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Building customer relationships, branding, and giving sales results are some elements every car salesman shall possess. As a car sales representative, your resume shall portray these elements. Car salesmen are in charge of selling new and used vehicles from dealerships where cars are displayed in showrooms.

Moreover, car salesmen serve customers, acquire new customers, and complete administration related to vehicle sales. Employers seek dealers who not only are proficient in customer relationships and selling products but also capable of making a name for the dealership or brand, therefore your car salesman resume is essential for job searching.

Figuring out how to elaborate a car salesman resume is important as this is your first presentation during job searching. Your car salesman resume shall display your ability to present the best version of yourself, similar to how you have to portray yourself towards clients when presenting them a vehicle.

Just like identifying customers’ car desires and delivering on their expectations, making a car salesman resume is similar as you shall deliver on the employer’s expectations and what they are looking for. This article will help you in all aspects of crafting a car salesman resume.

How to Craft a Great Car Salesman Resume?

Here are some suggestions for crafting an excellent car salesman resume:

1. Look up online car sales resume templates and examples.

Use online resume examples for a car salesman as references and add any useful elements to your car salesman resume.

2. Tailor your resume for the position and adopt keywords from the job description.

An excellent car salesman resume includes specific qualifications for the job posting. Optimize your skills in your car salesman resume to match the job description.

It is important to distinguish between a resume and a CV.
Your car salesman resume only highlights your qualifications relevant to the job position in one to two pages. On the other hand, a car salesman CV can be composed of several pages which include the full professional history of the candidate, and they are mainly used for academia. Make sure you are building the document requested by the employer.

3. Adopt an ATS-friendly resume format.

If your car salesman resume cannot pass ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), it will not be read by employers. To make your car salesman resume ATS-friendly, use a text-based layout, adopt keywords used in the job description, and keep the car sales resume formatting simple. 

Job descriptions tend to demand specific skills or types of vehicle sales, so tailor your car salesman resume with those keywords, along with the duties and requirements they emphasize.

4. Quantify work results.

Significant and calculable performances demonstrate evidence of your skills.
For your car salesman resume, you can mention the number of vehicles you sold during a specific period of time, the customer satisfaction rate, or if you were ever featured on a news outlet.

5. Mention experience with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Nowadays, CRM softwares make it easier to track calls and potential clients, so being proficient or having some knowledge keeps you on point for the position. As a car sales representative, your resume will be top-notch if it has clear signs of CRM.

Resume Objective for a Car Salesman Resume

A resume objective or a career objective outlines your career goals and aspirations. For a car salesman resume, your objective does not have to be a lengthy paragraph. 

Here are three points to keep in mind when writing an objective for a car salesman resume

1. Highlight your positive attributes

Ues 2-3 good traits in your car salesman resume you deem useful to possess as a dealer. 

2. Specify your experience and career goals

State any relevant qualifications and amount of experience you possess in your car salesman resume objective and what you aim to contribute for the company.

3. Mention the hiring organization’s name

You can enhance your resume by customizing it to the car sales job description. At some point in your car salesman resume objective, it is advisable to include the organization’s name.

Car salesman resume objective example #1

Goal-oriented and committed car sales dealer with over 6 years of experience. Skilled in building in retaining car customers and currently seeking to boost Pearson Automotive’s KPIs by enhancing its sales department with possessed skills. Proven experience in keeping long-term relationships and exceeding past employer’s goals.

Car salesman resume objective example #2

Motivated and well-qualified car sales professional with over 4 years of experience, skilled in interpersonal skills, forecasting sales, and customer service. Looking for a position at Belen Automotives to dedicate customer-facing skills and experiences.

Car salesman resume objective example #3

Presentable and friendly car salesman eager to work with a leading organization by leveraging my vast knowledge and experience working with consumers to fulfill my desire to succeed by improved sales as an integral part of the business.

💡  Tip: If you have no experience, an objective is more suitable than a resume summary. As a car salesman with no experience, do mention in your resume how passionate and eager you are to work for the organization, as shown in the last example. 

Resume Summary for a Car Salesman

A resume summary is a short paragraph highlighting an applicant’s skills and experience. This segment will significantly increase the chances of attracting attention from recruiters.

If you are an experienced car salesman, a resume summary is better than a resume objective because a it highlights your past work experiences and achievements.

Here are three elements to include in your car salesman resume summary:

  • Show you care for clients.
    A good automotive sales resume summary displays you have clients as a priority and you seek out their satisfaction when buying a vehicle.
  • Emphasize your experience.
    Specify your past work experience in your car salesman resume summary, such as the number of years and key duties.
  • Show what you are capable of with overall qualifications.
  • Based on your past experience, mention important qualifications and achievements you possess to show your value.

Standard car salesman resume summary example #1

Proactive sales professional with 3 years experience boosting sales for car dealerships. Proficient with outside sales expertise and has a client-centric approach. Proven knowledge and experience in analyzing customers’ needs, overcoming challenges, and establishing rapport.

