Ruei-Ying Chen

📍Abundant experiences of Cross-border e-commerce ( 8 + years )
📍Skillful digital marketer, Brand & Social Marketing ( 8 + years )
📍Business development and sales experiences ( 1.5 + years )
📍Excellent presentation skills, Copywriter ( 3+ years )
📍Strategic account development & stakeholders management with high-level manager & CXO.
📍Driving business innovation for companies, leading digital transformation project for the traditional company (1+ year)
📍Basic knowledge of financial management and international M&A, IPO ( 1 year)

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 HEP Group ( 3609 .TW), Assistant Executive to the chairman, Head of digital transformation department )

March 2020 ~ Present

Assistant Executive to the chairman

📍 Responsible for building and maintaining effective business relationships with internal and external top-level managers to attract and retain profitable business in the traditional industry. 

📍Implemented strategic business plans as roadmaps for the company based on product profitability and production goals. 

📍Established cross -border e-commerce and digital marketing (B2B | B2C) department. 

📍Perform and execute special assistance duties as assigned in various projects, from maintaining relationships with stakeholders. Provide special assistance to the top management of an organization in implementing policy decisions.

📍 Created a comprehensive educational PowerPoint presentation utilized to train the sales team product knowledge.

📍 Assistance Cross border IPO (Taiwan, Thailand & Hong Kong) | M&A


LeoBurnett, Account MANAGER

April 2019 ~ Oct, 2019

Account Manager 

📍In Charge of Flagship product social campaign (Samsung Galaxy Note10) on FB/IG/YT. 

📍Increase Engagement rate on FB 3 Times (IG 4 Times) in 2 months. 

📍Participated in Benz | China Airlines | Citi Bank Brand campaign. 

📍Built partnership and worked collaboratively with junior team members and external vendors 

📍Collaborated closely with a team of four other members as a team leader.



Aug 2017 ~ March 2019

📍Marketing & Sales 

  1. Crowdfunding Campaign generated USD 50,000 in A month with near low-cost Marketing Budget for prototype. 
  2.  Digital transformation, Set up Amazon shop and major E commerce shops in Taiwan
  3.   Increased 3 times sales only by EDM in 3 days, lead to Amazon 
  4.  Generated sales over USD 300,000 in half year as New Entry brand) Community Operation Online / offline activities integration. 
  5.  Maintained customer relationship (0 negative reviews) 
  6.  Event Holder Increase sales 2 times immediately after activities. Built an Official Website Without using sample website 

📍Video editing & Graphic design

  1. Video editing & Graphic design & Copy Writing 
  2. Create video and flyer, Post, etc. for Advertisement, EDM and E commerce 

📍Community & content

  1. Influencer marketing (Increase 40% of sales by Influencer in 2 Month)  
  2. Co-operate with the biggest Influencer in 360 degree camera field " 360 Rumors "

 📍Front-end Web Developer

  • Self-taught front-end web design built an Official Web for Company in 3 months. (  (Check Here)


Domestic E-Commerce Lifestyle Select Shop

July 2016 – June 2017 

Business Owner (Rutien | Yahoo | Shopee | Carousell )

📍Made the business became middle size wholesaler from scratch in 6 Months. 
📍Negotiated contracts with suppliers, increased 2 times profit. 
📍Best Seller on Carousell. 
📍Ability to utilize data analysis to set-up new vendors and or extend existing ones.


Jun 2012 ~ Jun 2016

Co - funder 
📍Manage and execute sales & marketing campaign on Amazon & eBay, which generate sales of USD 3,000 Per Month. 
📍Establish product analytics and reporting and monitor performance, utilize data to select hot sale products. 
📍Planning Marketing Strategy for cross border markets. 
📍Managing Customer Relationships.
📍 Skillful at CRM strategies.


Side Project 

E-commerce consultant | BQool ( Well-know Amazon Seller tool )

2020/2 - 2020/3

📍Evaluated and analyzed current business models, generated strategies, and enhance business performance. 
📍Trained organization and e-commerce team to attain calculated targets. 
📍Used up-to-date research and defined program guides, also utilize digital marketing tools to improve e-commerce performance.

Freelance Writer | TransBiz 、 BusinessNext 、The News Lens 

2020/2 ~ Present

📍Digital Marketing, Community Operations, and Financial articles on main stream media. 

📍Financial News (The News Lens -

📍Digital Marketing ( TransBiz - 

📍BusinessNext ( )


2020 women lead podcast project | Women who code Taipei

2019/4 ~ 2019/12

📍Interviewing with women who have extraordinary achievements in the Tech field. 

📍Tracking and analysis of the best marketing channel. 

📍Writing articles and copywriting for promoting purposes.


Content Lead | CMX Taiwan

2017/9 ~ Present

📍Social Post|CopyWriting of Event Promotion 

 (CMX is a professional group for community managers, CMX US have cooperated with Facebook, Uber to established their communities.)


Machine Learning workshop promoter | Women in data Science

2019/10 ~ 2019/12

📍Marketing promotion, leading full registered in 2 days, over 50 people came to the workshop.

📍 In charge of Promotion|Copywriting|Poster design 



Nation Taipei University of Education(NTUE) , MA , Cultural and Creatives Industrial management

2012 ~ 2014

Essay :
Cross-group Analysis of Luxury Goods Consumer Motivation 
  1.  Class leader 
  2.  Copy writing of Taiwan designer week designer interview   
  3.  Coordinated a 7-day, 100-person seminar

Private Chinese Culture University ( PCCU ), 學士學位, Economics 

2009 ~ 2012

Foundation award in management principle


Samsung Community manager | Flagship Product ( Galaxy Note10 ) campaign

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In charge of Instagram | YouTube | Facebook Campaign  Holding social events 



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Aleta S2C 12K 360 camera, generated USD 50,000 in a month via crowdfunding 


Articles published on The News Lens

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Good at intergrated complex knowledge into articles.



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Content Writer , share 800 times on Facebook


Front-end Web designer 

Projects 00 00@2x

Self-teach coding for 3 month and build an official web


Tripled the sales only by EDMProjects 01 00@2x


 KOL marketing

Contact Famous blogger from FB, became friend , get a series of introduction without paying a lot of money.

Increase 30% sales !

Over 16,000 people saw our camera. 6000 view in a day! 


Video editing skills

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CMX Community for community Manager

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Copy writing for activity

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Articles for activity


Interviews Content and Podcast 

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2020 Women lead Podcast 

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Yelp Community Manager 


Articles on medium

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The Mentorship Program 

Data Application Team

 The first Mentor x Mentee program co-hosted by Girls in Tech Taiwan and LTUX.Taipei. The MentorShip Program starts today! This program is a three layer system, containing Captain (mentors), Navigators (senior) and Sailors (mentees). We hope to provide a chance for those who are ambitious but feeling lost to find their directions to a suitable career path.

  • Data application courses 
  • Basic knowledge of data-analysis 
  •  Participated at CathyBankDataCompetition.


Branding | Marketing Team

Formal HR director of IBM, Greater China Region funded this 藍途計畫. Brand marketing team lead by Leo Burnett C.O.O, and YouTube creator partner. 

  • BrandMarketing
  • CaseStudying 
  •  NGO Campaign Proposal