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Attorneys are certified professionals who offer legal advice and represent clients on legal matters including both criminal and civil cases. In many countries, the terms attorney and lawyer are commonly used interchangeably.

An attorney practices law in court and a lawyer, meanwhile, may or may not. A lawyer, by definition, is someone who is learned and trained in law and provides advice and aid on legal matters.

Attorney responsibilities and duties include:

  • Communicate with clients and advise them regarding ongoing litigation or legal issues. 
  • Research cases and develop the right strategies to try to resolve cases early and cost-effectively for clients rather than go to trial.
  • Represent clients and orally defend their rights and best interests in criminal or civil legal proceedings.
  • Manage legal documents such as contracts, dispositions, and pleadings in a timely manner.

Whether you are writing an entry-level attorney resume or an experienced attorney resume, check this article out to learn how to write a winning attorney resume to secure a career in this competitive field.

How to write a great attorney resume?

Tip 1: Adopt an ATS-friendly attorney resume format.

Nowadays, an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is used by most companies to scan and review job candidates' resumes before passing the most qualified ones to the hiring manager. 

Don't want your attorney resume to be rejected before the employer even gets a chance to see it?

Here's how to create an ATS-friendly attorney resume format, step by step: 

  • Adopt the appropriate attorney resume format (see Part 4 for details).
  • Pick the right attorney resume template by using an online resume builder (i.e. CakeResume). 
  • Cover all standard sections: Resume Summary, Education, Work Experience, Skills.
  • Utilize bullet points and bold text.
  • Insert keywords from the attorney job description.
  • Submit the attorney resume as PDF. 

Tip 2: Look up attorney resume templates & examples online as references.

Referring to excellent attorney resume examples on the Internet is very beneficial for your resume writing. You might learn a lot by obtaining suggestions or avoiding critical mistakes.

💡 Tip: Explore thousands of templates on CakeResume for a diversity of professions and get your attorney resume ready in 10 minutes!

Tip 3: Adopt keywords from the attorney job description.

Keywords are the phrases or terms that describe the job responsibilities. An attorney resume that adopts keywords from the job description can help employers determine whether you understand the profession and are able to fulfill their requirements. Also, job-related keywords are an important element of an ATS-friendly resume. 

📝 Note: Each profession has specific keywords. Make sure you read the attorney job description carefully and pick up the right keywords!

Tip 4: Quantify results on your attorney resume.

Generally, hiring managers prefer to know what you have accomplished in your previous work rather than what you were assigned to do on a daily basis. Through measurable achievements in your attorney resume, show them that you are results-targeted and actively make contributions to the company.

Here are some valuable metrics you can bring up in your resume for the attorney position:

  • How many big clients, businesses, or cases have you handled? 
  • What is the success rate have you achieved in general?  
  • How much did you make or save in terms of costs or efficiency?

Tip 5: Customize your resume for the attorney position.

Attorney jobs cover a wide range of professions and require specific qualifications for each. Instead of crafting a generic attorney resume, it's better to customize it for the role you are targeting. For example, the skills and work experience highlighted in a real estate attorney resume would be different from those of a patent attorney resume or a trial attorney resume. 

Beyond that, make sure you don't mix up an attorney CV with an attorney resume. Whereas an attorney CV details all sorts of information about the applicant, the resume for attorney includes information related to the role only.

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What is a good objective for an attorney resume?

With an impressive attorney resume objective, you can grab the employer's attention effectively and lead them to go into your resume. A strong objective should be tailored for the vacancy and state where you want to be in the career. 

Crucial elements of a good objective for an attorney resume:

  • Career goals
  • Eagerness to contribute at work
  • Precisely mention the name of the employer and position 
  • No more than 2 sentences

Catchy attorney resume objective samples: 

  • Senior attorney resume: Seeking a Senior Attorney position at Xiris Attorneys to uphold and utilize the full strength of the law to assist clients to find trust and faith in our judicial system. 
  • Tax attorney resume: To obtain the Tax Attorney position at Advance Law Firm where I can apply and expand my professional experience in the interpretation and application of tax laws and policies.
  • Experienced attorney resume: Experienced attorney looking to maintain a high rate of annual billable hours for Masux Group. 

How to write a professional resume summary for an attorney?

As an important part of the resume, a resume summary helps the employer quickly get a picture of the job seeker's qualifications and lures them to read more. 

While drafting an attorney resume summary, keep the following in mind: 

  • Briefly showcase your relevant skills and experience. 
  • Indicate your specialization. (tax, real estate, trial, etc.) 
  • Highlight certifications or outstanding achievements.
  • Keep it within 3 sentences. 

Examples of a professional attorney resume summary:

  • Family law attorney resume: Family law attorney with 10+ years of experience in divorce proceedings, adoptions, and child custody. Results-driven and skilled at conflict resolution. Fluent in French, German, and Italian. 
  • Entry-level attorney resume: Penn State Law graduate with editorial experience on the Harvard Law Review and an emphasis in environmental law. Internship experience with a major environmental policy firm. Fluent in Spanish and German.
  • Immigration attorney resume: Resourceful and newly appointed attorney with 5+ years of experience working at a progressive law firm. Excellent oral and written communication skills (English and Chinese), intense knowledge of American corporate and professional protocol. Admitted to the Puerto Rico Bar, 2016.   

