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babysitter resume examples
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The increase in the number of double career families intensifies babysitter resume’s competition, which makes knowing how to write a good babysitting resume, with effective descriptions, more important than ever. 

A babysitter works temporarily, depending on parents’ need to fill unavailability gaps, such as children alone at home when parents aren’t done with their job. Besides, a babysitter’s duties for a resume usually include supervising kids playing or getting them ready for beds. Careful to not confuse nannies and babysitters, since a babysitting job resume is comparably required less evidence for advanced experiences. Also, nannies work on a weekly or monthly basis, with more housework responsibilities. From the differences we observe: a babysitter’s short-term nature makes a good babysitter resume essential in gaining parents’ trust.

How to make a babysitter resume?

Before diving into writing your babysitting resume, have a plan on how to write a resume and choose the right application approach.

Step 1 : Understand the differences between a babysitter CV and a babysitter resume.

A Babysitter Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a babysitter resume are both application documents, but the two are not the same:

Babysitter CV

  • Commonly used in academia, scientific, or medical fields.
  • Covers the cumulative professional experiences, including work and publications.
  • Simple layout.
  • Mostly over 2 pages.

Babysitter Resume

  • Used to apply for general jobs.
  • Adjust contents based on the position applied to.
  • Need a designed layout.
  • Mostly less than 2 pages.

Overall, a babysitter needs a resume to get a job. However, take notes of the countries you are applying to. In certain places, one is more often used than the other.

Step 2 : Choose the right babysitter resume format.

Choose a babysitting resume format that gives your specific situation the most advantage. For resume formats: chronological, functional, hybrid, and targeted ones, assess your need and learn which of these 4 most professional resume formats  to choose from. The more thoughtful a babysitter resume is in its design, the higher the chance you will get the desirable job. 

Step 3 : Learn from strong babysitter resume templates & samples.

To shine from the mountain of babysitter resumes, you need to show relevant babysitting skills in the resume, such as sufficient experience in childcare and domestic work.

Also, look up a powerful babysitter resume sample, get inspired by its comprehensive safety certifications and thoroughly explained caring personality, and then apply its techniques.

💡  Most importantly, ask yourself “What skills on the babysitting resume attract me the most as a parent?”

Step 4 :  Tailor your resume for the babysitter position. 

Are you writing a babysitter resume for teenagers?
Are you drafting a babysitter resume with no experience?

Every babysitter has different backgrounds and looks for opportunities of different locations, periods, and children's age. Pause for a moment from the desire-for-job mindset and focus on targeting families having the demand that only your supply can meet.

Step 5 : Craft an babysitter cover letter.

Politely and concisely express your intention, and remember to moderately demonstrate a passion for the babysitting position. Sway away from the impression of “I want a job”, instead show “I can contribute”.

Step 6 : Proofread your babysitter resume.

Avoid last-minute work to reserve chances of reviewing your babysitter’s resume with a fresh mind. Look for grammar and spelling mistakes, plus incomprehensible phrases.

What to put on a resume for babysitting jobs?

💡  Before working on your babysitter resume, make sure you know the tips from the ultimate professional resume writing guide.

What you see as relevant information may not be useful to the parents or guardians. The key to winning a babysitting job is a resume that eliminates irrelevant information and nicely answers parents’ unspoken inquiries. So, now you might be asking: “What EXACTLY do the parents want to know from the babysitter resume?”

1. Babysitter Resume Profile (Personal Information)

This basic but very important section is about you, the bio of the babysitting resume. From this, parents/guardians learn about who you are and especially “how to contact you”. Pay extra attention to the nuance that many people miss out on.

Should have: 

  • Official full name (may refer to your passport, no nickname, no abbreviation) 
  • Contact information (phone number, email address)
  • Current location (country and city, not a complete mailing address)

Optional/might be asked to provide:

  • Your photo (appropriate head/body/background proportion, professional smile, proper dressing, still posture, high image resolution).
  • Active link to your portfolio, professional social media link, e.g. LinkedIn.

❌ Should NOT have

  • Marital status/Age/Sexual orientation/Birthday (exclude details on private life)
  • Hobbies/Interests/Motto (avoid sharing preferences)
  • Religious preference/Nationality (avoid exposing personal identity)
  • Social security number (provide only after being accepted)

2. Babysitter Resume Headline/ Title

Short, but says a lot. A title is a one-line-phrase with a maximum of 10 words being placed on top of your babysitter resume. This concise but powerful line informs the parent or guardian of your qualifications, expertise, achievements, and strengths. A resume headline is the important foundation of your babysitter resume as it is what first enters parents’/guardians’ eyes.

