Hello, My name is Harvey Chan, I am working at Botrista as a Software QA Engineer.

I have three years of experience in automated testing. 

Good at automating development process, with test thinking, able to plan test process and structure completely, and improve test quality.


I hope to become a more comprehensive QA, such as the introduction of CI/CD and automate the software development process.

Software QA Engineer Taipei,TW
[email protected]



  • Robotframework
  • Selenium
  • Selenium Grid
  • Appium
  • Airtest
  • TestRail
  • ApacheBench
  • Vegeta
  • Pytest


  • Gitlab CI
  • Jenkins
  • Github Action
  • Drone CI

Front End

  • Vue.js

Back End

  • Laravel
  • Flask
  • Node.js

Cloud Service

  • AWS
  • GKE


  • Docker
  • Zap
  • Postman
  • Insomnia
  • Git


Botrista 百睿達有限公司,Software QA Engineer,Octo 2021 ~ Present

Tools: Robotframework, Drone CI, Github Action, Docker, pytest, AWS, TestRail, WebSocket
  1. Established test team from scratch
  2. Build test plans and test cases from scratch to 300 test cases for our product
  3. Build automation testing from scratch to 60% coverage base on manual test
  4. Help company to establish software testing workflow
  5. Engage with PM and Dev teams to plan test strategy at the early stage of project
  6. Doing Web, RESTful API, WebSocket automation testing
  7. According spec doing load testing
  8. Build unit test and regression with Github action workflow
  9. Do unit test with pytest
  10. Integrate TestRail with automation testing, convenient automated testing process
  11. Work closely with US team and development team to identify and assist in resolving cross-functional development issues
  12. Lead a 1 QA intern in the test team, responsible for product validation including HW test, FW test, Software integration test, load test, Web-based application test, API testing, and WebSocket test

I am the first QA in Botrista, I build all testing from scratch, do regression testing for our two mainly product as DrinkBot and CloudBar.

I write automation testing with robotframework to increase regression test coverage. 

I use Github Action to build regression testing work flow like below picture.

Now I lead a QA intern to manage their task schedule, and improve our regression test pass rating.


Xinyin 新穎資訊科技有限公司,Backend Developer,June 2021 ~ Sept 2021

Tools: Laravel, GCP, K8S, Docker, Postman, MySQL
  1. Create backend API with Laravel and MySQL.
  2. Unit test for Controller, Service, Repository respectively.
  3. Assist with CI/CD using Gitlab CI with GKE

I changed my position to backend develop. 

During this period, I used Gitlab CI with GKE to build the environment, and used Laravel to develop the website.


Talfin 優聘資訊科技有限公司,Software QA Automation Engineer,July 2020 ~ June 2021

Tools: Robotframework, Selenium, Gitlab CI, Docker, Linux, Mac OS, Appium, Airtest
  1. Planing and create test plans and test cases.
  2. Doing Web, RESTful API, Mobile automation testing.
  3. Writing teaching documents to assist in teaching automated testing techniques.
  4. Integrate TestRail with automation testing.
  5. Use Zap to do a simple security test.
  6. Regression test with Gitlab CI Use Selenium Grid Service to run automated tests to achieve browser load balancing

Talfin is a start-up company and testing starts from scratch, I spent nearly a year applying what I have learned to product projects, increase automation coverage to 90% including Web, API, mobile test cases and create regression test infra with Gitlab CI.

I also lead two junior QA to training them automation testing.


Exosite 遠景科技股份有限公司,QA Intern,July 2019 ~ July 2020

Tools: Robotframework, Selenium, Jenkins, Docker, Linux, Mac OS, Insomnia
  1. Web, API, Internal/external microservice testing. 
  2. Robotframework automation test.
  3. Jenkins manage regression test, maintain and improve automation coverage.

During the QA intern period at Exosite, responsible for the mircoservice validation, including web E2E test, API test, MQTT, WebSocket test and create test plan and coding automation script. I learned professional testing thinking, a complete planning test plan, and also let me understand the ultimate software testing. These experiences are very valuable.


Automation testing work flow

Use Github action to trigger robot-runner docker container, 

First, robot-runner will get test cases from TestRail and run robotframework testing, 

Second, send test report to TestRail and save logs to AWS S3, 

finally send a reminder to Slack


Projects 00 00@2x


Together with like-minded classmates, I hope that through this software medium, we can form a tool man who is willing to help him solve various incurable diseases at a reasonable price; at the same time, this tool man can also complete the case and obtain the correspondence his remuneration. In the project, I am the team leader and also develop the Android app. I discuss the Spec with the team members, and I am responsible for planning the overall progress and coordinating the work content. In the end, it also won the first prize in the special competition.


Chaoyang university of technology,Department of Information Management,2016 ~ 2020

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