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Leon Lan

Full Stack Developer  •  New Taipei, Taiwan  •  [email protected]


        *  Six and half years of  work experiences in software industry.

        *  Two years of graphql server development experiences using NodeJs.

        *  Four years of web development experiences.

              *  development tools: 

                          *  frontend: React, React Hooks, React-query, Redux, Redux-saga, Rxjs, Webpack, scss, Canvas, d3

                          *  backend: NodeJs, ExpressJs, Redis, Typeorm, TypeGraphql, Postgresql, Mysql,

                          *  others: GraphQL, Docker, Typescript

         *  Four years app development experiences.

               *  Development tools: React Native0.6x + React-Query, React-navigation. WebSocket.

               *  PushNotification tools: Firebase, Pushy

               *  Analysis tool: Firebase analysis, GA, Flurry

               *  Deployment tool: Xcode, Android Studio, Code-push, GCP


AREA 02, Technical Lead, Sep 2020 ~ Feb 2022

* Leading a two-engineer team building a mvp product consisting of 

   apps (android and ios), website, CMS, api server from scratch.

* Redesigning the schema, migration and cleaning up the database.
* Developing the graphql api server.
* Developing the React Native project on both android and ios platform.
* Deployment to google cloud platform.

JustCo, React Native Developer, Jan 2020 ~ Apr 2020

* Developing an co-working space app.
* Redesigning architectures of the app project.
* Bring in hot-deploy Strategy.

ChuangShuen Technology, React Native Developer, Mar 2018 ~ Dec 2019

* Designing architectures of the app project.
* Developing the app project.
* Deploying different environments for A/B-testing and enterprises.

Funday, ChihChing Digital Technology, Web Developer, Aug 2016 ~ Jan 2018

* Developing an online language teaching platform.
* Developing desktop and mobile websites.
* Developing react native app project.
* Developing nodeJs restful api server.
* Reporting and Presenting the new features to colleagues in other departments.

ChaoChieh Technology, Web Engineer, Mar 2016 ~ Jul 2016

* Maintaining a travel agent platform.
* Developing and maintaining CMS, mainly in charge of backend.

Hivision, ShihChieh Technology, AOI Engineer, Aug 2015 ~ Feb 2016

Developing for Image recognition project.
Helping environment setup and Introducting manipulation instructions for customer.


Education 01,Sep 2010 - Jun 2014

National Cheng Kung University, Computer Science and Information Engineering

Education 02,Sep 2007 - Jun 2010

New Taipei Municipal Panchiao Senior High School



-ReactJs, React Native react-query, redux, redux-saga, nextJs

Html5, Canvas, WebSocket, d3.js


-NodeJs, ExpressJs, Typeorm, TypeGraphql, NestJs, GCP

-Redis, Postgresql, MySql


-GraphQL, Docker, Typescript, GCP

-Firebase, Pushy

-Firebase analysis, GA, Flurry

-Xcode, Android Studio, Code-push

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