陳俊維 / Bruce Chen

As a backend engineer over 6 years, experienced in ruby / php / C#. Besides, also familiar with using jQuery and vue.js.

Backend Engineer / Web Developer
[email protected]


National Taiwan University, Computer Science and Information Engineering, Bachelor degree, 2007 ~ 2012

National Taiwan University, Asian Art Program, 2012

Side project - BattleGee


- Release in linode server

- Use rails 4 + postgres in beginning, upgrade to rails 6 in 2020

- Oauth authorization with google and facebook

- Use radis object for cache

- Use redis + ApplicationCable + websocket for live

- Use sidekiq for 

- Use webpacker compile vue component

- Use gitlab ci / cd

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Side project - Sign Language Club information


- Rails 4 + postgres + coffeescript


Program Language

  • Ruby
  • php
  • C#
  • C


  • postgres
  • sql sever
  • mysql


  • rails
  • .NET MVC
  • vue.js

Other skills

  • git / git flow
  • nginx
  • aws (Route 53, S3, RDS...)
  • redis / sidekiq
  • k8s


Snapask, Backend Engineer, Nov 2020 ~ Present

As a backend engineer, responsible on multiple rails projects:

  • MasteIn - Japanese education system, it serves language school and aviation school
    • Create payment gateway for ios & android in-app purchase
    • Discuss with cs in Japan to resolve their system problems
  • Snapask - QA system, our major products
Use techniques:
  • Rails (4 and 6) / MySQL
  • Redis / Sidekiq
  • k8s

Lee and Li, Attorneys at Law, Senior Engineer, Sep 2018 ~ Jun 2020

As a full-stack engineer, responsible on using lots stored procedures to fetch datas and display.

Use techniques:
  • C# / .NET(MVC) / SQL Server (Stored Procedure)
  • Work hard on using open source project to resolve ui problems and deduct expenses. For example, using tabulator to replace with devexpress, which office original purchase. Or use html5 function to replace with flash.
    • Pull Request PR to resolve tabulator bugs when I use in office.
  • Push office use git instead of vss, before I left office, some projects are already managed in GITea server.

Tintint. Inc, Web Developer, Oct 2015 ~ May 2017

As a full-stack engineer, using php and jquery to develop major functions. One of my major project is move invoice system from traditional to e-invoice system. All of the flow and schema are designed by myself and connect to National Taxation Bureau's platform directly, never use 3rd party.

Use techniques: 
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Facebook graph api: Solve problem for myself and help others in StackOverflow: Reference

Logic Solutions, Senior Web Developer, Feb 2014 ~ Jun 2015

As a full-stack engineer, work on cases from USA and China:

Projects and Techniques:
  • Artwork auction system: As our first magento project, I became tech-lead to co-work with 4 engineers in Taipei and ShangHai. We spent only 3 months to realize structure about magento and finished the requests from client.
  • Memloom online ppt editor system: Co-work with one FED engineer to maintain rails 4 system.
  • TSM Profit sharing system: Use C# & SQL server

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