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鍾仁廣 Ren-Guang Zhong

Frontend Engineer

  +886 921808190

  [email protected]

Taipei City, Taiwan


Tech Skills

  • React, React Native
  • Redux
  • D3.js
  • Python, Flask

Soft Skills

  • Teamwork
  • Community
  • Leadership
  • Pressure Resistance


Xuemi Online Course 學米線上課程                 2020 Sep. ~ 2021 Sep.

1. Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript

2. Using ReactJS as framework Soft Skills

3. Learn how to write in Hook components and was able to rewrite Functional components

4. Learn how to ride Responsive Website

5. Learn how to call API for data fetching

Institute for Information Industry 資策會      2020 Nov. ~ 2021 Jan.

1. python web crawler - using requests, BeautifulSoup, json, io, time
2. python data processing and analysis - using pandas, DataFrame 
3. python data visualization - using matplotlib 
4.python flask - using Flask, SQLAlchemy, jsonify, request

National Chung Hsing University                    2016 Sep. ~ 2020 June

Soil and Water Conservation 水土保持學系

1. Lead the basketball school team to 106 and 108 UBA division II final 
2. Lead the school basketball team to won fifth place in Fudan Tournament

Cheng Gong Senior High School                      2013 Sep. ~ 2016 June

1. Lead the basketball school team to play in 105 HBL final 16


Projects 00 00@2x

Stock Web

Backend using Python, Flask to crawl data and build restful api
Frontend using React.js, Redux, D3.js to build the website
Using AWS EC2 to serve api and S3 to host Website

Projects 00 00@2x

React Practice

Using React.js to build Home Page and make it Responsive

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