Experienced car salesman resume summary example #2

Successful car salesman with over 14 years of experience and proven knowledge in the automotive design and manufacturing industry. Excellent customer service skills and increased sales for past employers by 30%. Skilled in multitasking and varied car sales experience, counting with a full driving license.

Luxury car salesman resume summary example #3

Ambitious car sales executive with 7+ years of experience in selling high-end vehicles. Thorough knowledge and skills in e-commerce and establishing genuine rapport with potential customers, and proven track record of selling an average of 24 cars per month within the last 2 years. Former manager of the social media team and image of the company for the online sale of high-end vehicle parts.

Resume Skills for a Car Salesman Job

Your car salesman resume is not complete without your skills. Generally, there are four types of skills listing format.

Two recommended skills format types for a car salesman resume include a simple bullet list and an expanded bullet list. The next part talks about these two skills listing formats in your car salesman resume.1. 

1. Simple Bullet List

A straightforward and simple list of skills in your car salesman resume. For example:

  • CRM
  • Team Building
  • NLP Techniques

This format is concise and easy-to-read. However, this skills listing format in your car salesman resume may not be detailed enough, so you shall explain further in a cover letter or at the interview.

2. List with expanded bullets

This is a similar format as the previous one but this one provides more information and context regarding your skills in your car salesman resume.

  • Sales Skills: Effective and determined negotiator skilled in closing sales deals and driving sales increase.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Assist and answer all customer’s questions, as well as giving them hands-on experience for the vehicle they are interested in. 

Note: Skills in this format for your car salesman resume have more details than a simple list. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it takes more space in your car salesman resume.

Here are 3 elements to keep in mind for your car salesman resume skills section:

  • Be simple and brief.
    Avoid putting too much information when listing your skills in your car salesman resume. A list of 5-10 items is recommended.
  • Match skills to the job description.
    Identify the key skills from the job description that are applicable for your car sales resume. Then, prioritize the skills you’re most confident with.
  • Combine hard skills and soft skills.
    Include both sets of skills in your auto sales resume. 

Examples of car salesman skills for a resume:

Hard Skills:

  • Contract negotiation
  • New product introduction
  • Promotional tools
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Revenue growth

Soft Skills:

  • Active listening
  • Detail-oriented
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Team building

✅ For an auto sales resume, you do not need to stress too much on the skills, so pick a handful that complements your relevant work experience.

5 Tips on Writing a Car Salesman Resume with No Experience

Here are five recommendations for writing a car salesman resume if you do not have relevant experience:

  1. Make a sincere cover letter.
    Writing a cover letter for a car salesman job is your opportunity to show yourself as a good candidate with a personal touch towards employers. You can take a look at this helpful guide for writing a cover letter for making a car salesman cover letter.
  2. List your education.
    Employers seek salespeople with education. Given that you have no professional experience, emphasize your educational background with more details in your car salesman resume.
  3. Use a career objective. 
    A resume summary is mostly made by experiences and abilities obtained through the years. If you lack experience, use a career objective for your car salesman resume.
  4. Include a personal website or online portfolio.
    Having a personalized website, especially if it has car sale videos, shows you have put real effort into the job hunting and can give help you in ways an auto sales resume couldn’t.
  5. Pick the correct resume format. 
    There are 4 types of professional resume formats you can use for your automotive sales resume, which are Chronological, Functional, Hybrid/combination, and Targeted resumes. For job seekers with no experience, freshers, and even career changers, a functional format for your automotive sales resume is your best bet.

Cake provides the right car salesman resume templates & formats for car salesmen to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best car salesman resume Now!

Car Salesman Resume Sample

Robert Sanchez

Car salesman who increased car sales by 55% in 2 years

Mobile: (-49) 000-6478
Email: [email protected]


Professional with 10+ years of experience in car sales. Knowledge of a large number of models on display and reliable sales statistics. Specialty in medium-high range vehicles, good appearance, excellent people skills, and personalized treatment for each client.

Work Experience

Senior Sales Manager, Razzo Car Dealers Co.

Dec 2018 - Dec 2021

  • Built a strong rapport with customers, leading to 40% returning customers.
  • Developed new ways of expediting any relevant paperwork required by the customers for successful sale processing.
  • Built a network of 25 new business contacts, and a third converted into paying customers.

Sales Associate, Loko Automotives

Apr 2010 - Aug 2018 

  • Assisted a monthly average of 150+ customers in vehicle selection to match their needs.
  • Demonstrated behavior consistent with dealership’s values in working attitude and all interactions with clients, vendors, and co-workers.
  • Established relationships with new customers and showed them how to use acquired vehicles after delivery.


Hard Skills:

  • Inventory Management
  • CRM
  • E-commerce
  • Customer Needs Analysis
  • Consultative Sales

Soft Skills:

  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Quick-learner


  • English (native)
  • Spanish (fluent)


  • Bachelor's in Marketing and Sales
    Miami Dade Community College
    2005 - 2009

--- Originally written by José J. Rosales ---

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