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Business administration personnel oversee effective administrative, business, and management functions of an organization to maintain efficiency and profitability. Many are part of customer experience, recruitment, training, inventory, and financial management in their establishments. 

A business administration resume requires highlighting relevant qualifications, experience, education, and skills. Following the right business administration resume format will help it stand out among several resumes.

There are many duties and responsibilities that one can write on a business administration resume.
They include:

  • Research and maintain the organization's files, data, and records.
  • Analyze organization's finances and budgets, including sales reports, financial statements, budgets, and other key performance indicators.
  • Communicate with and offer office support to existing and potential clients using different media.
  • Formulate and implement organizational goals, strategies, and policies.
  • Manage general activities related to production, sales, inventory, and services.
  • Innovate and apply new technologies to support business processes.
  • Direct operations in consultation with department heads, executives, and management boards.
  • Negotiate, analyze, approve and sign official contracts and agreements.
  • Ensure employees remain motivated to attract and retain the best workforce in the company.

How to Write a Professional Business Administration Resume?

Step 1: Write an eye-catching business administration resume headline.

The first step to your dream business administration job is through a good resume headline. It's the profile title or resume headline that sums up the whole business administration resume.

Placing the title just below your name attracts interviewers and allows them to decide on your value to the company at a glance.

Benefits of a well-crafted business administration resume headline:

  • Uses powerful keywords that attract the recruiters.
  • Captures and displays the main achievements.
  • Summarizes your relevant work experience in years.

Examples of business administration resume headlines:

  • Top-rated Business Administration Professional with over 5 Years' Experience in Large Corporate Firms
  • Expert Business Administrator with 10 years of field experience in consulting and managing large companies
  • An enterprising professional with business administration skills particularly in project scheduling and operations management

Step 2: Craft a professional summary for business administration resume.

A resume/profile summary contains a few lines placed just below the contact information. It summarizes the best achievements, qualifications, and skills relevant to the business administration job.

Importance of a business administration resume summary:

  1. It shows the recruiter that you paid attention to the business administration job description when you use the keywords. Doing so will triple your chances of recruitment. 
  2. Underlines your business administration qualities as a potential employee for a faster evaluation.
  3. It helps you to be placed on top of other business administration resume applications since it attracts the attention of recruiters.

Examples of a business administration resume summary:

  • A Dynamic Business Administration Expert with over 7 years of corporate experience and certified in many business administration tasks coupled with fine analytical skills. Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Seeking to use her 7 years of corporate business administration experience to transform the appearance of the company.
  • An Energetic Business Administration Executive with 10 years' experience in business processes and operations. Seeking to apply his proficiency in general business administration to change the operating and business environment at ABG Inc.
  • An Industrious Business Administration specialist with 8 years’ experience in business finance and consulting. A holder of a project management degree. Seeks to use his business administration and project management expertise in the new estate construction business for XYD to maximize profits.

✅ Select the main points from the business administration job description section and fill them in your resume profile. The business administration resume summary shouldn’t exceed 100 words on average.

Step 3: Include key business administration resume skills.

Skills are abilities you have as a business administration candidate through education, experience, and personality traits.

Listing business administration skills on your resume is important in that:

  • Skills help the recruiter to assess if you are a good match for the business administration role.
  • It’s a great way to assess candidates based on their skill set.
  • It assists business administration fresh graduates to show their value as they lack experience.

Examples of skills for a business administration resume:

Hard Skills

  • Training
  • Process Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Resource Scheduling

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Customer Care
  • Team Player
  • Detail Oriented

Step 4: Tailor the business administration resume to the job.

Apply the format demanded by the company, if any. Use keywords in the job advert that match your qualifications. You may use professional resume services for support or use a business administration resume template if in a hurry.

Step 5: Proofread the business administration resume.

Scrutinize each bullet point for errors, misplacements, or omissions. Then review and reorder the business administration resume as required.

What is the Best Format for a Business Administration Resume?

The main types of resume formats for business administration comprise Chronological, Functional, Combination, and Targeted.

📝  Chronological Resume Format 

The format lists everything in reverse chronological order, from the latest to the oldest details.  This format is suitable for writing a senior/experienced business administration resume.

📝  Functional Resume Format 

It focuses on the most relevant skills and achievements the candidate has for the role. It may benefit business administration students and fresh graduates since it is useful for writing an entry-level business administration resume. It may also serve if one has gaps in the resume, or is changing career path.

📝  Combination/ Hybrid Resume Format 

It combines chronological and functional resume formats. You document work experience but show only the relevant skills for a position. Mention the best skills and experience first, and then write work experience in reverse chronological order. This format is suitable for business administration job seekers changing careers or with resume gaps.

📝  Targeted Resume Format 

You customize the resume for the particular company and business administration role. It needs much time to craft, but your chance of getting the job is higher with the ‘tailor’ made business administration resume. The targeted resume format is suitable for different categories of job seekers for any role that requires a custom format.

How to Make a Business Administration Resume Template?

You may want a custom business administration resume format depending on your unique circumstances.

