Ren-Hao, Yeh

Full Stack Developer

Do or do not, there is no try.
I love solving problems. 

  Taiwan     [email protected] (+886) 905-143-016


VR Engineer

Research and Development, Moldex3D  •  July 2021 - August 2021

  • Developed VR using Three.js
  • Created flakes, clearcoat textures to apply to surfaces on Gltf model
  • Displayed sink mark, warpage on surface
  • Collision detection using Enable3d
  • Researched Oculus controller in order to grab a model

Django Engineer Intern

Smart Energy BU, Tatung Company  •  July 2020 - August 2020

  • Developed a Django project to recognize disconnection problems
  • In responsibility of back-end development
  • Query MS SQL database on Ubuntu
  • Deployed website to Azure
  • Solved environmental problems using Docker


Tatung University

B.S., Computer Science and Engineering  •  Sep 2017 - Jun 2021

Majored in computer graphics, I developed a rhythm game using Three.js


Stock Crawler Website

  • Developed a Django project to crawl over 1700 pieces of data
  • Crawler time reduced by 50%
  • Reading time reduced by 75%
  • Display candlestick chart, moving average, range slider using bokeh

Mask Detection App

  • Machine learning using YOLOv4-tiny
  • Ported to Android
  • Solved the problem of low performance using NCNN
  • Increasing FPS 200%
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