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“Let it go, Let it go!..” Walt Disney Animation Studio shocked the global audience with the meticulous details on Princess Elsa and all other characters.

The profound knowledge of creating a compelling narrative & making the characters move falls in the animator’s hand. 

While animators relied on hand-drawn storyboards and works in the past, most of the responsibilities now are completed on computers and professional software.

Whether the candidate is devoting themselves to different fields, ranging from 3D animation, 2D animation, character animation, scene, and background animation, it is truly a job that integrates creativity, artistic techniques, and project management. 

Although the art portfolio is one of the most (if not the most) important factors in the artistic industry, a strong animator resume can beef up the candidate’s possibility to land an interview, a closer look at one’s portfolio, and maybe the job itself. 

From the essence of tackling an animator resume, to contents and suggestions on the application letter for animator, or the perfect guide to resume format for animation freshers... This article has it all! 

How to write a professional animator resume?

Step 1: Create a personal brand mark for the animator resume.

A resume headline is also known as the candidate’s professional brand marked on their animator resume. 

Resume headline: a one sentence/phrase synopsis of a candidate’s highest-profile and achievements related to the animator position. It is placed below the candidate’s full name.

Edit your headline to the specific animator job description. This is different from copying existing headlines on animator resumes, but instead to get an idea of what an ideal personal image fits the industry/company/role.

Step 2: Crack the case for thy animator resume summary. 

An animator resume summary refers to a lengthened version of the headline. If healing is the candidate’s hashtag, an animator resume summary would the candidate’s bio that gives concise notes on the candidates’ skills and achievements.

Adjectives at the front give a personal tint to the animator resume and the application and help establish the candidate’s brand (needs to be attuned with animator job descriptions).

Fragmented sentences written are preferred.

Animator resume summary samples:

  • Animation student resume summary example: Animator with formal education in RISD. Received Honorable mention in 2018 Animex Awards. Proficiency with Blender, Maya, CAD4, and Adobe series.
  • 3D animator resume summary sample: 3D animator with a proven history working at AAA, AR game industry for 5+ years. Creative and adept in character design.
  • Computer animator job resume summary example: Experienced computer animator familiar with Unity & 3Ds. Contributed to compelling storytelling and landscape design for animation “XYZ” and “ABC.”

Step 3: Include key skills for animators on the resume.

What special skills are needed for an animator resume? 

  • As its name suggested, animator resume skills are the candidate’s professional skills & related knowledge about the animation field.
  • The creative industry values portfolio/demo reel more than anything. Links to the candidate’s portfolio and work are a must and a mandatory section on an animator’s resume. Those crafting a resume for animator fresher (in terms of employment history), no worries, one’s animation project can speak of oneself.
  • Essential animator resume skills range from 3D modeling, character design to CGI, VR/AR, art foundations, and more, depending on the position, industry, and company the candidate is working.

Animator resume skill examples

  • Proficiency in:
    • Unity
    • Blender
    • C4D
    • Maya
    • 3Ds Max design
    • Unreal engine
  • A knack for Storytelling / Narrative
  • Storyboard / Film Language / Camera Movement
  • Spatial Design /Character Design
  • Motion Graphics /Graphic Design
  • Sculpting
  • Prototyping
  • C++ / Modeling Math
  • Project Management
  • Attention to Detail

Step 4: Attune the animator resume to the job descriptions.

It is crucial to mire a professional profile in one’s animator resume suitable for the position one’s applying for. Attuning one’s animator resume to the animation job descriptions is ideal for showing one as the perfect fit.

Step 5: Thoroughly proofread the animator resume.

To avoid razzle-dazzle, a candidate should thoroughly proofread their animator resume to avoid hilarious mistakes. 

What is the best animator resume format?

Chronological resume format:

Follow the time sequence and dates the candidate’s experiences from present to past Generally, most animator resumes adopt this format as it’s the safest choice to go.

Functional resume format:

Focus on animator resume skills instead of employment history. An optimal resume format for animator resume. Need a strong portfolio and demo veels to back it up.

Targeted resume format: 

A “targeted'' animator resume format for specific role & company. Beef up chances at the cost of time and effort. Works well with cover letter for animation job with no experience to show determination & passion.

