Red Cho

As a software engineer with experience of distributed systems, algorithms, database and multi-programming languages

  Taipei, Taiwan  

mail: [email protected]

phone: +886 983213519

Work Experience

Software engineer  •  Binance   •  2022/01~Present

.As a maintainer of decentralized nft blockchain market web site.
.Experience with microservice, spring boot, spring cloud, mysql, rabbitMq, Kafka, elasticsearch, xxljob, centralized and decentralized app.

.As a system designer and developer of feature favorite/unfavorite with async data flow, table shading strategy.

.Create stable api, feature, system with at least 200 qps.

Software engineer  •  Gogoro/Goshare  •  2019/11~2022/01

.Implement tarjan's strongly connected component algorithm and topological sort algorithm in tasks management system.

.Develop a customized synchronizer system by combining core concepts from Apache Airflow, Apache Kafka Connecter.

.Integrate features with Springboot application and PostgreSQL, Aws Lambda... etc.

.Experience in performance testing, load testing and stress testing.

.Develop api with SpringBoot RestController and integrate unit test in Junit.

Optimized legacy tasks for reducing more than 400% time cost.

.Experience in solving java native memory leak in JIT c2 level 4 compiler issue.

Software Engineer  •  Lang Live  •  2019/03 ~ 2019/10

Designed and integrated new features using Slim, Koa, MongoDB, Redis…etc.

Experience of processing big data in data pipeline and data analyze with watch logs, user behavior analyze and super users overall ranking board with python3, Kafka, Bigquery, ELK, RabbitMQ…etc.

.As a system designer of some features and hands on the flow between backend and data service alone.

Software Engineer  •  Boya Internet  •  2018/11~2019/3

.Improve user’s experience and coding effectiveness by refactoring the project to Vue.

Optimized 10+ api for reducing more than 30% response time in pure Php project.

Software Engineer Intern  •  Insto TW  •  2018/01 ~ 2018/11

.As an owner and full-stack of 2 projects and experience with Laravel, Next.js,  Djangorestframework.

Software Engineer Intern  •  FoodGo  •  2016/09~2017/12

As an owner and full-stack developer of 5+ projects and experience with Laravel, Vue, Nodejs and React-Native.

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