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An account manager is the client's go-to person in doing business and builds one-on-one interaction with clients. Aside from generating sales, their success can be seen from how well-connected they are with their accounts (clients) and how much sales they generate from these clients. The more customers account managers have under their wings, the more likely they ascend to become a key account manager handling the "big fish" clients.

Account Manager and Account Executive titles are often being used interchangeably and their responsibilities sometimes overlap. However, an account executive mainly acquires new clients. He/she identifies new client prospects and deals with initial sales. Meanwhile, an account manager acts as a liaison between the clients and other departments within the company. Thus, they need to have great communication skills and a comprehensive understanding of each of their clients.

Although account manager is a highly sought-after position, the market remains competitive. A wise candidate understands the importance of a well-tailored account manager resume.

How to write an account manager resume?

There are several crucial steps in creating a professional account manager resume. Here, we provide an easy step-by-step guide for those who want to snatch that desirable position.

Step 1 : First thing first, grasp the idea of what a resume is.

DifferenceAccount Manager CVAccount Manager Resume
Can be 2+ pages
Typically 1 page
Application for scholarships and other academic roles
Job application
Thorough information form education, experiences, to awards.
Consistent with an account manager requirements in the job description, highlighting relevant work history, skills, and achievements.
Extensive, detailed, and plain (chronologically arranged to facilitate easy reading)
Concise, specific, and fluid (highly customizable, and we recommend you to do so)

Step 2 : Sometimes, formatting makes all the difference.

Depending on the position and industry, one has to choose carefully how to present their qualifications. Luckily, Cake has covered the different types of resume formats.

An ideal resume format for account managers focuses on both experience and skills. Therefore, the combination/hybrid resume format is suitable due to its all-in-one feature.

💡 Tips: If an applicant aims for a more senior role, a targeted resume format can be applied to build a senior account manager resume or national account manager resume to showcase more relevant achievements throughout their professional career.

Step 3 : Research.

Do some online research on account manager resume templates and samples, as there are tons of them for you to use as a reference.

Step 4 : Tailor your account manager resume for the position and industry.

Considering the significance account manager brings to a business, undoubtedly there is a high demand from various companies to fill in this position, for instance:

  • sales account manager: negotiates with clients, close sales, as well as maintain a positive relationship with customers
  • technical account manager: fosters clients by providing technical support and assisting clients in reaching their technical goals
  • digital account manager: tracks, measures, and analyses digital marketing client's online conversion rates to provide campaigns performance reports
  • advertising account manager: leads their advertising team in generating ideas, briefing, planning the budget and timeline for clients

💡 Keep in mind that each industry requires certain skills and prefers a candidate who checks most of their preferred and/or required ones!

For example, an insurance company when looking through insurance account manager resumes might opt for an applicant with a financial background. Despite the primary duty and purpose of an account manager is to maintain a long-lasting relationship and drive sales regardless of the field, the key to a successful account manager resume is to always curate and make appropriate changes according to the industry.

Step 5 : Craft your job application letter for account manager.

Convince recruiters that you're the perfect candidate for the job by writing a strong sincere job application letter (cover letter). It is your chance to sway the hiring manager with words in conquering previous professional obstacles in your account manager cover letter.

Step 6 : Proofread.

 There is no such thing as too much proofreading. Be meticulous and check everything before sending them. One misspelling might disqualify a candidate in a snap.

Cake provides the right account executive resume templates & formats for account executive talents to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best account executive resume Now!

How to tailor a resume for an account manager?

With hundreds of applications received by company recruiters, passing the first stage of elimination is critical. The question remains the same, what to write to craft an exceptional resume for account manager?

1. The candidate's profile section should entail basic information.

The MUST-HAVE list: 

  • Full name: Avoid putting a nickname, as it might come across as unprofessional
  • Phone number and email address: How else is the recruiter supposed to notify you if you’re up for an interview?
  • Current address: It’s unnecessary to include your full address. Nevertheless, you can simply mention the city and country of your residence, especially if you’re applying internationally.
  • Professional title: Let the recruiter know the professional experience you hold

2. A resume headline is like a book cover.

If they say don’t judge a book by its cover, well.. this is not one of them. In this case, a strong, persuasive headline attracts the reader (a.k.a. recruiter) to go over your resume. Hence, it should be put on the top of any resume you write. Search for “account manager skills for resume writing” as a reference.

A good sample of resume headline for an account manager resume should look like one of these:

  • Experienced key account manager in strategic planning for international clients
  • Result-driven sales account manager who surpassed target sales by 30%

3. A short resume summary is to support the resume title.

An eye-catching headline should be supported with a short account manager resume summary. Including your professional experience in account management can highlight your unique values and skills. Additionally, a resume summary isn't complete without you expressing your goals and what you can bring to the table as a professional account manager. This is what we call a career objective.

Resume Summary and Career Objective Example for Account Managers

  • Tech-savvy technical account manager with 5+ years of experience and sharp problem-solving skills. Successfully increased client engagement and reduced support cost by 20% in the past year. Seeking new strategies at [Cake] to provide developers with fresh & cost-effective solutions from customers' feedback.

4. The skills section is essential on an account manager resume.

Whether you're applying for an entry or senior-level position, the resume skills section cannot be neglected. It's very likely that certain companies have a list of preferred skills and qualities. Match your own skill sets with what they ask for and place the most relevant ones above.

💡 Remember to stay truthful!

