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A camp counselor guides the children to participate in various activities during a camp. A camp usually sets at a specific location lasting for two weeks to one month for children to learn skills by engaging in different activities. 

A camp counselor on a resume usually shows capable of designing the daily schedule for the children, cooperating with other camp counselors, and ensuring the kids follow rules and are doing age-appropriate activities. 

A good camp counselor resume is suggested to mention: 

  • love kids
  • acquired CPR or equivalent aid certificates
  • able to lead various sports activities

How to write a professional camp counselor resume?

Step 1: Write an eye-catching resume headline.

A resume headline is a statement that usually consists of ten words. This short statement should include your current title with a powerful adjective and an associated prominent achievement. 

A camp leader resume headline should include relevant camp counselor job description. It comes before the camp counselor resume objective and skills sections.

It should be the most eye-catching section on your camp leader resume, and you can reference the following examples for writing your splendid headline.

Resume headline examples:

  1. Enthusiastic NASA camp counselor who gave 100+ children an unforgettable summer
  2. Professional soccer players and a kids lover who specialized in 8+ different sports 
  3. Energetic summer camp counselor who has studied child psychology 

Step 2: Craft a professional resume summary.

A professional resume summary is an extended version of the resume headline. While being a longer version, the camp counselor resume summary should only include crucial and relevant facts without exceeding over five sentences.

Moreover, a good resume summary does not have excessive descriptive statements.

Examples of a camp leader resume summary: 

  1. Summer camp leader with three years of experience teaching children and received the most caring teacher award every year. Specialized in leading outdoor activities and teaching arts. 
  2. Camp counselor assistant superb at making 100+ children pay attention. Received positive reviews from 95% of the parents. Outstanding at resolving disputes between children.
  3. International camp counselor proficient in Japanese, Chinese, and English. Designed and executed three international camps for kids from age 10 to 18. Proficient in medical knowledge and resolved children’s health emergencies. 

Read more on the guide for writing a stunning resume summary.

Step 3: Include key camp counselor skills.

The skills resume section summarizes what you know and what you can do that make you a qualified camp counselor. The skill section of a camp counselor resume showcases your abilities. It is where the recruiters judge if you acquire what they demand. 

For instance, if you can play soccer, even if you are writing a resume for camp counselor with no experience, you can mention it in the skills section. If it happens to be one of the required summer camp counselor skills, your resume will stand out. 

Camp counselor example skills to put on a resume: 

Hard skills

  • Acquire a CPR certificate
  • Superb at outdoor activities
  • Excel at origami artworks
  • Proficient in children psychology
  • Experienced in leading team activities

Soft skills

  • Extreme patience
  • Excel at effective communication 
  • Time management 
  • Resolve conflicts between children 
  • Maintain fairness

Step 4: Tailor the resume to a specific job.

Some of your experience may not be relevant to the job of application. In this case, you shall not include that irrelevant information, regardless of how amazing it may sound.

The inclusion of that information may jeopardize your acceptance chance because the recruiters are less likely to view you as a fit. 

In certain cases such as writing a summer camp counselor resume, first research on summer camp counselor job description for resume, and tailor yours to the specific role. 

For example, do not use a summer camp teacher resume to apply for a day camp counselor role, as there may be no need to mention how superb you are at planning a weekly schedule.

Instead, you shall specify exceptional time management ability. In short, translate your knowledge and skills to something applicable to the new role. 

Step 5: Proofread.

Revision is a must. Look up camp counselor resume examples, and you will see no careless mistakes. You might have the experience of feeling you did a great job when first completing your camp leader resume. 

However, later on, when you reread them, you might discover grammar and spelling mistakes.

Avoid this by starting early and proofread your resume. Careless is a red flag in all job applications.

What is the best camp counselor resume format?

Different resume formats emphasize different sections of a camp leader resume. Choose the one appropriate to your unique condition. Check out three common resume formats to learn more.

📜 Chronological resume format:

As its name shows, the chronological resume format is one where you list our work experience from the latest to the oldest. With this format, the recruiter will be less concerned about your performance being inconsistent with what your resume says. 

Senior job seekers or even entry-level job seekers may take this approach. Referencing some summer camp counselor resume examples, you may observe that those having a steady career growth benefit most from a chronological resume format. 

📜 Functional resume format:

A functional resume format is one where experience is listed out in order of significance, meaning first presenting the most outstanding accomplishment or the camp counselor skills resume section. Ensure that the skills listed are relevant to camp counselor duties resume keywords. 

This format grants a significant advantage by recruiters having a great first impression. Career changers will want to take this approach as this format conveys that though you have less experience directly related to the role, you are familiar with the camp counselor responsibilities and are still a strong candidate. Confidence is key to job acceptance. 

📜 Combinational resume format:

This format is a combination of chronological format and functional resume format. It is a sophisticated format that optimizes your strengths in all sections. The recruiters will learn about your proudest achievements while knowing the most up-to-date version of you. 

