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Cabin crews may be one of the unsung heroes during your flight. They are there to ensure your safety and satisfaction throughout your flight, maintain the cleanliness of the cabin, and direct passengers in the event of an emergency. Your entire flight experience might be completely different without their help.

It is easy to confuse a flight attendant and a cabin crew because of how easily interchangeable the terms are. Cabin crews include everyone that works onboard an aircraft.

These include flight attendants, senior flight attendants, pursers, onboard chefs, etc. You should keep this in mind when crafting your cabin crew resume to ensure that you include the appropriate information!

How to write a great cabin crew resume?

Adopt an ATS-friendly Resume Format

The airline industry, as with most industries, is extremely competitive. To increase efficiency, most airlines may employ the use of an ATS (applicant tracking software) to screen and rank (essentially filtering in) the cabin crew resumes they receive.

This shouldn’t worry you though as you can pass the scanning by using ATS-friendly cabin crew resume formats. They are formats that don’t contain too many visuals as ATS aren’t able to recognize them.

You should also try to use as many keywords in your cabin crew resume as possible. Some ATS are programmed to favor resumes containing keywords from the job ad, so doing so can increase your chances of being filtered in.

Refer to Online Cabin Crew CV Templates and Examples

If you are someone who works better with a reference to guide you when crafting your resume, you might find it beneficial for you to refer to online cabin crew CV templates or cabin crew resume examples.

While learning from online cabin crew resumes, don't accidentally copy irrelevant content. Make sure you carefully edit your cabin crew resume after using a pre-made template.

Tailor Your Cabin Crew Resume for the Job and Add Keywords

When looking for online cabin crew CV templates or cabin crew resume examples, you may have noticed the terms "CV" and "resume" are used interchangeably.

In most countries, CV and resume refer to the same thing, but in some, such as United States, CV has a simple structure, is over 2 pages long, and contains all work experience, whereas resumes are customized for one specific job. 

Different companies may require applicants to possess different abilities, skills, backgrounds, etc. By tailoring your cabin crew CV to the job ad and adding keywords from the said job ad, you increase your cabin crew resume relevancy and you increase your chances of being picked up by an ATS.

Quantify Results on Your Cabin Crew CV

As a customer-oriented job, it’s difficult for your results to have a visible effect.

To counter this, if you have an experienced cabin crew resume, you should quantify results in them to help make your contributions look more convincing and apparent to airline recruiters.

Highlight Your Language Skills on the Cabin Crew Resume

With the nature of your job as a cabin crew, you are bound to meet a cast of diverse and international individuals, may it be guests or co-workers.

Thus, if you happen to possess the ability to speak and understand more than one language, including it in your cabin crew CV can help boost your CV’s (especially if you have a fresher cabin crew resume) overall standing.

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What is a good objective for a cabin crew resume?

Just as with most aspects of our lives, your career as a cabin crew should have an objective or a goal.

An objective for a cabin crew resume is not always necessary, but if you include a good one, it could help recruiters gain a clearer snapshot of who you are. Your cabin crew resume objective should showcase your positive traits, highlight your goals, and be kept short and concise.

Cabin crew resume objective examples:

  • Friendly and customer-oriented flight attendant with 7+ years of experience. Seeking to polish my leadership and crew management skills for the senior flight attendant position at Avian Airlines.
  • Professional and quality-focused onboard chef seeking to ensure passenger satisfaction and well-being and gain experience in a well-established airline. 
  • Passionate and committed hospitality graduate seeking to gain experience in customer service and communications for the flight attendant position at Nimbus Airways.

How to write a professional cabin crew CV summary?

Airline recruiters can’t spare a lot of time going through all the cabin crew CVs they may receive. To help you stand out, you can implement a cabin crew CV summary to outline the content of your cabin crew resume.

A good cabin crew CV summary should only be 1-2 sentences long (it shouldn’t take up a lot of space) and should summarize who you are, your qualifications, skills, abilities, and relevant experiences. Since your cabin crew resume will always need tailoring, so will your cabin crew CV summary.

Cabin crew CV summary examples:

  • Extroverted and approachable flight attendant, fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Commended for friendliness, customer service, going above and beyond for passengers.
  • Creative and quality-oriented chef, with more than 5 years of experience in fine dining restaurants. Able to prepare more than 20 types of cuisines, including Japanese, French, Chinese, and Polish.
  • Customer-oriented and safety-conscious senior flight attendant with 8+ years of experience in the hospitality industry. Logged in with more than 700 hours of long-haul international flights.

