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A call center agent or telephone agent offers solutions, support, services, or products according to the needs of the clients by means of the telephone, whether they receive the calls or make them.

A call center might seem similar to a contact center, but there are actually a few differences.

While both operate within an organization or be outsourced, personnel in a contact center deal with customers across many channels, such as social media, web, phone, apps, messages, email. As a telephone agent, contact with customers is the majority of the work.

Figuring out how to write a strong call center resume is important for your job search. You need to show you are familiar with treating the user cordially and quickly type all requests or requests on the computer.

Moreover, showing you are patient and capable of knowing all procedures required to operate in the call center are essential elements. This goes for both agents and call center supervisors looking for a resume guide. 

Steps for writing a call center resume

Step 1: Understand the differences between a call center CV and a call center resume. 
Both Curriculum Vitae (CV) and resume are articles that illustrate your professional work, but they differ in many ways. In a nutshell, format, length, and purpose for usage, are the main distinctions between a call center CV and a call center resume. A call center CV documents your entire career in several pages, while a call center resume only highlights your qualifications relevant to the job position on a single page. If the position is in an academic field, a call center CV is suitable to show all your details and experience. For a job position, a call center resume is most likely the document to go for.

Step 2: Pick the right resume format.
Choosing the right format for your call center resume depends on your relevant experience and the level of proficiency you have when it comes to customer service. Therefore, you need to see which type of call center resume format works best. There are four types of call center resume formats: chronological, functional, hybrid/combination, and targeted resumes. Check out more on 4 Types of Professional Resume Formats. Both chronological and functional formats are appropriate for most professionals making a call center resume.  

Step 3: Search for call center resume templates & examples online as references.
Search for call center resumes samples, and then adjust any elements you find useful into your call center resume. 

Step 4: Tailor your resume for the position. 
Whether you’re making a resume as a call center representative or as a call center manager, a strong call center resume includes relevant skills and accomplishments to the position.

Step 5: Craft a call center cover letter. 
This is where you tell why you are qualified for the job and why you want the job. Utilize your unique personal traits to convince employers why and how you are a good fit. Step 6: Proofread your call center resume. Proofreading and double-checking your resume can help you spot mistakes or things you may end up leaving out.

Resume components for a call center position

Making a resume for a call center position is no hard task. Nonetheless, it can be troublesome to decide how to best elaborate your call center resume.

Regardless if you are writing a resume as a call center manager, agent, or supervisor, the following sections can be applied to any role at a call center.

1. Resume profile

Your profile section is the first thing employers will see on top of your call center resume. The information in this section is your contact information, such as your full name, address, phone number, and email. You can also include your LinkedIn URL.

✅ Make sure these details are up-to-date in your call center resume.

2. Resume headline

Your headline in your call center resume shall just be one sentence. This is your “banner.” Showcase your value within a few words to get the reader’s attention.

Resume headline examples

  • Call center representative resume headline example #1
    Call center representative who has answered approximately 200 inbound customer calls per day in a friendly manner.
  • Call center agent resume headline example #2
    Agent who maintained 93% customer service satisfaction for 4 straight years.
  • Call center resume headline example #3
    A representative with exemplary customer service who received 5 awards for excellent customer comment scores.

3. Resume summary

A resume summary, or summary statement, is a description of your credentials and prior experiences.

You will decide whether you will opt for a summary or an objective. If you are a call center supervisor, a resume summary will be more appropriate. The same goes for call center agents making a resume with a lot of relevant work experience.

Resume summary examples
  • Call center resume summary example #1
    Call center representative with 3 years of work experience in an outbound call center. Possess good knowledge of financial products in the market. Skilled in interpersonal skills and ability to understand and analyze customer requirements and offer relevant products.
  • Call center resume summary example #2
    Detailed-oriented customer service professional with thorough knowledge in researching and resolving customer problems through communication skills to deliver customer satisfaction. In-depth experience assessing individual needs, up-selling, and cross-selling solutions to serve better both the customer and company.

4. Resume objective

A resume objective or a career objective is the aim or purpose of your career.

A well-written career objective may be as brief as 2-3 lines or as long as a short paragraph for a call center resume. Showcase your positive characteristics, mention your experience (if any), and align with the company’s goals and how you are a good fit in your call center resume.

Resume objective examples
  • Call center resume objective example #1
    Friendly and outgoing professional with a background in customer service. In-depth understanding of sales techniques acquired by training in the previous role as a sales representative. Well suited to the position of call center representative and looking to keep customers satisfied throughout the journey.
  • Call center manager resume objective #2
    Talented and hardworking call center manager with over 6 years of call center experience in operating administrative activities. Skilled in encouraging team members and conflict resolution. Seeking a position as a call center manager that will present challenging managerial targets and tremendous growth perspective and advancing career.

5. Skills

Skills are fundamental in your call center resume. Try to include both hard skills and soft skills in your call center resume.