 ✍🏻  Tip: Check out more resume summary examples for 20+ different jobs to help you create an excellent career summary statement.

What are some great skills for an attorney resume?

The skills section in your attorney resume is considered a key determinant of evaluating job candidates. Whether you just started your attorney career or have been in the field for years, make sure you structure this section wisely to outperform the competition and win an interview. 

How to effectively list your attorney skills on the resume: 

  • Carefully review the attorney job requirements 
  • Determine the most applicable skills for the role
  • List both types of skills: hard skills and soft skills
  • Exclude basic skills that everybody knows such as Microsoft Word, email, web searching, etc.

👍 10 examples of key skills for an attorney: 

Soft Skills
Hard Skills 
Critical thinking
Research skills
Attention to detail

Court transcription
Litigation support 
Legal terminology
Criminal law knowledge
Laws & legal procedures

How to write an attorney resume with no experience?

You’re a fresh graduate struggling with an entry-level attorney resume?

No need to panic! Follow the advice below and you will find it “a piece of cake” to create your own attorney resume.

1. Choose the right attorney resume format.

The four standard types of resume formats include: chronological, functional, hybrid, and targeted.

The hybrid format may work well for a senior attorney resume as the job candidate can highlight outstanding accomplishments while demonstrating employment history. Meanwhile, for freshers or entry-level individuals, you can consider adopting the functional attorney resume format to draw the recruiter's attention to your skills instead of work experience.

CakeResume provides the right attorney resume templates & formats for attorneys to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best attorney resume Now!

2. Adopt a career objective.

A career objective indicates what profession within the field you’re seeking and what qualifications make you ideal for the position. 

How to craft an impressive attorney resume objective for freshers:

  • Keep it within 1-2 sentences.
  • Be honest and straight-to-the-point.
  • Express your enthusiasm for achieving career goals.
  • Tailor the career objective for the role.

Example of a well-written objective for entry-level attorney resumes: 

In quest of a challenging position as an Entry-Level Attorney where I can leverage and improve my skills and knowledge in Patent Law & Intellectual Property.

3. Highlight your education in your attorney resume.

Since you’re a fresh graduate, it is recommended that you put the education section at the top of your attorney resume. Graduating from a reputable law school or achieving a high GPA can make you stand out among fresh graduates and win the interview.

Thus, provide adequate information including: 

  • School name | City, Country
  • Enrollment and graduation year
  • Degree 
  • Field of study 
  • GPA
  • Awards

4. Include additional information in your attorney resume.

To further expose yourself to the hiring manager, take advantage of the following if you may have:

  • Certifications for attorneys and lawyers (e.g. Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation, Certified Professional Landman, Credit and Collection Compliance Attorney, etc).
  • Honours in Law
  • Publication of a law journal
  • Law-related community or voluntary work

5. Write a sincere attorney cover letter.

A great cover letter for an attorney will lead the hiring managers to move on and read your attorney resume. Take this opportunity to convince them that you are the best fit for the job. 

How to polish a well-written cover letter for an attorney position: 

  • Provide accurately your contact details (phone number, email, etc).
  • Briefly introduce your name, professional level, and the position you are applying for.
  • Explain why you're qualified for this role in a few sentences.
  • Express your excitement and motivation to take this job.
  • Avoid duplicate content from your attorney resume. 
  • Politely thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration.

Corporate Attorney Resume Sample (Text Format)

Erica Shannon 

Experienced Corporate Attorney holding a New York State Bar Certification

[email protected]

Professional Summary

Results-driven and detail-oriented corporate attorney with 10 years of experience securing the legality of commercial transactions. Highly proficient in drafting, reviewing, and modifying corporate policies. Achieved advantageous settlements in 95% of cases.

Work Experience

Vienna Ayo& Co | New York, NY
Corporate Attorney
January 2015–Present

  • Draft and review all documents to ensure that corporate deals were legally compliant.
  • Advise clients on tax and employment implications of potential deals, serving 20+ corporate customers in the northeastern United States.
  • Consult with 35 clients beginning new businesses and assisted them with legal proceedings.
  • Ensure client business structures were legally sound and compliant.

BAC Corp. | Houston, TX
Staff Attorney
January 2010-August 2014

  • Advised 15+ executives regarding legal rights, opportunities, and obligations.
  • Conducted research and reviewed transactions to ensure maximum benefit to the company with minimal risk, reduced corporation’s reliance on external legal counsel and costs by 65%.
  • Drafted and renewed agreements on a monthly basis for product distribution, supply, licensing, and marketing-advertising.


2006-2009, J.D.
Duke Law School

2001-2005, B.A. Political Science 
University of San Diego


Hard skills:

  • Litigation
  • Risk management
  • Corporate tax
  • Corporate documents
  • Loan agreements

Soft skills:

  • Data-driven research
  • Critical thinking 
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem-solving 
  • Handling pressure 

--- Originally written by May Luong ---

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