What are some great skills for a cabin crew resume?

Airlines hire you for the potential value you can bring to the company, your skills are one of these value-adding assets.

As with most sections in your cabin crew resume, the key skills in your cabin crew resume can be listed in 4 different ways:

  • Simple bullet list is a great format; it is easy to craft, and it’s arranged in a way so that recruiters can easily see the desired skills quickly. However, the simplicity of its design prevents you from going into details of your listed skills.
  • Expanded bullet list is similar to a simple bullet list, with the exception that it allows you to elaborate more on your listed skills, giving them more context. Its drawback? The number of skills you can list will decrease significantly compared to the simple bullet list (it’s recommended that you stick to 5 skills only) because it takes up more space.
  • Skills integrated with work experience is not suitable for a fresher cabin crew resume as it requires extensive work experience (though it can be adjusted slightly if you do have skills you’ve gained from any internships or extracurricular activities). However, this format allows you to show recruiters definitive proof of your competency.
  • Categorized skills section is a great format for jobs that require a range of skills (like cabin crews); it allows you to categorize and segment your skills, making it reader-friendly for recruiters. Like an integrated with work experience format, though, it requires you to possess a good work history.

There is no best skills format for your cabin crew resume; how well one format will suit you will depend greatly on your experience, skills you possess, background, etc. It would be wise to first list out your relevant skills and your work experience before committing to a set format.

Cabin crew skills for CV examples:

🔗 Hard skills

  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • CPR
  • Aircraft Intercom Operation

🔗 Soft Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork
  • Detail-oriented
  • Decision-making

How to write a fresher cabin crew resume with no experience?

Choose the Right Cabin Crew Resume Format

Your cabin crew resume format is an aspect that can be easily overlooked by applicants. Generally, there are 3 cabin crew CV formats that you can use: chronological, functional, hybrid/combination, and targeted.

Which one is the best? It depends! Do you have a senior cabin crew resume or a fresher cabin crew resume? Based on your background, skills, and abilities, some formats might work better in your favor compared to others.

Write a Good Objective for Your Cabin Crew Resume

If your fresher cabin crew resume lacks any experience, don’t fret too much. You should adopt a career objective for your cabin crew resume to divert the recruiter’s attention away from your lack of experience. This section is your chance to convey your sincere passion and dedication to the job, and what skills you possess that can help the company to achieve its goals.

Highlight Your Education or Training

Although most airlines don’t require cabin crews to hold a bachelor’s degree, if you happen to have one or if you majored in a related field (i.e., hospitality and tourism, languages), you should highlight it in your fresher cabin crew resume to show that you are qualified and give your CV a little boost.

Include Your Portfolio/Side Project/Personal Website

Got any personal blogs, portfolios, or side projects that help prove your capability as a future crew cabin? If so, including it in your fresher cabin crew resume can help enhance your standing and boost your credibility.

Write a Sincere Cabin Crew Cover Letter

As old-fashioned as it may sound, a cabin crew cover letter can help recruiters to get to know you better than a cabin crew CV. It should be one page long and introduce your skills, background, interest, and genuine passion for the cabin crew job.

Since your cabin crew cover letter should complement your resume, you should also tailor it for every job position you apply to.

Cabin crew CV sample

Resume Profile

Henry Kol

Quality-focused and Meticulous Onboard Chef with 7+ Years of Experience in the Culinary World

[email protected]


Quality-focused, meticulous, and creative onboard chef specializing in French, Italian, and Japanese cuisines. Seeking to leverage my culinary skills and interpersonal skills as an onboard chef at Nimbus Airlines.

Work Experience

Onboard Chef | Cirrus Airways

Mar 2015 - Present

  • Prepared menus for business class and first-class passengers for more than 70 international long-haul flights.
  • Ensured that the food prepared was in adherence to food safety regulations and law.
  • Awarded employee of the month for outstanding service.

Head Chef | Flavoroso

Jan 2009 - Feb 2015

  • Helped design and arrange the restaurant’s a la carte and set menu.
  • Trained a team of 25 line cooks and waitstaff.
  • Maintained and ensured the freshness and quality of food and beverage items.


  • French Cuisine
  • Italian Cuisine
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • English (Native)
  • Japanese (Near-Native)
  • Time Management
  • Food Safety Consciousness
  • Communication
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Multitasking


B.Sc. Hospitality Management | South Dakota State University

GPA: 3.89/4.0

2005 - 2009

--- Originally written by Patricia Rosita --- 

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