Rafale Chen

Product Manager


With a strong research domain background and proven records of product planning in various product types, I work closely with multi-function / multi-country teams to build products that align user needs and business goals. 

  [email protected]  linkedin/in/rafale-chen


Professional Career

Product Manager (Scooter Platform)
Gogoro Inc. | Sep. 2019 - present

  • Lead new product line planning according to omni-dimension analysis, including technology roadmap, cost control, market vision and infrastructure status.
  • Define product requirements for aimed TA and do field test fine-tune.
  • Fully responsible for the product life from concept to EOL.
  • Cross-division stakeholders bridging and value proposition sync-up for product planning.

Product Manager (Cloud Solution)
VIVOTEK Inc. | Jan. 2016 - Apr. 2019 - present

  • Lead cloud surveillance service, including strategy, roadmap, design, user feedback and product marketing.
  • Manage cross-platform services, including web portals, Android / iOS apps to provide a seamless experience .
  • Experienced in both traditional and Scrum software development processes.
  • Work closely with cross-department stakeholders including supervisor, QA, sales, FAE, UX, RDs.
  • Experienced in cross-country working environments with company branches, sales rep and distributors.

UX Researcher
VIVOTEK Inc. | Mar. 2013 - Dec. 2015

  • Unveil design defect with deep inquiry of customer mission.
  • Embody the cross-country on-site interview for user working model.
  • Qualitative and quantitative usability test in the early UI design phase.
  • Hardware and tool revision insights according to workspace analysis.
  • Work closely with UI designers and GUI designers in the design phase.
  • Join internal startup to provide user requirement research.

Skills & Achievement

B2B SaaS Planning

Based on deep understanding of SMB organization architecture and working model. Introduce video security and video machine learning.
The service reached a 51% user gain within 1 year after deployment, and registered devices expanded by 55%. 
After beta users' interviews and service refinement, our 7-day retention went from 19.74% to 28.21%, and 30-day retention went from 11.98% to 15.44%

B2C Mass Market

The strategic product aims to expand Gogoro target users in the market. Product design focuses on user riding behavior, budget, anthropometry and the entire market for scooter parts. With controlled cost and mature techniques, the product line was boosted to the No. 1 sales number in the market after the product announcement.

GDPR Compliance

After one year of VIVOTEk SaaS online, I was responsible for planning GDPR compliance for the service in 2018. Working with KPMG, the compliance involves various domains, from server instance deployment to customer information protection, from FAE process refined to cyber security evolving.

Partnership Project

Responsible for requirements sync and project management. VIVOTEK was competing with world-leading brands when AWS searched for a device partner for Kinesis Video Stream in 2017. In AWS re:Invent 2018 VIVOTEK became 1st partner to KVS.

Deep Integration

Lead Gogoro scooter next generation platform development. The project aims to build the platform that will be the base architecture for incoming scooter models not only for Gogoro, but also for B2B partners. The platform planning will require deep understanding in both software and hardware compatibility and foresee upcoming requirements from various categories including product form factor, software roadmap, infrastructure growing status, etc.

Academic Background

2009 - 2011

National Tsing Hua University


2004 - 2009

National Chung Cheng University




Scrum Alliance, Inc.

Badge ID: 964189

Recommendation & Testimonial

James Huang

Software PM Lead

"Rafale always described the decision-making process to development teams, user interface team and testing teams. During the cooperation, he showed highly patient to understand any issues or bugs and made reasonable judgements about how to deal it. He also performed great communication ability in cross-department projects when it required huge alignment work."

Mei-Yun Hsu

Cloud Application Department Manager

"Rafale shows highly motivated to learn marketing status, grasp product trend fast and clear. He will research the competitor status and collect the App store, sales and technology support feedback then advance the effective advice."

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