Babysitter Resume Headline Examples

  • Compassionate babysitter having a CPR first aid certification 
  • A child psychology graduate who received 5 favorite kindergarten teacher award
  • Mother of three kids with a 10 years of babysitting experience

3. Babysitter Resume Summary

Knowing how to write a resume summary, the 2-3 sentences qualifications statement, will drastically increase your acceptance chance. A babysitter resume summary should objectively outline your most valuable babysitting skills and experience, which might be handling emergencies, meeting kids’ nutritional and developmental needs, maintaining a clean environment, or establishing a positive relationship with children.

Take note that this is one of the first things the parents will look at, careful to not elaborate on career goals, but stick to sharing: “What have you done that makes you THE perfect babysitter?”.

Babysitter Resume Summary Examples:

  • A kid-loving clinical psychologist who cumulatively took care of 60+ children from age 2-8. Excel in providing strategic advice on benefiting children’s social ability development through careful observations. 
  • Enthusiastic mother-like elder sister of five siblings created and executed 10+ board games and 5 exercises, which entertained kids, and accelerated intelligence development.

4. Babysitter Resume Objective

A resume objective is a 2-3 line statement of career purpose answering why this job, using specific traits and unique achievements. Though now less used and thus optional, resume objectives have a unique moving effect that will give you an advantage if it successfully conveys your strong intention to grow with the company to the recruiters. (Learn more about how to write a resume objective.)

Babysitter Resume Objective Examples:

  • As a mother of twins, I have developed multitasking skills and understand its difficulty. Therefore, I wish to support people who need help with the problem I once had, with my spare time as a full-time housewife.
  • Graduated with a degree focusing on childhood development, I look forward to applying my learnings to benefit the children’s growth by being a babysitter.

5. Babysitter Resume Skills (Personal and Professional Skills)

The babysitting skills to include in a resume are the abilities parents care about most: handling emergencies, meeting kids’ nutritional and developmental needs, maintaining a clean environment, and establishing a positive relationship with children.

Keep in Mind: A babysitting job heavily stresses soft skills, unlike other general corporate jobs.

Babysitting Resume Skills Examples:

  • Outstanding proficiency in nutritional need and acquire excellent culinary skills  
  • Substantially knowledgeable with infant behavior and early childhood development 
  • Efficient multitasking and task prioritization skill allow taking good care of 3+ children at once 
  • Spectacular sensitivity towards children change in emotion, social behavior, and language abilities
  • Exceptional high standard in manners that support children to experience a well-rounded upbringing

🔍 Important Tip: List your babysitting skills in the order of stunning to moderate because the first absorbed information sets the  parents’ impression on you.

6.  Babysitting Work Experience on a Resume

The work experience section asks for the information: at where, doing what, for how long. Through learning your babysitting experience, parents will know your key achievements and career trajectory. While it is understandable for one to have babysitting as merely a part-time job, it is better to avoid irrelevant experience (unless you barely experienced in babysitting.)

Work experience on a Babysitter Resume Example:

English teacher of Beijing Forestry University kindergarten | Beijing, Oct 2018 - Present 

  • Prepared 3 meals per day for 20+ children of 3-5 years old 
  • Established the Manners stickers collection game  that facilitated kids to embody qualities like being polite and share toys with others.

🗒️  Note :
The interval between consecutive jobs is an average of 3 months. If you had a gap of more than this duration, it helps reduce confusion in advance by giving a short explanation/summary of your progression in that period.

7. Education on a Babysitter Resume

Education is important for briefly understanding one’s qualification, ability, interest, and expertise. Information includes: 

  • University or School (exclude high school degree when being an undergraduate)
  • Year of graduation
  • Degree, Major and minor 
  • GPA and honor awards 
  • Club and extracurricular activities

Education Example :

Tufts University, Graduate School of Arts and Science 2014-2018 MA in Child Study and

Human Development 
GPA: 3.53

8. Additional Information on a Babysitter Resume

  • Certification (Such as Certified Newborn Care Specialist from Newborn Care Specialist Association)
  • Personality (With proof, show acquiring traits such as observant, responsible, and love kids)
  • Babysitting environment (vibe, other members in the house, pets … etc)
  • The unavailable babysitting period

Additional information on a Babysitting Resume Examples:

  • Other certifications 
    • Stanford University Child Nutrition and Cooking online certification 
    • CPR and first aid certification from Red Cross
    • Aquatics and Water certification from Red Cross
  • Personality 
    • Extreme Patience: Engaged in a 45 minutes session on answering a kid's question on why is earth round
  • Babysitting environment 
    • Immerse kids in music as being a Grade 5 ABRSM piano exam player.
  • Unavailable on every Thursday Morning 7-12

🗒️  Note : To prevent positive descriptions from sounding generic, use specific cases to back them up. 