Check out some camp counselor resume examples to understand how to apply this format. A fresher and career changer may want to take this approach. Be honest with your current situation while articulating what you can offer to make you come across as a reliable candidate. 

💡 Tips:  Be honest with your current situation while articulating what you can offer to make you come across as a reliable candidate. 

How to make a camp counselor resume template?

A resume template is about putting different sections on a resume in an easy-to-read way. Here we share two ways of creating your own resume template: Microsoft Word and Online Resume builder. 

In the following, we will guide you step by step to create a customized resume template. 

1️⃣ Microsoft Word

  1. Pick a professional font. The font should have a style similar to Times New Roman, Georgia, Arial, Amiri, Cambria. 
  2. List out the ATS-friendly headlines: contact information, education, headline, summary, work experience, and skills section. 
  3. Ensure the headings have consistent font size (recommend heading font size:18).
  4. Filling information under each heading with another font size consistently (recommend subheading font-size: 12).
  5. Use bullet points or listings to separate your skills, and make sure to organize information with a clear and reasonable hierarchy.

2️⃣ Cake: Free Resume Creator

  1. Access to a free resume template by sighing up with a Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple account in your preference.
  2. Follow the navigation and fill in information in the corresponding sections. 
  3. Rest assured about missing key portions and needing to decide font or font size, as the layout is customized according to camp counselor job descriptions, and only relevant sections are included. 
  4. Include links to your online portfolio. 
  5. If you need some references, click on “Resume Examples” to learn from other Cake users. Click on the “Articles” section to review the knowledge required for writing a splendid resume. 

Cake provides the best camp counselor resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate their qualifications. Let us help you land the dream camp counselor job with a strong resume (free download)!

What are the top 10 camp counselor resume dos and don’ts?

✅  Dos:

  • Tailor the resume and include only relevant information. 
    Recruiters look for camp counselor on a resume who loves kids and has multi-abilities capable of enriching children’s learning. If the information you provided does not serve to meet this goal, please exclude them.
  • Add quantifiable and measurable achievements.
    In a camp director resume, instead of saying “I can easily form bonds with kids.”, say “After interacting with a class of 25 kids for a week, the children see me as the role model and the leader.”  
  • Optimize the resume for ATS.
    Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the system some big companies will use to filter applicants. Remember to include camp counselor job descriptions in your resume. 
  • Choose the right resume format.
    Whether you are writing a summer camp teacher resume or a special needs camp counselor resume, choosing the right resume format will boost your acceptance chance. 
  • Use action verbs in the resume.
    Spearheaded, lead, execute, and other similar verbs are powerful words that make recruiters believe that you are qualified for the role. Use more action words. 

❌  Don’ts:

  • Mix up a resume with a CV. 
    Learn more about the difference between resume and CV. If you are applying to academia or medical fields, use a CV. 
  • Adopt an old-style resume objective statement.
    Make sure you understand what a career objective is before proceeding. A good camp counselor resume objective can grant you advantages, but one that over-elaborates on your aspiration and plans may blurry your resume’s focus. 
  • Disclose confidential information about previous employers.
    Exclude the following information in your camp counselor resume: "I doubled my workload to plan the camp schedule and resolve student conflicts because my employer has bad time management ability and was not capable of handling kids." 
  • Include unnecessary personal details that might lead to discrimination.
    Avoid having political stances on your resume since the recruiter might hold an opposite view. Besides, this is not relevant in a professional setting.
  • Send the resume as a Word doc and PDF doc.
    A lot of working settings are now using macOS. Ensure you confirm the desirable document type before sending your camp counselor resume. 

Camp counselor resume example

Robert Williams

Kids-loving triathlete with 8+ years of experience in leading outdoor activities.

Phone: 097-712-9905
Email:  [email protected]
Address: Sydney, Australia

Resume Summary

A summer camp counselor who has 8+ years of experience being the head of the outdoor activities sector. Designed 10+ summer camps' schedules on sports activities. Received three awards of the favorite and most energetic camp counselor award. 

Work Experience

Summer Camp Counselor
Sports Camp Australia

June - August for 2015 - 2020

  • Designed the outdoor activities for the camp. 
  • Spearheaded triathlon activities.
  • Led a team of 5 camp counselors.

Outdoor Activities Director

May 2010 - August 2014 

  • Taught weekly classes of 25 students swimming and cycling.
  • Optimized the camp schedule. 
  • Organized 10-day summer camps with 8 camp counselors.


Hard Skills: 

  • Fitness knowledge
  • CPR certification
  • Triathlon
  • Rock climbing
  • Safety precautions

Soft Skills:

  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills 
  • Teamwork
  • Sensitive towards kids' needs


  • The University of Melbourne| Bachelor of Sport Management 
    • Year of Graduation: 2008
    • GPA: 3.72/4.0

Additional Information

  • Attachment to the YMCA favorite camp counselor award. 
  • Attachment to the Sports Camp Australia's most energetic camp counselor award.

--- Originally written by Rebecca Huang ---

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