Quania Love Jones

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Quania Jones, model/actress, all around a beautiful woman. At the age of 8 years, old Quania became interested in modeling and acting. She started taking acting classes and began her modeling career. Her first modeling job was for a calendar spread for fashion designer James Head. Quania wore mostly swimwear and was determined to walk like a professional model. She felt like she could incorporate her own style and rhythm into her walk. It worked! The audience's response was extremely welcoming. Modeling is a challenge and each time is a unique experience. Quania was pleased that James Head played up-tempo music during the show. It worked for her. She felt she could use the lyrics and become that person. It was the beginning of many great opportunities to come.

The first movie Quania did was called, “All About Evil”. She was working alongside Jack Donner (Romulan Subcommander Tal on Star Trek). Quania’s character was a high school student in the film. She was thrilled to have her first official acting spot. Since then Quania feels blessed to have been on set with “A” listers like Octavia Spencer(The Help), Michael B. Jordan (Red Tails, Fruitvale and Chronicles), as well as Chad Michael Murray and Natasha Lyonne to name a few.

Quania loves what she does. It’s been a passion of hers since early childhood. She hopes to set a positive example for her fans and supporters. One thing she would like them all to know is to never settle for being the underdog. No matter how many people try to stop you from achieving your goals, don’t let them. Stay positive and true to yourself. Remember, “you” are important, and “you” matter.

Work Experience

quanialovejones, Model, Actress, and Luxury Lifestyle Influencer, Mar 2004 ~ Present

Quania Love Jones is a Model, Actress, and Luxury Lifestyle Influencer based in Oakland California. This Creole bombshell is a blend of African, Afro-Latina, European, Middle Eastern, and American Indian descent. She has been featured in a plethora of music videos, movies, and magazines including an eye-catching web feature by Vogue Italia.

Paying homage to her southern roots, she’s often called Creole Mami. Her ever-growing popularity has led her to work with luxury brands like Lull, KULCBD, Diva Moda Couture, and many more! This beauty shows no signs of slowing down.

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