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A bank teller is the first person you interact with once you step foot into the bank. He or she is responsible for assisting you with account inquiries, transaction procedures, or cash handling. 

To become a successful bank teller, you will want to understand how to put together a bank teller resume.

A bank teller resume gives recruiters the first impression of you, which can make or break your chances of advancing through the banking industry. Learning about the behind-the-scenes strategies in creating a resume for a bank teller role can increase the chances of reaching your goal. With a carefully crafted bank teller resume, you can gain a once in a lifetime opportunity.

How to make a bank teller resume? 

Step 1: Understand the differences between a bank teller CV and a bank teller resume.

Knowing the differences between a bank teller CV and a bank teller resume can help you create a successful profile for the recruiters to see. 

A CV is an extensive document consisting of all your past work experiences and achievements.
A resume is a record that includes the related past work involvements and skills.

💡 Keep in mind that your bank teller resume should contain only relevant information for the position, which will be around one-to-two pages. 

Step 2: Choose the right bank teller resume format.

Four types of formatting for your bank teller resume:

  • chronological 
  • functional
  • hybrid
  • targeted

➡️ Check out more details about each of the four resume formats to ensure that it will match your bank teller resume.

Step 3: Check out bank teller resume templates and samples as references.

Use technology to your advantage for your bank teller resume writing. Searching online for some bank teller resume examples can jumpstart your thinking of what will be suitable to include for your bank teller resume.

Step 4: Tailor your resume for a bank teller role.

Brainstorm upon your past achievements and choose the ones that will best fit your resume for a bank teller position.

Step 5: Craft an application letter for a bank teller role.

Provide the recruiters with reasoning on why you fit the role as their next bank teller. Convince them on how the experiences listed on your bank teller resume has prepared you for the job. 

Step 6: Proofread your bank teller resume.

To keep your bank teller job resume in the best condition possible, remind yourself to check for any misspellings and errors.

What to put on a resume for a bank teller job? 

There are many factors to keep in mind when you are starting to create your bank teller resume. The materials you add and the approach you use for your resume can transform it from average into noteworthy, especially for those looking to craft a bank teller resume with no experience.  

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information)

The list of essentials:

  • full name
  • job title
  • professional email address
  • phone number
  • address
  • LinkedIn profile URL (optional)

2. Bank Teller Resume Headline

The headline is a simple phrase (max.: 10 words) that describes your career abilities. Since it will be on the top of your bank teller resume, you will want to make it eye-catching for the recruiters to keep on reading.  

Bank Teller Resume Headline Examples:

  • Dedicated Teller with 6+ Years of Experience in Investment Banking
  • Organized, ABA Certified Graduate Proficient in Balance Allocation
  • Diligent Teller Assistant who Boosted Financial Transaction Completion by 4%

3. Bank Teller Resume Summary

Think of your professional summary for a bank teller role as an extended version of your bank teller resume headline. Your bank teller resume summary should concisely capture your proudest strengths and skills relevant to the job. 

Bank Teller Resume Summary Examples:

  • Attentive assistant head teller skilled in customer relationship management. Efficient in prioritizing clients’ needs while precisely following through with the company’s beliefs. Certified IBA and fluent in four different languages. 
  • Courteous senior teller with over 10+ years assisting high-net clients with excellent assistance. Improved rapport by 17% within three years and created a new, simplified company regulation for our clients.

4. Bank Teller Resume Objective

The career objective for a bank teller role contains a few sentences that briefly touch upon your skills. A bank teller resume objective differs from a bank teller resume summary in that it should mostly focus on your career goals and what you hope to accomplish at the company. Using a bank teller resume objective will be more beneficial if you are looking to build an entry-level bank teller resume.

Bank Teller Resume Objective Examples:

  • Goal-driven banking graduate with 4+ years of experience in serving clients with world-class service. Seeking a more hands-on opportunity within a growing banking institute. 
  • Persistent teller focused on accurately reducing errors within processing transactions and procedures. Looking to obtain a more innovative role within the baking industry.
  • Devoted bank teller with 2+ years of experience in cash handling, client assistance, and financial services. Striving for a position focused on investment banking. 

5. Bank Teller Resume Skills

Add your skillsets into your bank teller resume with bullet points to make it easy to read for employers. Don't forget to consider both technical and soft skills to put on your resume for a bank teller.  

Bank Teller Resume Skills Examples:

  • Networking
  • QuickBooks
  • Investment Banking

6. Bank Teller Resume Experience

The experience section should include several different involvements as long as they pertain to the bank teller role. For the fresh graduates creating a resume for a bank teller with no experience, don’t forget to include past internships or volunteer services.

Bank Teller Resume Experience Examples:

  • Senior Bank Teller at IBM in Ohio, Jun 2016 - Present
    • Directed and evaluated our three core departments: investment advisors, retail bankers, and commercial bankers.
    • Managed day-to-day operations focusing on key business metrics and banking regulations.
    • Handled large volume cash transactions of assets up to $7M.