Here are some skill examples for a call center resume:

Hard skills:

  • Product and sales training
  • Staff development
  • Customer service
  • Client relationship management
  • Operations optimization

Soft skills:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership
  • Self-driven

6. Work experience

List your work details, with the most recent on top. List each organization you have worked for with the following details:

  • Name of company or entity
  • The dates of employment
  • Responsibilities and duties 
  • Milestones or Accomplishments (if any)

Work experience example for a BPO resume:

BPO Solutions Manager, Opporo Inc. 
Feb. 2016 - Feb. 2018 

  • Monitored and controlled routine activities in operations.
  • Implemented quality control measures and performed frequent performance evaluations.
  • Assisted manager in the analysis of the reports and decision-making based upon recent center’s performance.

Work experience example for a call center representative resume:

Call Center Representative, Nuvatekk Solutions
March 2017 - December 2020 

  • Resolved customer and vendor issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Employed elevated listening skills to soothe customer irritations, which were later used by management as training tools.
  • Contributed to an increase of customer satisfaction by 20%.

7. Education

List the name of the universities and/or high schools you attended, along with the years of study/graduation date (month/year).

8. Additional information

You can also include certificates, awards, or any relevant call center training in your call center resume.

Tips for polishing a call center resume

Tip #1: Customize the resume for the job.
Every job position has different requirement specifications. Modify your call center resume according to the job posting. 

Tip #2: Quantify results on resumes.
Significant and calculable outcomes throughout your career show proof of your capabilities. Examples such as the number of calls received, customer satisfaction rates, or the number of times awarded employee of the month/year are some examples for your call center resume.

Tip #3: Craft an ATS-friendly resume.
ATS, Applicant Tracking System, is an automated tool recruiters use to scan through resumes. If your call center resume is not ATS-friendly, it will be discarded before it reaches the recruiter. An ATS-friendly resume format matches the pattern and keywords used in the job description with an easy-to-read layout.

Tip #4: Adopt resume action words (verbs).
Using an active voice will clearly show you are determined to be an asset to the company. So of the examples of good action verbs include: achieved, attained, chaired, consolidated, endeavored, established, founded.

Tip #5: List the languages you are fluent with. 
Depending on the call centers services, many of them require personnel who can speak more than one language. List the languages you speak, along with your level of proficiency, in your call center resume.

How to write a call center cover letter?

A cover letter for a call center position should have the following: 

  • Contact details
    This is how employers can get back to you. State your name, email, and phone number.
  • Introduction
    Start your call center cover letter by introducing yourself in no more than three sentences, and the last sentence should state that you are interested in the call center position.
  • Motivation (Intention to apply)
    In your application letter for the call center position, state why you are interested in working at that company. This part focuses on how you can relate to the company and how you are a good fit. This is an important section if you are doing a call center cover letter with no experience. 
  • Qualifications
    Remember this is a cover letter, so do not be brief as if it was your call center resume. In a first-person narrative, talk about the relevant work experience you acquired. This shows your value towards employers. If you are writing a call center cover letter with no experience, list any relevant training or skills you possess. If you are a call center manager, your cover letter shall display how you improved the agents’ performance for companies you were previously employed.
  • Closing
    Wrap up your call center cover letter by letting them know you are eager to hear from them soon and you welcome any questions or concerns employers have after receiving your application.

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Call center resume example

Lorena Riccardi

Call center representative agent who maintained 90% customer service satisfaction for 5 consecutive years.

Mobile: (+39) 000-5367
Email: [email protected]


Responsible, dynamic call center representative with more than 4 years of relevant experience. Excellent qualities in customer service. In-depth experience assessing individual needs, up-selling, and cross-selling solutions to serve better both the customer and company.

Work Experience

Call Center Supervisor, Wolf Travel Inc.

October 2018 - October 2020

  • Oversaw resolution of incidents related to reservations, flight schedule modifications or cancellations, achieving a 90% satisfaction rate.
  • Monitored inquiries made and weekly reports.
  • Supervised coordination of calls and forms sent to users and clients of the company to evaluate the degree of satisfaction and quality.

Call Center Agent, Momoka Insurance

May 2016 - September 2018 

  • Practiced telephone customer service and processing of information requests and inquiries made through the internet at 50-80 calls or requests per day.
  • Elaborated management of queries and resolution of incidents.
  • Coordinated different communications with clients to convey information about promotions and new services. 


  • Hard Skills:
    • Quality Assurance Controls
    • Telephone Marketing Techniques
    • Client Relationship Management
    • Operations Optimization
    • Customer Needs Analysis
  • Soft skills:
    • Quick Learner
    • Patience
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Conflict Resolution


  • English (native)
  • Italian (native)


  • Villaville College, Sampdoria
    Bachelors in Marketing and Sales
    2012 - 2016

--- Originally written by José J. Rosales ---

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