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In this article, you will get to know what to write for an objective on a resume, and see the resume objective examples below for multiple jobs to learn how to create the best career objective statement for resume.

What Is a Resume Objective?

What is a career objective on a resume?

A resume objective or a career objective for a CV can be defined as the goal or purpose of your career. A well-written job objective for resume can be as short as 2-3 lines or as long as a short paragraph.

Where to place a resume objective statement?

To ensure that your work objective for resume is the first thing a recruiter notices, place it on the top, center of your resume for maximum visibility.

How important is an objective section of a resume?

Writing an objective for resume is not a requirement, however, it can help candidates capture the attention of recruiters, which can help secure an interview.

Pros & Cons of Including a Resume Objective

There are many benefits that a candidate receives from including a career objective statement on their resume.


  • ATS friendly
    Recruiters now use applicant tracking system (ATS), that scan resumes for keywords. Hence, including keywords that are part of the original job posting, can help a candidate move along the hiring process.
  • An opportunity to get noticed
    Often there are many applicants applying for one job posting, giving recruiters a lot less time to review resumes. With a clear objective statement, recruiters can review a resume in minutes, giving candidates an opportunity to get shortlisted.
  • A snapshot of your achievements
    An objective for resume can highlight a candidate’s key strengths, without the recruiter being forced to read through the entire resume.

A badly-written objective statement, however, can have the following drawbacks.


  • Limits your capabilities 
    If your objective statement does not directly reflect what the recruiter is looking for, your resume may be rejected at first glance.
  • Dated objective statements
    An old-fashioned career objective can mean that the applicant is not well-versed with modern industry terms and thus is outdated in terms of qualifications and training for the applied position.
  • A broad objective statement 
    A broad objective put on a resume, can indicate that the applicant is good at general aspects of a job, but has not been able to specialize in any specific area.

What to Put for an Objective on a Resume?

5 things to write in an objective on resume

  1. Showcase your traits
    List out two to three positive characteristics that will help with the position you are applying for.
  2. Specify your experience
    If an applicant possesses a lot of experience and the experience is a requirement in the job posting, including these details in your objective statement will be beneficial. It is suggested to include these details at the beginning of your career objective statement.
  3. Highlight your career goals
    Your career goals should be realistic and attainable in comparison to the job posting. For example, if you are applying for an Executive position, your career goal could be working towards a managerial role in a few years. Your resume objective statement should only include one main goal to provide a clear career path to a recruiter.
  4. Personalize your statement
    By personalizing your objective to put on your resume, your resume will be remembered and often shortlisted. Consider including interesting facts about your career or a specific achievement that would be an asset for the hiring company.
  5. Include the hiring company’s name
    Company’s like seeing their name on a resume as it indicates that an applicant’s resume has been customized to the job posting and the company. It is suggested to include the company’s name in the last line of the objective section of your resume.

5 things not to be included in a career objective for resume

  1. Your career history
    A career objective on a resume that includes past career details will not be of interest to a recruiter. Instead, emphasize recent career highlights that are directly related to the post you are applying for.
  2. Unprofessional tone
    The tone from your resume objective should reflect the hiring company’s culture and the position. For example, a corporate position in Human Resources would require a professional tone, while a position as a Visual Fashion Merchandiser can be more relaxed.
  3. Generic objective statements
    Recruiters will go through many resumes, and if an objective statement simply states the obvious, recruiters will often place such resumes in the rejected pile.
  4. Hidden objective statements
    Objective statements that are small or not properly featured on your resume, will be missed by a recruiter. For maximum visibility, place your objective statement at the top of your resume, after your picture and personal details.
  5. Lengthy objective statements
    An objective statement is a snapshot of your resume. The main goal for an applicant is to use an objective statement to create interest which will encourage the recruiter to read further. Therefore, focus on short objective for cv, that provides a picture of the candidate at a glance.

How to start a resume objective?

Start your objective statement by highlighting 2 - 3 positive characteristics about yourself. Be realistic about what you are good at and what experience you possess. You can then add your career goals. Make sure to align these goals to the job posting. End your resume objective statement mentioning the position you are applying for and the company’s name.

How to Write a Good Objective Statement for a Resume?

Tips for writing an professional objective for resume

  • Be specific
    Ensure your career objective for resume focuses on your career goals and be as specific as possible.
  • Keep it concise
    Lengthy career objective statements can distract a recruiter. An objective statement should be short and targeted towards the job role and the company’s culture.
  • Speak to the recruiter
    You want your job objective for resume to encourage the recruiter to shortlist your resume above the rest. Therefore, always align your job objective for resume to closely match the job posting.
  • Keep the job description in mind
    An objective section of a resume should be written specifically for the job advertised. To match your resume objective to the position, consider re-reading the job description in the posting and highlighting keywords that can be included in the objective section of your resume.
  • Concentrate on how you can benefit the hiring company
    Start your resume objective statement by highlighting your strengths. Remember to avoid stating your working preferences such as “seeking a goal-oriented environment”.

