Tsai Szu Chi

Staff Firmware Validation Programmer   •  New Taipei city,TW  •  [email protected]

I am a software engineer specializing in disk based storage testing and troubleshooting tool with SATA,USB,SD/eMMC interface. I currently focus on NMVE interface and aim to explore deeply on linux device driver modification.My experience as an engineer of NAND flash storage firmware enable me to precisely analyze the disk failure in an efficient manner. I believe my profession could help me conquer challenges of this job and help the team to grow even better.


Program language

C/C++,shell script ,Keil C


storage management software

(Win/Linux),protocol analyzer,

(SATA/USB/SD/eMMC),logic analyzer




English(TOEIC 705), 

Japanese (Intermediate), 

Chinese (Native)


SMART Modular Technologies, Inc, Staff Firmware Validation Programmer, Nov 2013 ~ 現在

  • RMA samples(SATA/USB/SD/eMMC)

      1.Analyze RMA issues and judge by firmware experience, co- work with firmware             team to find the root cause, and design validation tool.

  • Internal test(SATA/USB/SD/eMMC)

    1.Develop tool for EVT and DVT product testing

    2.Develop tool for firmware validation(ex. SPOR,GC…).

  • Software Utility(SATA/USB/SD/eMMC)

    1.Software utility request form customer or internal usage.

  • Project

1.SMT Tool: cross-platform for custom test on (SATA/SD/eMMC/USB

Environment: Win, Linux 

Tool: C/C++, QT, windows/linux driver lib.

2.DVT test: build environment and develop tool to perform DVT Test(USB)

Environment: montavista, programmable chamber,programmable power supply.

Tool: shell script.

3.Card reader : tool for custom test on (USB/SD/eMMC).

Environment: ODROID, UBoot, UART

Tool: C,QT,libusb.

4.Card reader ver 2: tool for custom test on (SD/eMMC).

Environment: Win, Microchip controller

Tool: C/C++,MFC, windows driver lib.


Solid State System Co., Ltd, Taiwan, Firmware Programmer, Mar 2011 ~ Aug 2013

  • Designing FTL Firmware of USB controller (8051&8bit CPU) for normal flash
  • Debugging products with logic analyzer and USB protocol or other tools
  • Porting original code from 8Bits CPU (8051) in Windows (XP) to 32bits CPU (Andes) in Linux (Ubuntu)



University of Yuan Ze (Taiwan), 2007 ~ 2009

Master Degree in Computer Science 

Subject : VLSI (Very-large-scale integration) testing

University of Tung Hai (Taiwan), 2002 ~ 2007

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science 

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