Tips for writing the best babysitting resume.

    #Tip 1 : Customise the resume for the babysitting job.

    Mentioning an art award in your babysitter resume is like providing irrelevant information, no matter how proud you are about it.

    #Tip 2 : Use keywords relevant to the babysitting job description.

    #Tip 3: Quantify results

    Numbers make your achievements measurable: “I comforted 3 kids to stop crying in under 5 minutes.” vs. “I comforted kids to stop crying”.

    The first statement is more powerful for sure.

    #Tip 4: Choose an ATS-friendly babysitter resume format.

    #Tip 5 :  Adopt babysitter resume action words

    #Tip 6 :  Have a nice photo

    A nice photo of you increases the chance of parents trusting you and feel closer to you. Try to include a photo of your face in the babysitter resume, present a natural friendly smile, and have pink elements if possible as that makes you more approachable.

    How to write a successful babysitter cover letter?

    Writing a good babysitting cover letter gives parents a reason to read your resume seriously. Following are what you should know for your babysitter cover letter:

    Here’s the outline for a strong babysitting cover letter:

    1. Contact Information: Place your name, email, and phone number on top of the cover letter itself.
    2. Formal greeting: Prefer addressing names over “recruiting team” and last name over the first.
    3. Concise Self Introduction: Shortly share why you want to apply for the babysitting job, and use one or two highlights of your skills to show why you are the right person. (To seem amiable, indicate your direction aligns with the family/role’s need before sharing personal description) 
    4. Target the job description: Provide bullet pointed achievements, specific experience, and skills, showing that you are capable and perfectly suits the job.
    5. Call to Action: Share your strong intention to conduct an interview. 
    6. Powerful closing: Show appreciation and look forward to the response. 

    Babysitter Resume Example (Text Format)

    Emma Black

    Multitasking expert with 5-years of babysitting experience

    Mobile; +88694328934
    Email : [email protected]
    Tokyo, Japan

    Resume Summary

    An outstanding multitasking mother who has 5-years of babysitting experience. Exceptional in customizing upbringing strategies specific to children’s personalities. Trusted by parents in fulfilling children’s needs and maintaining a safe environment. I look forward to dedicating excessive caring to children’s early development. 


    Hard Skills

    • Proficient in infant caring, including bathing and diaper changing.
    • Excellent culinary skills and sustainable knowledge of children’s nutritional needs. 
    • Experienced in various standard operating procedures for emergencs. 
    • Familiar in dealing with household errands.

    Soft Skills

    • Superb storytelling ability that is effective to prepare kids for bed in under 10 minutes.
    • Outstanding proficiency in children’s social behavior and early-stage development. 
    • Remarkable patience capable of establishing a positive relationship with children.
    • Disciplined in sustaining a healthy environment free from electronic devices.
    • Excellent in resolving conflicts between children and provide equal caring and love to all.
    • A high standard for sanitation and to maintain a comfortable clean space for children. 

    Babysitting Work Experience

    Weekend Babysitter,  February 2019 - Present
    Saito's Family

    • Took care of 2 kids of initially age 3 and 6, with one having autism
    • Provided parents comprehensive observation reports on children’s development every week.
    • Responsible for children’s meals that creatively included healthy but often rejected ingredients, such as ginger, and the kids love it. 
    • Created an effective learning environment by sticking word cards everywhere in the house.

    Holiday Babysitter, October 2015 - February 2019
    Mizuki's Family

    • Took care of 3 kids of initially age 1, 4 and 7
    • Supported the eldest-child with school work. 
    • Engaged children with activities such as hide and seek and successfully detached children from overuse in electronic devices.


    University of Wisconsin Madison, BA, College of Social Science (June 2010)
    A Psychology degree with a focus on child and adolescent psychology

    Cake provides the right babysitter resume templates & formats for babysitter talents to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best babysitter resume Now!

    --- Originally written by Rebecca Huang ---

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