You can make your business administration resume template in the following 2 ways:

📃   Microsoft Word

  1. Study several business administration resume templates/examples and collect your preferred elements like formats, layout, and sections. 
  2. Ensure you include crucial sections like "Contact Info.", "Qualifications" and “Experience”.
  3. Optimize headings (H1, H2, H3 tags) to create a more ATS-friendly business administration resume template.
  4. Use bullet points and bold text to make reading easy.
  5. Use reader-friendly font size and a consistent resume format.

🔗   Online Resume Builder

Online resume builder is another excellent choice for creating your own business administration resume template in an effortless way. Most online resume makers avail of different resume templates with various formats, layouts, and styles.

📌  To customize a professional business administration resume on CakeResume:

  • Freely remove and edit various resume sections or items.
  • Drag and drop resume template snippets to modify your business administration resume template/format.

CakeResume provides the right business administration resume templates & formats for business administrator to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best business administration resume Now!

Top 10 Business Administration Resume Dos and Don'ts

✅  Dos:

  • Tailor the resume and include only relevant information.
    Use the right format stipulated by the company. Utilize a resume template if it is urgent, or use professional resume services to help align an entry-level business administration resume to the advertised role.

  • 📝 Incorporate skills, work experience, and education most relevant to the business administration job description
  • Add quantifiable and measurable achievements on a business administration resume.
    Using a problem-action-result approach will sell your value instead of listing general responsibilities. Recruiters know the responsibilities and duties of a business administration role, so writing what you did without specifics is obvious. Use numbers, percentages, and amounts to show your worth for the business administration job.

💡 A statement like “Inducted junior business administration staff on project scheduling methods” can be changed to “Inducted 47 intern Business Administration on 3 project scheduling methods, that improved project completion rate by 60%, and increased profits by 45%.”

  • Optimize the business administration resume for the ATS.
    Utilize font size 10-16. You can use bold size 16 font for headings and subheadings. Use bullets for various sections, but make them short. 

💡 Avoid fancy fonts. (Calibri, Arial, Cambria, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Helvetica are recommended.)

  • Choose the right business administration resume format.
    The reverse chronological order resume format is widely accepted. However, choose the right one based on your unique circumstances and qualifications.
  • Use active verbs in the business administration resume.
    Utilize bullets with action verbs and keywords for the business administration resume. Use short sentences with action words (e.g., developed, inducted, trained, etc.) to show your skills and accomplishments.

🔍  Interviewers spend a short time (15-20 seconds) on a resume, so avoid long paragraphs. Get keywords from the business administration duties and responsibilities on the job description and relevant research.

🚫  Don’ts:

  • Mix up a resume with a CV.
    A business administration CV outlines the whole course of life at length, and it's not tailored for a particular job. On the other hand, a business administration resume is a 1–2-page short document created for a specific job opening.
  • Adopt an old-style business administration resume objective.
    An old-fashioned business administration career objective may indicate that the candidate is not well-versed with the current terms in the industry, or the training and qualifications are outdated concerning the position.
  • Disclose confidential information about previous employers.
    Disclosing confidential details about your previous employer is unethical and unprofessional. It may result in legal action against you and disqualify you from a potential business administration job opportunity.
  • Include unnecessary personal details that might lead to discrimination.
  • Don’t include personal information like age, gender, marital status, race, etc. that may lead to bias. Include personal details if the recruiters demand, or if you think it will be an added advantage to you.
  • Send the business administration resume as a Word document.
    A business administration resume sent as a Word document sometimes changes the formatting of sections and some details.
  • It’s recommended to send your business administration resume in PDF as it won't lose the original formats, especially for Mac users who haven't installed Microsoft Word. Nevertheless, send it as a Word doc. if the recruiter requests so in their business administration job advert.

Business Administration Resume Sample

Bruce Lin

A Well-mannered Business Administration Executive with 11 Years’ Relevant Experience in Top-level Companies

(14123) 4565 78599 
[email protected]


A proactive and resourceful grounds landscaper with over 10 years' experience in a busy high-end estate. Excellent in a variety of semi-skilled and skilled landscaping tasks that include planting, watering, manuring, weeding, and related tasks. Seeking to use my landscaper skills to maintain your homes, garden, and grounds for a pleasant and beautiful landscape under no supervision.

Work Experience

Adernte Solutions, Senior Business Administration, Beijing, China 
06/2016 - Present

  • Operated power equipment such as lawnmowers, tractors, twin-axle vehicles, electric clippers, and saws
  • Maintained and repaired landscaper tools and structures like buildings, fences, and benches
  • Mixed and sprayed fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides on grass, flowers, and trees, using hand and automatic sprayers, resulting in a 25% increase in production.

Fudican Corp., Business Analyst, Shanghai, China
03/2009 – 05/2016

  • Maintained an inventory of over 260 financial products, which increased client base by 35% and saved about $45006 in file management costs.
  • Contributed analyzed ideas to the marketing budget that helped reduce costs by 22%.
  • Conducted 30 products’ price market surveys and forecasted their best sale prices with 81% accuracy, increasing sales by 60% and revenue by 40%.


Hard Skills

  • Business Administration
  • Operations Research
  • Financial Management
  • Budgeting
  • Business Accounting

Soft Skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Care
  • Communication
  • Analytical Skills


  • Masters of Business Administration, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
    09/2006 - 12/2008
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Peking University, Beijing, China
    04/2002 - 04/2005

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