Pseric Lin


念舊的網路人,追著科技跑,血液裡卻流著對於老時代的熱情。目前是台灣最大的免費資源網站「免費資源網路社群」創辦人暨總編輯,每月流量突破百萬人次,從學生時期便成立該網站,一寫就是八年,堅持每日更新,從挖掘資料的過程中慢慢尋找出自己經營網站的方法。前後出版過數本著作,主題遍及 WordPress、免費資源、數位工作方法、雲端生活等等,寫作是他目前最快樂、也最喜歡的事。


C++, Java
Python, PHP
Qt, OpenGL/SDL, V8

jQuery, backbone, node
Django, App engine
LESS, Bootstrap, d3.js
MySQL, MongoDB
grunt, jasmine
Flash, Actionscript 3
Git, Photoshop, Illustrator


Master of Science in Computer Science
New York University, Courant Institute of Mathematical Science
SEP 2013 - MAY 2015

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering
New York University, Courant Institute of Mathematical Science

SEP 2013 - MAY 2015


Emotion - New York University
Research Assistant, Full Stack Engineer

Started out as a tool to help collect data for a research project - Lingering emotion in the experience of beauty, is now a comprehensive app that simulates every step of the experiment and automates the entire data collection process.

  • Designed and developed a mobile-friendly responsive web app from the ground-up that tracks touch events to calibrate and measure the distance between two fingers and detects gestures for UI interactions.
  • Ported the web app to the macintosh platform, using node-webkit and developed a native node.js module that detects and generates DOM-friendly touch events from a mac trackpad.
  • Configured and developed a RESTful server that extracts audio data from video recordings containing speech while trimming background silence and normalizing gain.
  • Devised and implemented a method to safely play user-selected music within the web app using an intermediary server that regulates and streams audio data from a popular music streaming service.
  • Implemented interactive audio and visual feedback using the HTML5 web audio api and SVG.
JUNE 2013
AUG 2015
Front-end Engineer

  • Crafted the logo and a majority of the initial web app interface using photoshop and illustrator.
  • Created mockups, planned and facilitated usability testing and converted the designs into gracefully-degradable standards based code (HTML, CSS).
  • Organised and developed semantically meanigful UI components using Backbone.js, such as a customized HTML5 video player with time-synchronized display of lecture slides and nested discussion threads.
  • Developed access control based front-end components in PHP using the Yii framework.

AUG 2011
APR 2012


SEARCC International School's Software Competition
Algorithmic Programming Competition

Organized by the Computer Society of India, was part of a team of three to represent our region at the national level finals. Finished second by solving the maximum number of problems.
Fall 2007

Codechef Gamer's Challenge
Actionscript/HTML5 Game Development Competition

Developed a prototypical game using Actionscript on the Flash platform, in less than 48 hours. Received an honorable mention award for the Best Looking Game.

Summer 2009
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