Hello, My name is Harvey Chan, Worked as a QA Engineer intern at the Exosite, 

After that, I worked as a QA Automation Engineer in Talfin.

I have two years of experience in automated testing. 

Good at automating development process, with test thinking, able to plan test process and structure completely, and improve test quality.


I hope to become a more comprehensive QA, such as the introduction of CI/CD and automate the software development process.

QA Engineer Taichung,TW
[email protected]



  • Robotframework
  • Selenium
  • Selenium Grid
  • Appium
  • Airtest
  • TestRail
  • ApacheBench


  • Gitlab CI
  • Jenkins
  • GKE

Front End

  • Vue.js

Back End

  • Laravel
  • Nodejs
  • Django
  • Flask


  • Android Studio


  • Docker
  • Zap
  • Postman
  • Insomnia
  • Git


Exosite 遠景科技股份有限公司,Intern,July 2019 ~ July 2020

Tools: Robotframework, Selenium, Jenkins, Docker, Linux, Mac OS, MQTT, Sigfox, Insomnia
  1. Web, API, Internal/external microservice testing.
  2. Robotframework automation test.
  3. Jenkins manage regression test, maintain and improve automation coverage.

During the QA intern period at Exosite, our Automation coverage rate was close to 95%, and the Regression test pass rate was close to 99%. I learned professional testing thinking, a complete planning test plan, and also let me understand the ultimate software testing. These experiences are very valuable.


Talfin 優聘資訊科技有限公司,QA Automation Engineer,July 2020 ~ July 2021

Tools: Robotframework, Selenium, Gitlab CI, Docker, Linux, Mac OS, Appium, Airtest
  1. Import project into automated UI, API, App, Game testing.
  2. Assist in the cultivation of testers who have no experience in automated testing.
  3. Integrate project management tools.
  4. Integrate test management tools.
  5. Integrate security tools.
  6. Use Gitlab CI for regression test
  7. Use Selenium Grid run testing, achieve browser load balance.

Since Talfin is a start-up company and testing starts from scratch, I spent nearly a year applying what I have learned to product projects, importing automation test and Gitlab CI regression test, improving the automation process, and improving the coverage of Web and API automation testing, to more than 90%, and because due to insufficient number of developers I also help develop service (e.g. Use Microsoft Azure speech service to convert voice resume to text and put in machine learning model analysis, and use Flask to provide RESTful API).


新穎資訊科技有限公司,Backend Developer,July 2021 ~ Sept 2021

Tools: Laravel, GCP, K8S, Docker, Postman, MySQL
  1. Use Laravel to develop API for our products
  2. Phpunit
  3. Combine Gitlab CI and GKE to the deployment environment

I changed my position to Develop. During this period, I used Gitlab CI with GKE to build the environment, and used Laravel to develop the website.



Projects 00 00@2x


與志同道合的同學一起發揮構想,希望可以透過此軟體媒合一個願意以合理價格幫他解決各種疑 難雜症的工具人;同時這位工具人也能夠過完成案子,去獲取他應有的相對應的報酬。
在專題當中我擔任組長同時也開發Android app,我與組員共同討論Spec,並負責規畫整體進度以及協調工作內容。


朝陽科技大學,資訊管理系,2016 ~ 2020

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