New Release: Introducing Cakeresume Meet—the Speed Professional Networking App You Need


Our team is thrilled to announce the launch of CakeResume Meet, the new go-to networking platform where professionals connect and collaborate.

Background Story: How We Came Up with The Idea

In today's competitive job market, networking is not just a random buzzword but more like a necessity. Recent statistics show that nearly 40% of job seekers found their career opportunities through networking. This underscores the importance of cultivating a robust professional network for both job opportunities and career advancement.

But why is building a network often challenging? Various factors, such as your upbringing, educational background, culture, or workplace environment, can significantly influence your networking opportunities. LinkedIn recently reported that while 79% of professionals recognize the importance of networking for career progression, only 48% maintain regular contact with their network. The leading cause? A reported 49% of professionals cited a lack of time as the primary reason. Additionally, other factors such as reluctance to talk to strangers, lack of confidence, and fear of being seen as pushy can also hinder networking efforts. Moreover, since the pandemic happened in 2020, networking has become even more challenging. Before COVID-19, many professionals relied on local networking events to expand their connections. However, post-pandemic, over 77% of event planners have struggled to attract attendees to in-person networking events. Effective networking goes beyond mere connections; it's about cultivating genuine relationships and leveraging them for career advancement.

Realizing these challenges and the growing demand for innovative networking solution, our team at CakeResume is excited to release CakeResume Meet—a user-friendly platform created to facilitate seamless connections among professionals of all backgrounds.

What is CakeResume Meet?

CakeResume Meet is a professional networking platform, inspired by speed dating apps, allowing users easily swipe left or right to connect with anyone they want—from employers and headhunters to job seekers, mentors, and students. The platform is integrated right into the CakeResume Job Search App, you can now find jobs while networking, convenient right?

Why CakeResume Meet?

  • Expand Your Reach: Break free from geographical and social boundaries. You now connect instantly with professionals who are previously out of reach.
  • Quality Networking: We believe in quality over quantity. Every profile undergoes manual review to ensure a network of trustworthy and high-caliber professionals.
  • Adaptive Learning and Growth: Customize your network and learning scope to align with your goals. Connect with professionals across fields, share experiences, and gain fresh perspectives to elevate your professional skills.
  • Mutual Connections: It's a two-way street. Both parties must swipe right for a match, ensuring genuine connections and meaningful conversations.

How to Join CakeResume Meet

You can join CakeResume Meet by clicking here or the link ( to receive the invitation. Once you've received your invitation, hop into the CakeResume App and find the "Meet" tab between "Search" and "Message." 


Hit "Join" and breeze through our profile setup process, where you'll select from various networking categories, including meeting with Employer, Headhunter, Job Seeker, Mentor, Professional, or Student/Intern.

But that's not all. You can also choose the topics you are interested in learning and sharing!

For more details about CakeResume Meet, how you can use it, our profile review guideline, etc, check out our latest guideline here.

So, what are you waiting for? Join CakeResume Meet today and let the networking adventures begin! 🚀

Happy networking,

The CakeResume team

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