandipani Vidya Sankul

Secondary School Certificate

June 2015 - March 2016

99.87 PR


Corona Statistics Data Scrapper

Python, Selenium

Simple Python programs to obtain real-time statistical data of coronaviruses.

Google News Scrapper

Python, Beautiful-Soup

Simple News app built in Python using Beautiful-soup web scraping.

Weather Data Scrapper

Python, Beautiful-Soup

Simple Python program to get real time weather data of your current location.

Sudoku Solver

Python, Back-Tracking Algo

This Python project was a part of my game development journey with Python. In the project, I created a simple script for solving any type of Sudoku using a Back-Tracking Algorithm.

Classic Snake Game

Python, PyGame

This Python project was my second game development project with Python and PyGame. In the project, I created a simple GUI-based classical Snake Game. The main focus of the project was Game Loop, changing the size of Snake, rendering objects on the game board.  

Ping-Pong Game

Python, PyGame

This Python project was my first game development project with Python and PyGame. In the project, I created a simple GUI-based classical Ping-Pong Game.

MDC for Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Java, GWT, MDC Web

This project is a small collection of GWT widgets that are implemented using the material design concept provided by Google.

Extensions for App Inventors and their distros

Java, Android SDK

In order to increase the functionality of the App Inventor and its distros, I have created several extensions, like SVG Image Loader, Notification Badge Generator, Profile View Generator, HTML TextView, Chess View, Accelerate-Decelerate Animator for android view, etc ...


English — Fluent   Hindi — Fluent   Gujarati — Native or Bilingual   

Hobbies & Interest

Reading History   Traveling    Cricket    Space and Mathematics    Hindu Mythology    Problem Solving

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