Hybrid resume format: 

Combining the functional and chronological resume formats, the hybrid resume format is best for experienced candidates. Show both strengths in skills and employment history at the cost of length. Brevity is the key.

How to make an animator resume template?

A good animator resume template doubles the chances of a trip to the job. There are two common ways the candidate chooses to craft their animator resume template.

Option 1: Microsoft Word & Mac OS Pages

Online animator resume examples can be your starting point.

Although animator is a position fueled by creativity and artistic skills, the resume itself doesn’t need to be fancy and flamboyant. Check out online animator resume examples for some inspiration.

Mandatory sections for every animator resume template: Contact Information, Skills, and Working History.

Besides, remember that "Brevity is the key." Avoid fancy designs that are non-ATS friendly.

Common Formats

  • Font style: Classics and comprehensibility should be one’s priority, such as ...
    • Arial
    • Helvetica
    • Cambria
    • Time New Roman
    • Calibri
  • Font size: 12 as the primary font. It could be varied from 10-16 font size for headline/notes.

Option 2: Online Resume Maker

Using Word editors is a suitable method if one holds design skills. If not, online resume builders will make the candidate’s life much easier!

Most Popular Resume Builder for Animator Resumes: CakeResume ✨

CakeResume is an online resume builder that allows users to customize their animator resumes with snippets. Not only does it provide free animated resume templates, but is also known as a friendly resume builder for artists and engineers.

Top 10 animator resume dos and don'ts

✅ One should …

  • Only include information relevant to animation positions and industries. Indeed, adding personalized hobbies can humanize the application process, but one may be deemed creative or unprofessional depending on the company culture.
  • Focus on quantitative results, which are the best way to showcase one’s achievement from a concrete perspective.
  • Adopting ATS-friendly animator resume templates is a must.
  • Use active verbs to present one’s determination, willingness to take on responsibility, and active team members.
  • Craft a formal animator cover letter to supplement the resume.

❌ One should not … 

  • Confuse an animator resume with animator CV. 

Animator Resume v.s Animator CV

  • Resume:
    one page of professional summary targeted for a position/job
  • CV:
    extended documentation of the candidate’s background, with extensive pages and is used chiefly in academic contexts
  • Using old-fashioned animator resume objectives will show the candidate’s incompatibility in a fast-paced environment & current global trend (animation is a creative field that changes every day). 
  • Tell personal information that may prompt and invoke unwanted discrimination (age, marital status, etc.).
    P.S: Normally, there are no strict animator education requirements. Yet it would be optimal to have formal training and education in art foundations / related fields. 
  • Disclosing information from former employers is not a smart move. 
  • Sending the animator resume in word format may be deemed unprofessional. 

Let's put what you've learned from the article into practice and start making an attractive animator resume with us! It's totally free and you can download your resume in PDF or share it online.

Animator resume sample

Chloe Blake

3D Character Animator & Designer at Pixar Studio 

Mobile: (+2) 012-112222
Email: [email protected]


3D Pixar character animator with 5+ years of experience in deadline-driven studio settings. Experienced in the movie and gaming industry.  Past projects and collaboration include “ Toy Story 3” and “Soul.”

Work Experience

Character Animator, Pixar, CA   

Sep. 2016 - Present

  • Designed, created, and animated cinematic character animation for 5+ movies and art projects.
  • Supported art directors with character and inorganic forms movements.
  • Led the character prototyping and pre-visualization for “Toy Story 3” and “Soul”.
  • Provided consultative guidance for new projects and initiatives.

Animator Assistant, AAA Game Studio, NY

Jun. 2014 - Aug. 2016

  • Nominated for XXY awards 2016 for honorable mention in character animation in AAA games.
  • Responsible for storyboard design and character prototype modeling. Designed animation project pipeline in-game cycles.
  • Assisted cinematic animation for Steam game title “Zelda 2: AAABY”.
  • Collaborated with teams with narration designers and programmers.


  • Proficiency Unity & Blender
  • 3D modeling & Mathematics
  • Sculpturing
  • Character Design
  • Storyboard Design & Storytelling
  • Cinematic Principles
  • Prototyping
  • Project Time Management
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Attentive to Details


Sheridan College Graduate
Certificate in Computer Animation (2014)

--- Originally written by Julia Chu ---

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