What Is a Great Biodata for Students? How to Create One?

A biodata is a simple document that contains all of your personal information. It may seem like a resume/CV but it is still slightly different. Biodata is often used in India and other South Asian countries for specific job applications and/or marriage, whereas resumes and CVs are commonly used in the US and European countries for job applications and academics only.

If you are applying to an institution, a biodata might be required because it represents your educational background as a student.

Student Biodata Sample
Sample Student Biodata

What Is a Biodata for Students?

A student biodata is biographical information that states all of your information as a student, including your personal information, degree, certificate, and professorship. It can be substituted with a resume/CV in some countries like India when applying for job positions or academic institutions.

Bio Data Format for Students

Student’s name

The first information you want to show is your full name. It is necessary information for the employer or admission team to identify you.

Example: Naveen Harish

Father’s name

Since you are still a student, you should include your parent’s name in the biodata for students. It is information that helps tell who they are.

Example: Tejal Harish

Mother’s name

If you have included your father’s name, don’t leave out your mother’s name!

Example: Preeti Darshana

Date of birth

Incorporating your date of birth in the biodata for students is like introducing yourself to the admission team, and telling them your age.


To ensure you can receive printed documents from the institutes that you are applying to, having a mailing address included is necessary. However, some might leave this information out to have more privacy.


Related to the date of birth mentioned above, the place that you are trying to get into sometimes takes your age into account to decide if you are suitable for the academic degree.

Mobile number

Listing down your mobile number allows the institute to contact you whenever there is news or any other requests regarding your admission.

Email address

Just like the mobile number, your email address is one of the easiest ways for the institute to contact you and send further information or requests regarding admission.


Your nationality always matters when applying for college because the institute might be able to help you with the visa application. They might also know how to assist you with your needs if you are studying abroad.

Qualifications / Education history

When applying to study for a higher degree, you should state your qualifications. This is necessary information that allows the admission team to determine if you are suitable for the program that they offer.

Languages known

Knowing at least 2 languages when applying for college can be very helpful. If you know more than one, show it off to tell the admission team that you are capable of understanding the classes.


Since you are still making an introduction about yourself, you should include your hobbies. Your hobbies might catch the attention of the admission team.

Biodata Templates for Students

Here are three biodata templates for students that you can use or refer to when creating yours. You can also pick one that you like and download it to fill in your information.

Student biodata template 1


Personal Information

Name                        : ____________________
Father’s name           : ____________________                                (Include your recent
Mother’s name          : ____________________                                             photograph)
Date of birth              : ____________________
Residential address  : ____________________________________________________
Phone number          : ____________________________________________________
Email address           : ____________________________________________________
Nationality                 : ____________________________________________________
Marital status             : ____________________________________________________


Name of university/highschool graduated :_____________________________________
CGPA :_________________________________________________________________
Years of passing :________________________________________________________
Language tests taken :_______________________________________(scores included)

Other Relevant Information

Achievements   : ____________________________________________________
Internship          : ____________________________________________________
Skills                 : ____________________________________________________
Hobbies            : ____________________________________________________

Student biodata template 2

Student Biodata Template
Student Biodata Template

Student biodata template 3


(A photograph of you)
Father’s name:
Mother’s name:
Marital status:
Date of birth:


Phone number:

Email address:

Career objective:

University graduated:

Degree taken:


Passing years:

Language known:



Biodata Example for Students

Sample Student Biodata
Sample Student Biodata

Tips on How to Write Biodata for Students

💡 Use the complete student biodata format.

Writing a student biodata requires a complete format, otherwise, it would only be a list of information in a note. Therefore, if you are not sure about the format, you can still scroll up to check for the format.

💡 Include a personal statement or objective.

A biodata might not be very convincing when there is only personal information and qualifications in the document. Introducing your objective to the admission team can help them define what is the purpose of this biodata.

💡 Add other sections.

Biodata is biographical information, which states all of your personal information and background that you would like to share with the admission team. To keep your biodata clean and tidy, you should add other sections to provide more info.

Examples of sections that can be included in a biodata for students:

  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Achievements
  • Work/Intern experience

💡 Be elaborate & descriptive with your qualifications.

When stating your qualifications, you might only list the name of your degree and your overall grades. However, if you want to stand out more, you can elaborate by introducing some detailed information like the courses that you’ve taken and skills that you’ve gained in the biodata for students.

💡 Always use a formally taken portrait when including a photograph.

Handing in formal documentation like a student bio data form requires everything to be professionally made, and your photograph should be the same. Getting a photograph professionally taken is always the right choice instead of using a photo from a trip.


  • A biodata for students is only used in countries like India. If you are applying to an American institute, it is better to use a resume/CV.
  • Always include all the personal details like name, contact information, gender, age, and qualifications that are necessary for the biodata for students.
  • Use the correct format when writing a professional biodata for students.
  • When including a photograph of yourself, use a professionally taken photo.

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