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When considering the future career path, the primary thing is to understand the occupation’s exact duties.

To prepare a perfect art teacher resume, here are some art teacher’s duties one should know:

  • Planning art courses
  • Instructing on a variety of art techniques
  • Ordering art materials
  • Evaluating students’ performance
  • Advising on students artworks
  • Organizing final exhibitions and other presentations

More, similar to most teaching positions, an art teacher needs to have patience and class management abilities, even during noisy and chaotic situations. Note the difference between an art therapist and an art teacher.

The job details of these two positions sometimes overlap (e.g., lecturing on the painting skills). However, an art therapist focuses more on the creators’ spiritual conditions and expressions instead of the art techniques.

To be more specific, an art therapist helps people with mental or medical problems by receiving emotional stability and spiritual growth through art.

Now, since the principal or the recruiter have limited time to view your resume, it is fundamental to tailor your art teacher resume with clear headings and persuasive statements to help you land this job!

How to write a great art teacher resume?

Beginners need to know some basic painting skills, so do job seekers. They have to learn some typical tips for writing an art teacher resume.

👍 Tip 1: Use an ATS-friendly format for your art teacher resume.

Some schools might introduce Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to their recruiting procedures. It scans candidates’ resumes for the first-round selection.

Because the software can only understand the textual descriptions, remember not to include things like pie charts or Likert scale, and remember to put headings for each section of your art teacher resume (or art teacher CV). 

👍 Tip 2: Look up online art teacher resume examples & templates.

Grab ideas through other professional art teacher resume examples! This way, you can better understand how others arrange their art teacher resumes, learn their strengths, and avoid potential shortcomings.

Then you will be able to redesign your art teacher resume to stand out from other candidates.

👍 Tip 3: Customize your art teacher resume with relevant keywords. 

Read closely to the job descriptions and list down the mentioned skills or industry keywords you have, and include them in your art teacher resume.

Further, customize more by adding the organizations’ names to the career summary/objective in your art teacher resume.

✍🏻Note: An art teacher CV is different from an art teacher resume. The former is usually longer than two pages and includes more information about one’s experience. On the other hand, an art teacher resume is only one page (up to two) and will have more fancy layouts to use. 

👍 Tip 4: Number does work for an art teacher resume.

Numbers are measurable indicators for the recruiters to evaluate candidates’ competencies. Try to use percentages or exact quantified figures to demonstrate the impact you brought.

👍 Tip 5: Decorate with simple designs to craft a creative art teacher resume.

Because an art teacher resume with many graphical elements is not ATS-friendly, it is better to have a simple design for your art teacher resume to showcase your aesthetics. Yet, mind that legibility is always the primary principle for your art teacher resume writing!

What is a good objective for an art teacher resume?

If you need an entry-level art teacher resume, try to write a career objective.

With a clear resume objective in your art teacher resume, recruiters can quickly understand your career purpose, which might trigger their interest in calling you for an interview.

Here are some crucial elements for crafting a good art teacher resume objective:

  • Your positive traits compatible with the organization’s culture and its art teacher position
  • Experience or achievements related to the art teacher position (describe them at the beginning of your art teacher resume objective)
  • Relevant and practical career goal
  • The hiring company’s name

Art teacher resume samples for the resume objective section:

🏷️ For job-changers:

  • Creative graphical designer with a major in fine arts and certified through the education program. Lectured in 6 designing workshops for 2 years. Recently seeking a chance to become an art teacher at L.A. County High School to inspire more youths in exploring the knowledge of art.
  • 2-year-seasoned Spanish teacher who double majored in Spanish Studies and Fine Arts. Tutored 5+ people in digital design such as illustrator & photoshop techniques. Held personal oil painting exhibitions twice. Devoted to art education to exchange inspiring ideas with talented students and faculties at New World School of Arts.

🏷️ For an art teacher resume with no teaching experience:

  • Enthusiastic HSU art education program graduate with 3 years of tutoring experience. Skilled in art history and oil painting. Received A+ in three of the art history-related courses. Passionate to become an art teacher at Lakeside School to cultivate students with an artistic mind.

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How to write a resume summary for an art teacher job?

In contrast with an art teacher resume objective, a resume summary is more suitable for seasoned art teachers because it requires more work experience to include. In fact, a resume summary is more common nowadays.


To create an art teacher resume summary, you should first list down the keywords you will insert. Then pick several of your most outstanding accomplishments (it is better to have quantified results). Lastly, try to tailor all of these elements into 2-3 sentences and add the organization’s name at the end.

Art teacher resume summary sample:

2-year-experienced art teacher specialized in web and commercial design. Lead 25+ students in group design projects with topics in publication design, and 3D printing. One of the groups received the “Product Design Award” in 2019. Eager to join a well-reputed school like Columbus as an art teacher. 

High school art teacher resume summary sample:

Resourceful art teacher with 4 years of art teaching experience. Instructed 40+ students with 5+ exhibitions, which received positive feedback from both students and parents. Currently seeking an art teacher position at Design and Architecture Senior High School.