7. Bank Teller Resume Education

Education counts as an experience for your bank teller resume. If you are creating an entry-level bank teller resume, be sure to focus on listing your education accomplishments.

Details to include:

  • School Name
  • Type of Degree/Major
  • Start/End Dates
  • Honors/Awards
  • Minor(s) or GPA (optional)

Bank Teller Resume Education Examples:

  • B.A. in Business Management, Yale University (2012 - 2016)
    • Concentration in Commercial Banking 
    • Class of Business Honors
    • GPA: 3.82

8. Additional Information for a Bank Teller Resume

Stand out from others with additional information such as certification and bilingual skills to put on your resume for a bank teller. They offer a unique addition, especially if you are looking to create a bank teller resume with no experience.

Additional Information for Bank Teller Resume Examples:

  • Certifications
    • ABA Bank Teller Certificate
    • Certified Bank Teller
    • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Languages
    • English
    • French 
    • Chinese

Tips for writing the best bank teller resume

Tip 1: Customize your resume for the bank teller position.

Employers will want to move forward only the best applicable bank teller resumes. For example: if the bank teller job qualification is looking for cash handling knowledge, make sure to create a bank teller resume with cashier experience from your past. 

Tip 2:  Use keywords.

Look through and integrate the keywords within the bank teller job description for your resume formation. The keywords show the recruiters your bank teller resume relates to the role they are looking to fill. 

Tip 3: Quantify descriptions on your bank teller resume.

Try and use numbered details when describing your past experiences.
💡 Fact: Adding numbers to your bank teller resume helps show the recruiters your strengths at a higher level.

Tip 4: Choose an ATS-friendly bank teller resume format.

Make sure your bank teller resume opens up effortlessly for employers. Confirm that your resume for the bank teller role is easy to open up with a simple format and layout.

Tip 5: Incorporate action verbs within your bank teller resume.

Go the extra mile to spice up your bank teller resume with action verbs. They help add a more powerful visual to your descriptions.

Tip 6: Emphasize that you’re a communicator.

Bank tellers spend the majority of their time interacting with clients. You will want to present that you have the communicative qualities within your resume for a bank teller.

CakeResume provides the right bank teller resume templates & formats for bank teller to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best bank teller resume Now!

How to write a cover letter for a bank teller position?

Complement your bank teller resume with a professional bank teller cover letter. Your cover letter paints the picture for recruiters on what interested you in the role and how your experiences will fit the role. 

For your bank teller cover letter, make it stress-free to build with 5 main sections:

  • Similar to your bank teller resume, start your application letter for a bank teller with a contact details section. You will want to have your full name, email address, and mobile number.  
  • Create a warm, friendly introduction by addressing the recruiters properly. Lead your bank teller cover letter with a self-introduction and how you found the role. 
  • Weave into your motivation (reasons of interest). Express what gained your interest in applying for the job. You can discuss your interests in the company as well as the role itself. 
  • Prove that you’re the candidate that they should cherry-pick with your qualifications. Take a few past-related experiences and dive into further detail on how you performed the bank teller skills listed within your bank teller resume. 
  • Sign off your bank teller cover letter with a thankful closing

Bank teller resume sample (text format)

Frances Bell

Customer-Oriented Banker with 2+ Years of Experience Delivering Reputable Assistance

1700 Front St.
Boston, MA 02215
[email protected] 


ABA-certified banker with 2+ years of experience supplementing clients with top-notch service. Highly organized and proficient in various financial documentation, transactions, and procedures. Fluent in spreadsheets, databases, and banking regulations.

Work Experience

Bank Teller at ABA National Bank

May 2019 - Present 

  • Responsible for customer transactions, banking services/products, and account balancing inaccuracies. 
  • Performed daily checks following company and banking policies and procedures.
  • Managed 1k+ client transaction receipts weekly for higher customer satisfaction.

Commercial Banking Intern at ABA Credit Union

Jan 2018 - May 2019

  • Provided clients with effective solutions to banking inquiries and concerns.
  • Researched with the banking team over developments within credit risks, commercial lending, and mortgage lending. 
  • Improved new client reaches by 3% and developed sturdier relationships with loyal elite clients. 


Hard Skills: 

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Data Entry
  • Typing
  • Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Banking Rules & Regulations
  • Balance Ledgers 
  • Loan Processing
  • Tax Preparation

Soft Skills: 

  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Detail-oriented
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Writing
  • Honesty
  • Team Coordination
  • Discipline 
  • Customer Service


  • ABA Bank Teller Certificate


  • English
  • German
  • Chinese


  • MS in Banking & Financial Services Management, Boston University
    2018 - 2020 
  • BSBA in Business Administration, Boston University
    2015 - 2018
    • Concentration in Finance
    • Questrom Honors Program 
    • GPA: 3.70

--- Originally written by Jessica Sun --- 

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