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Reem Alaraibi

An ambitious medical student with a commitment to pursuing a residency in obstetrics and gynaecology or plastic surgery.  Completed an enjoyable period of volunteer experience in different places, which made me build my personality and improve my skills. Passionate about biology and technology, drawing is my hobby and volunteering is my passion.  
Bahraini, Born on 17/4/2001


Mansoura University Egypt, Faculty of Medicine, ( 2019-2024 )

Mansoura Manchester Medical Program

Al Ieman Secondary Independent School-Girls, Qatar, Dates attended, ( 2016 – 2019 ) 

-Grade 12,11 ( scientific field ), Grade10

Ruqaya Preparatory Independent School For Girls, ( 2013-2016 ) 

-Grade 9,7,8

Khadeeja Independent Primary School for Girls, ( 2011-2013 )

-Grade 6th,5th

Nosaiba Bint Kaab  Independent Primary School for Girls, ( 2011-2013 )

-4th Grade 


2nd place in School Drawing Competition, 2009-2010

First place in School Arabic Story Writing Competition, 2011-2012

3rd place in Reading Competition, 2011-2012

3rd place in Qatar National Day Drawing Competition by Algharsa Girls Society, 2015-2016

2nd place in Physics Invention School Fair, 2016-2017

6th place in 2016 Qatar National Robot Olympiad 

4th place in the School Scientific Research Fair

Winner of Insta-Bairaq Competition ,2017 ( Qatar University )

Second place in Albairaq Poster Competition 2017 


World Math Day 2012

National Robot Olympiad open category, 2014 

School Spelling Bee Competition, 2014

FIRST LEGO League Competition, 2014

World Math Day, 2015

Qatar National Day Drawing Competition, 2015

Essay Writing Competition by Pakistani English School, 2015

National Robot Olympiad regular category, 2015

Ball Collector Robot Competition, 2016

National Robot Olympiad regular category, 2017 

Ball Collector Robot Competition, 2017

Albairaq Composite Materials Research Competition Qatar University, 2017 

BotBall Robot Competition, 2018

World Pi Day competition Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar, February 23, 2019

Activities and Workshops 

Steam Academy by Qatar University, April 2014 

Advanced Skills in Volunteer Work by Dr.Mohammed Alkobaisi, ( 11-13/1/2015 )

Social Network Workshop at Culture Creativity Centre, 2015

Qatar Read & Share Programme by Qatar British Council, ( 2014-2015 )

The Logical Gates Workshop Qatar Scientific Club, ( 15-17/4/2017 )

First Aid Training, 23/8/2017

General English plus IELTS B2 at LAL TORBAY UK, ( 2/7/2018 till 24/8/2018 )

Organized School Blood Group Activity, 18/10/2018


Destination Imagination Qatar, 2015 

Doha Book Fair with Culture Creativity Centre, 2015

Qatar Sports Club, 2015

Social Media Manager at Culture Creativity Centre, ( for 3 months 2015 )

Prep Appraiser at Destination Imagination Challenge Qatar, 2016

Social Media Manager with GiftForRefugees, 2017 

Qatar University Centre of Advanced Materials, 2017

Prep Appraiser at Destiination Imagination Challenge Qatar, 2018

UK Torbay Libraries Summer Reading Challenge, 2018

World Cancer Day with Qatar Cancer Society , 4/2/2019


  • CPR, AED, and First Aid ( Successfully completed MEDIC First AidBasicsPlus CPR, AED, and First Aid for Adults )
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel 
  • Time Management 
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Designing 
  • Technology
  • Work In team 

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