Some fundamental account manager skills for resumes:

  • Client relation management
  • Time-management
  • Communication (verbal and written)
  • Active listening & negotiation
  • Critical thinking & problem-solving
  • Leadership
  • CRM tools (i.e. HubSpot)

 5. Work experience column is probably the most substantial section of an account manager resume.

Employment history including company/organization name, title/position, employment period, and skills implemented to fulfill your responsibilities and accomplishments would make up a complete work experience section on your account manager resume.

To write a complete account manager work experience resume section, it has to have:

  • Company/organization name,
  • Your title/position,
  • Employment period,
  • The skills you implemented to fulfill duties, and
  • Achievements

Examples from Advertising Strategic Account Manager Resume

Amazon - Advertising Strategic Account Manager           
Seattle, WA, USA | January 2017 - present

  • Provide consultation and solutions with insights to grow revenue and raise advertiser satisfaction
  • Conduct overseas strategic advertising campaign optimization
  • Perform extensive data analysis and develop actionable insights

💡 Tips:  Job seekers with little to no work experience can instead present relevant organizational experience in a leadership position or internship to fill this section of an account manager resume template.

6. Be truthful writing the resume education section.

Unfortunately, the education section of your resume cannot be tailored specifically for a role, because you can't change your degree or diploma from whichever institute or major you want. You can only present a factual one.

Example of finance account manager resume education

  • National Cheng Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan                  
    2013 - 2016
    • Bachelor of Finance
  • New York University, NY, USA          
    Expected graduation June 2021
    • BA in International Business Administration

💡 Pro Tips

  • Once you acquire a higher degree, high school information is unnecessary to be included.
  • Fresh graduates are recommended to put  their education above work experience to minimize the lack of information on the resume.

7.  Include additional information to spice up your resume!

Additional information on resume can extend as far from certifications, awards, references, to hobbies. Doing extra research on the company you're applying for can help you to determine which to include.

Key account manager additional information on resume might look like:

  • Certified Strategic Account Manager - SAMA
  • SAMA 2020 Annual Conference

Tips for writing the best account manager resume

1: Tailor your Resume

Make it personal to the company you're applying to, and curate it accordingly to fit the ideal account manager resume.

2: Use Keywords

Go over the job post and pay attention to the words the recruiters use in describing an account manager’s responsibilities, skills, and qualifications. Chances are (and it’s a big one) they are your keywords. Make sure to implement those account manager resume keywords catering to their requirements (this trick will be useful for tip #4)

3: Use Data & Numbers

In a soup of words, quantifiable results in a percentage or statistical form are easily noticeable. It gives clear-cut results of your achievements.

4: ATS-friendly resume format is a must.

Go plain or go home! An ATS-friendly resume increases your chance to get reviewed by the actual recruiter. Helpful tips to create an ATS-friendly account management resume:

  • stay away from fancy templates and design layout 
  • choose a clean format and legible font
  • add relevant keywords for account manager position
  • write a clear contact information
  • avoid complicated charts and graphics

5: Use Action Verb

Using action verbs on a resume shows strong initiative and capabilities. When writing in bullet point formats, opening a sentence with action words gives more impact, and consequently, reduces redundancy.

6:  Optimize your Linkedin profile.

Focus on achievements, from the network you've built to KPIs or other metrics that you've improved.

How to write an account manager cover letter?

Just when you think you're done with your job application, think again. Submitting a cover letter might just be the make or break reason you receive an interview invitation. Account manager cover letter should include the 5 essential parts:

Cover Letter for a Account Manager Writing Guide:

  • Basic info of your full name, phone number, and email address are mandatory
  • Open your letter with an individualized greeting by mentioning the hiring manager name to start a friendly yet respectful conversation
  • What makes you want to apply and flatter them by showing how well you understand the company
  • Promote yourself and tell them what you can bring to the table

Key Account Manager Resume Example

Jess Doe 

Digital Key Account Manager at Connect Society

Santa Monica, CA, USA
[email protected]


Goal-driven professional with 6+ years of experience being a Key Account Manager. Implemented various advertising and digital marketing techniques to raise brand awareness. Successfully exceeded KPIs and acquired new clients by 25% and 32%, respectively, on a quarterly basis.


  • Google Analytics
  • SEO
  • CRO
  • Statistics
  • HubSpot, Salesflare
  • Communication & presentation
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Multitasking
  • Leadership

Work Experience

Digital Account Manager, Connect Society

July 2015 - present
Santa Monica, CA, USA

  • Responsible for accounts worth $3.5 million in annual sales.
  • Provide unique insights on branding and marketing strategies for local and overseas clients to meet their business goals.
  • Increase sales growth by 55% in the past year.
  • Secure 30 new clients on average annually.
  • Implemented new tactics and collaborated with other departments in creating.
  • Receive 97% positive customer satisfaction feedback.

Marketing and Branding Analyst, McMarque Media & Co.

August 2012- July 2015
San Diego, CA, USA

  • Performed in-depth research on consumer demographics and market condition for cross-industries marketing campaigns.
  • Conducted surveys on consumer behaviors.
  • Utilized statistical data-driven tools to analyze and generate CRO results.
  • Worked alongside internal departments to produce and present well-defined campaign reports for clients and senior management.


2010-2012, MBA
Stanford University, CA, USA

2006-2010, BSc in Marketing
San Diego State University, CA, USA

Language Skills

  • English: Native or bilingual
  • Spanish: Fluent
  • French: Limited professional proficiency


  • Certified Market Research Analyst (CRMA) - IIMRA
  • Certification in Sales and Account Management - Oxford College of Marketing online course

Cake provides the right account manager resume templates & formats for account manager talents to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best account manager resume Now!

--- Originally written by Teresa Edria ---

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