Lin Ren-Jie (Reid)

Like to learn new technique and use them to make work efficiency.

Full Stack Developer


 Email:    [email protected]

New Taipei City, Taiwan




  • Web services: Apache, Nginx, Passenger
  • Linux OS: CentOS, Ubuntu
  • Database: Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
  • Deploy tools: Capistrano
  • Monitoring Tools: Cacti, Nagios, LibreNMS
  • Virtualization: VMware Esxi
  • Container: Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes
  • Cloud Tech: AWS, GCP, Azure,  Alibaba Cloud
  • Others: Bash Shell Script, Vim, Awk

Web Development, Testing

  • Programing Language: Ruby
  • Web Framework: Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Vue.js
  • Continuous integration: Travis CI, Jenkins, Github Action
  • Manual testing & Design test case
  • Automation testing: Selenium, Robot framework, Appium
  • Performance testing: HP Loadrunner
  • Others: Git, Git flow, Scrum, Jira, TestRail

Training Course

  • Kubernetes course (2021)
  • 5xRuby AstroCamp (2020, Ruby on Rails course)
  • Architecting on AWS (2018)
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer (2016)
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (2015)
  • CCNA Routing & Switch (2016)


  • Google Professional Cloud Architect (2021)
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer (2016)
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (2015)


  • Chinese
  • TOEIC 665
  • JLPT N2


Nextlink Technology, Full Stack Developer

Dec 2020 ~ Present 

  • Maintain & develop new features of AWS billing portal with Rails.
  • Transfer sidekiq process to systemd service & solve sidekiq unknown crash issue.
  • Deploy Rails application with AWS CDK tool.
  • Implement Elasticsearh in Rails application to reduce MongoDB server heavy loading.
  • Setup Elasticsearch cluster with AWS EC2.

5xRuby AstroCamp 5th (Rails Full Stack Training Course), Student

Jun 2020 ~ Oct 2020

  • Course content: Git, Html, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL.
  • Team project: SlaDock, a live chat and collaboration platform.
  • Personal duties in team project:
    • Develop and integrate SlaDcok with GitHub by webhook.
    • Integrate Travis CI in development workflow.
    • Build up semi-automated deploying environment with capistrano.
    • Compile and configure Nginx, Passenger on google compute engine.
    • Server SSL security settings and configuration of cloudflare domain name.

ICS Game Company, Linux System Administrator

Jun 2019 ~ Mar 2020

  • Deploy and maintain web server on GCP.
  • End to End automation testing by using robot framework and jenkins tools.
  • Automatically checking login function of all web games 3 times per day and generator reports for NOC team.

KKStream (KKBOX Group), Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Jan 2019 ~ May 2019

  • Manual testing website & Design and implement user scenario to test new feature.
  • Trace bug tickets and maintain all web test cases in TestRail.
  • Experience with Scrum, Jira and TestRail tools.

Essences Company, System Engineer

Sep 2016 ~ Jan 2019

  • Design architecture of NCHC docker image security scanning system project and deploy this system with docker swarm and GlusterFS.
  • Website performance testing, stress testing by using HP loadrunner tool.
  • Build up environment for iOS, Android app UI automation testing with appium and robot framework tools.

Coolplay Game Company, Linux System Administrator

Jun 2015 ~ Aug 2016

  • Deploy and maintain game servers with VMware Esxi and vCenter.
  • Operation experience with Fortinet firewall, Windows AD server, L2TP/IPSec VPN server and Nagios, Cacti.
  • Integrate Nagios alert and telegram to reduce all SMS fee per month by shell script and 3rd party tool.
  • Automatically close and check web game entrance staus by shell script before game maintenance time.

Academia Sinica, Postdoctoral Researcher

Oct 2014 ~ May 2015

  • Simulate Infrared spectrum of small water cluster by using Gaussian 09 software.
  • Simulation data manipulation.


National Chung-Hsing Univerity, Department of Chemistry, Ph. D

Sep 2007 ~ Aug 2013

National Chung-Cheng Univerity, Department of Chemistry, Master

Sep 2005 ~ Aug 2007

Tamkang University, Department of Chemistry, Bachelor

Sep 2000 ~ Jun 2005 

AstroCamp 5th Team Project

Projects 01 00@2x
Paragraph image 03 00@2x


- A Real Time Communication and  Collaboration Platform

Frontend: Tailwindcss, stimulus, jQuery
Backend: Ruby on Rails
Database: Redis, PostgreSQL
Deploy: Nginx, Passenger, Capistrano
Others: Git flow, Travis CI, AWS S3

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