Quentin CORREA

I have over four years of experience working as a Fullstack Developer, notably with the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node). I ve worked on a wide range of projects, but specialized mostly on IOT and Blockchain projects.

Full Stack Software Developer                 Portfolio :
Tainan, TW                                                  Github :
[email protected]

Work Experience

Tico Ltd., Back End Developer, Jan 2019 ~ Present

Code owner of backend at Tico, I am in charge of developing our messaging App server side.
My experience in IOT and Blockchain also allowed me to lead the development of some features on the frontend side:

- E2EE (End to End Encryption)
- IOT Messaging (Phone to Device)
- Machine Learning (Natural Language Processing for automatic classification of messages)

I also implemented CI/CD using Jenkins and migrated the server to AWS (using S3, EC2, VPC, CodeDeploy, Lambda)


Freelance, Full Stack Freelance Developer, Aug 2015 ~ Present

Development of a wide range of projects:

- Back-end development using Node.js, creation of REST APIs with Express framework.
- Front-end development using React.js
- Chrome. Opera, Brave and Firefox extensions development for cryptocurrency applications (see SteemPlus, Steem Keychain on the Chrome store)
- Native Android (Java) and React Native Development for private mobile applications.
- Development of private Android Apps using LORA Dongle to perform real-time tracing of work on huge plantations, using IOT networks.

On top of honing my development skills in various languages, my experience as a freelancer allowed me to acquire experience in the development of Apps related to the cryptoworld and the IOT.

Find the projects with my portfolio at


HAPPYQ LTD, Co-founder and Lead Developer, Jul 2015 ~ Dec 2017

- Developed an Android and Web APP aiming to let customers enjoy their waiting time outside of the waiting room. Managed a three person team in Taiwan.
- Ambassador La French Tech in Taiwan. First runner up of the GNSS Asia Challenge.




Node.js            Docker

Express            CI/CD 

MongoDB        AWS

Parse.js            GraphQL

MySQL             Serverless


React.js                   HTML5

Redux                     JS ES6


React Native

Android Dev


French - Native

English - Native

Spanish - Intermediate

Chinese - Intermediate


National Cheng Kung University, Master of Business Administration (MBA), IMBA, 2016 ~ 2017

Focus on entrepreneurship and IT related business techniques.


National Cheng Kung University, Master of Science (MS), Control Systems & Aerospace Engineering, 2013 ~ 2014

Master thesis on autonomous control of quadrotor UAVs by image recognition.


Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées, Master of Science (MS), Mechatronics Systems & Aerospace Engineering, 2008 ~ 2014

Aerospace engineering with a focus on embedded software development.

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