Elementary art teacher resume summary sample:

Charismatic K-8 art teacher proficient in curriculum development and student engagement. 5 years of experience designing and lecturing on art courses for children to explore materials like clay, pastels, etc. Awarded “Best Teacher” in 2017. Passionate to enter Benjamin Franklin Elementary school as an art teacher.

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What are some great skills to put on a resume for an art teacher?

If you are wondering how to list art teacher skills on a resume for an art teacher job, you can use a simple bullet list or an expanded bullet list.

A simple bullet list is prevalent, but it is essential to back those skills up within other sections. Another way is to use the expanded bullet list.

This method provides a whole space for you to further explain your art teacher skills on your resume, yet the shortcoming is that you can only list up to 5 skills. 

More, you can also categorize your skills in several sections. For instance, divide your skills into “teaching methods,” “painting techniques,” and "art history” categories for your art teacher resume.

As for what to put in your art teacher resume skill section, consider the following aspects (with some skill examples for an art teacher):

📝 Technical skills

  • Painting and Techniques (e.g., oil painting, watercolor painting)
  • Painting Schools (e.g., Neoclassical, Romanticism)
  • Photography Skills
  • Crafting skills 
  • Art History
  • Filming 

📝 Personal skills

  • Communication Skills 
  • Creative Thinking
  • Patience

📝 Computer skills

  • Graphic Design Software

📝 Teaching skills

  • Curriculum Development
  • Course Management

How to write an art teacher resume with no experience?

Writing an art teacher resume with no teaching experience can sometimes be quite tricky. However, there are always transferable skills you can demonstrate in your art teacher resume.

If you are a fresher, you can emphasize the art techniques you have learned from school to shift the attention away from the lack of teaching experience.

If you are already a lecturer, say an English teacher who wants to become an art teacher, your professional teaching experience will be applicable.

Here are five pieces of advice you can take into consideration:

  1. Choose the proper format for your art teacher resume.
    It is more appropriate to adopt a hybrid or combination resume format to an entry-level art teacher resume. A hybrid resume format highlights skills and lists work experience in reverse chronological order. 
  2. Use an art teacher resume objective.
    As we discussed previously, an art teacher resume objective places more emphasis on one’s career goal. Thus, it is more suitable for an art teacher resume with no teaching experience.
  3. Highlight education for the entry-level art teacher resume.
    Education is a critical indicator of a fresher’s qualifications. Usually, a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts or Art Education is required for an art teacher.
  4. Include your portfolio/ personal website in your art teacher resume.
    For art-related jobs, preparing a portfolio will directly showcase your art techniques. If you already have a personal website exhibiting your artworks, add them to your art teacher resume!
  5. Write a sincere art teacher cover letter.
    If it is your first time writing an art teacher cover letter, there are five necessary parts:
    - Contact information (full name, email, mobile number, and address)
    - Greeting (greet hiring managers with their names)
    - Motivation (why you want to become an art teacher in the organization)
    - Qualification (why the organization should hire you and what values you can bring)
    - Closing (appreciation for the recruiters’ time and consideration)

 Some people might make the following mistakes if they are crafting an art teacher cover letter but with no experience, so keep these typical cover letter writing errors in mind:

  • Do not write a lengthy or wordy art teacher application letter
  • Do not use descriptive writing
  • Do not restate everything on your art teacher resume. You can select several ones and elaborate them into a compelling story for your creative art teacher cover letter.

Read more about cover letter examples.

Art teacher resume sample

Alice Brixton

Dedicated Art Teacher with 5 Years of Teaching Experience in Visual Arts

Mobile: (666) 471-509
Email: [email protected]
Address: New York, U.S.
Website: http://artworks-alicebrixton.c...

Professional Summary

Student-centered professional concerned about each students’ needs and learning conditions. Arranged encouraging lessons about art history, art appreciation, sketch, chromatography, filming, painting, and drawing. Equipped students with teamwork and presentation abilities during the creation. Eager for a position as an art teacher at the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Work Experience

Art Teacher

Crossroads School 
Feb 2017 - Present

  • Designed art appreciation courses to teach students to analyze artworks from social, material, and historical aspects.
  • Engaged students in learning art history by exploring ancient architectures, sculptures, ceramics, etc. 
  • Organized trips to Rome and France with 20+ students and teachers; visited the Roman Coliseum and the Louvre Museum.

Art Teacher Assistant

Greenville School

May 2015 - Dec 2016 

  • Mentored students on both skill and mental development. Provided advice on their painting techniques and career developments.
  • Encouraged group work during mid and final projects. Held an annual exhibition allowing students to express their ideas and present to their parents, friends, and school faculties, which attracted 200+ viewers.
  • Controlled the amounts and purchases of materials under the budget of the school.


BA in Fine Arts

Nottingham Trent University

Relevant Coursework: Writing Contemporary Art: Review & Analysis, Critical Histories


Hard Skills

  • Sculptures & Architecture studies
  • Art Appreciation
  • Painting Skills
  • Filming Skills
  • Art History

Soft Skills

  • Verbal and Written Communication 
  • Patient Educator

Teaching Skills

  • Curriculum Development
  • Assessment Design


  • English (native)
  • French (fluent)

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