Preston (Shun-Ping) Yu

Project Manager, Operations & Data Analytics

  Taipei, Taiwan

I'm a data scientist with missions to disseminate Decision Intelligence, Process Automation and reliable AI in my jobs. With my deep technical expertise on data manipulating and logical thinking ability, I am able to initiate analytical projects and process-automation tasks from end to end. I've provided business recommendations and decisions through findings from data throughout my career.

Credentials & Certificates:
● IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
● Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
● Google - Data Analysis with R Programming
● Google Ads Display Certification
● Google Ads Search Certification
● Google Analytics Individual Qualification



*Technical Skill :  SQL  Python  Data Mining  Machine Learning  Web Crawling  Julia  Matlab  
Line Bot  API  Excel  R Language  Data Visualization 

*Soft Skill :  Communication, Coordination, Execution, Strategy Thinking, Stakeholder Management, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Planning, Project Management                                                                     


2021 - 2021

Stanford University

Machine Learning

2020 - 2020

Shopee Code League - I'm the Best Coder! Challenge

Data Analytics,Machine Learning

2020 - 2020

Web Crawler and LineBot Automation 100 Days Challenge

Data Engineering,Data Science,IT Automation

2019 - 2020

Machine Learning and Deep Learning 100 Days Challenge

Data Engineering,Data Science

2013 - 2018

National Taiwan University

Political Science,Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program


Project Manager, Operations & Data Analytics  •  GOGOX

一月 2020 - Present

◆ Launched new expansion cities/territories indirectly through local agent partners and fleet partners
◆ Built an Automatic Dispatch System for matching instant orders with drivers’ locations by deploying a merged algorithm written by SQL and Python
◆ Used web crawler techniques to automatically dispatch orders to drivers and optimized whole market efficiency by 16% (increase of completion)
◆ Increased logistics backhauls by 30% by rolling out new business model with freight companies and gained delivery efficiency
◆ Planned strategies for establishing smoother funnel flows and lifted 10% and 42% of conversion rate for users and drivers respectively

Business Analyst , Seller Management Associate  •  Shopee

九月 2019 - 一月 2020

◆ Strategically and precisely segmented adopted sellers by utilizing MECE, and eventually lifted the amount of top sellers growth by 21% in a quarter
◆ Used web crawler techniques to fetch daily order amount on sellers' competitor websites and calculated their wallet share on Shopee
◆ Planned initiatives for sellers whose order share was below 50% by providing exclusive commission fee to increase their order share on Shopee, and eventually lifted 30% of their order share

Sr.Operations Specialist, Project Mgmt & Analytics  •  Uber

四月 2018 - 八月 2019

◆ Conducted Driver Conversion Project (with series of sub-programs) and shortened drivers' conversion day from 49 days to 24 days (in average) through various high-touch supporting experiments
◆ Led Incentive project and used R and SQL queries to analyze the WoW/ MoM spend efficiency and drivers' growth/retention rate for each driver cohort
◆ Discovered the persona of the potential riders who may take more trips in off-peak hours by using unsupervised machine learning model, and supported managers to launch relative programs smoothly

Operation Specialist  •  Uber

四月 2017 - 四月 2018

◆ Supported managers figuring out legal business model by communicating with external stakeholders
◆ Clarified driver partners' journey maps after business relaunching, then alleviated their pain points
during their on-boarding journey
◆ Planned out new on-boarding flow and high-touch support strategies after interviewing with driver
focus groups

Driver Operations Intern  •  Uber

九月 2016 - 三月 2017

◆Revamped the site through UI/UX researches through Google Analytics. Increased 28% direct traffic

Administrative Intern  •  Legislative Yuan (Parliament)

十月 2015 - 八月 2016

◆ Assist the administrative assistant in sorting out the complaints
◆ Assist the law assistant in sorting out the current laws for the committee to propose amendments and reconsiderations for reference

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