Things to avoid while writing a work objective for resume

  • Lack of specifics
    Vague objective statements that do not draw from an applicant’s experience will not grab the attention of a recruiter.
  • Highlighting duties
    Highlighting duties in your objective statement will not interest a recruiter. Instead, highlight your accomplishments, such as a sales target you reached, or a winning team you created, and etc.
  • Uninspiring wording
    Always use positive, professional wording in a work objective for resume. Professional wording will tell the recruiter that you are a candidate that is worth their time.
  • Typos and grammar errors
    A resume objective that is misspelled or grammatically incorrect, will automatically cause the recruiter to lose confidence with the applicant.

How long should a good objective statement for resume be?

Keep your objective statement short and concise. An ideal resume objective should be no more than 3 lines. Besides, since an objective statement is somewhat like a summary of the entire resume, new information that is not currently in resume is not suggested to be included in resume objective.

Resume Objective Writing Tips for Freshers & Students

Career objectives for fresh graduates

Entry-level resume objectives will often have to rely on academic and extra-curricular activities as freshers would have little to no work experience. In this instance, career objectives for freshers should highlight subjects/projects that meet the job post’s requirements. Another aspect of creating an effective career objective for freshers would be to emphasize teamwork and team projects that have been successfully completed.

Samples: Career objective for freshers

“Quick learner who would like to utilize his knowledge and skills gained from Marketing Degree and obtain practical experience from a well-recognized company such as (company name), while growing as a professional marketing executive to match international standards.”

Career objectives for experienced job seekers

Objective statements for experienced job seekers provide the applicant with an opportunity to highlight their level of experience and how their experience will benefit the company.

Samples: Career objective for experienced

“Proven history of over 10 plus years as a Marketing Manager, working with cross-functional teams and practiced at delivering marketing objectives in a timely and efficient manner.”

“Highly-engaged Sales Executive with over 5 years’ experience working with diverse teams, with the added ability to meet and exceed sales targets.”

Resume objectives for high school & college students

High school student resume objectives can help an applicant attract the attention of a recruiter. Start your objective statement by understanding the recruiter’s requirements. For example, a part-time server position would require a candidate with some server experience and a customer-focused attitude.

Samples: Resume objective for high school & college students

“Responsible and organized college student, with experience in customer service enhancement. Seeking a part-time customer service assistant position in ABC company.”

“Energetic and hard-working high school student, who is looking for an entry-level position in Hospitality. Looking forward to learning and implementing DE company’s policies and procedures while gaining customer service skills.”

How to write a general resume objective for multiple jobs?

If an applicant is applying for multiple jobs, a general resume objective might save time and reduce errors. A general resume objective should state your main skills or characteristics followed by what you can offer the company. However, if you are applying for senior-level or creative positions, writing customized objective statements would better help you stand out from the rest.

20+ Resume Objective Examples

1. Teacher resume objective example

“Motivated and passionate kindergarten teacher, looking to inspire little minds and gain experience in a well-reputed school.”

2. Customer Service resume objective samples

General Customer Service objective statement example:

“Skilled customer service representative with good communication skills and a friendly helpful attitude is eager to join (company name) as a (position).”

Entry-level Customer Service resume objective statement example:

"Experienced Customer Service Executive who is passionate about increasing (company name)’s customer base and motivated by meeting and exceeding company standards."

Experienced Customer Service resume objective statement example:

"Experienced customer service manager with over 5 years of managerial experience, who is seeking to grow a customer service team that is able to provide a high-quality service while meeting and exceeding customer service standards."

3. Nursing resume objective samples

General career objective for Nurse resume example:

"Committed and licensed nurse with experienced in assisting and managing stressful situations, is looking to gain experience and grow within the hospital industry."

Entry-level Nurse resume objective statement example:

"Patient-focused registered nurse seeking to gain experience while improving patients’ lives and working towards the Hospital’s well-recognized standards."

Experienced Nurse objective statement example:

"Experienced nursing professional looking to teach future nurses on how best to offer a patient-focused nursing approach in the most stressful environments."

4. Engineering resume objective samples

General career objective for Engineer resume example:

"Organized engineer with the skills and experience that is required to maintain equipment to be functional, reliable, and safe for its use. Looking for a position allowing development and training that will help personal and professional growth."

Entry-level Engineer resume objective statement example:

"Passionate engineer with a master degree in civil engineering with outstanding results. Possess skills in creating detailed plans that will help projects achieve targets in a timely manner."

Experienced Engineer objective statement example:

"Well-educated and result-oriented engineer with over 5 years of experience in the engineering field. Managed multiple large construction projects, and built strong teams to complete projects in a timely manner."

5. Accounting resume objective samples

General Accounting objective statement resume example:

"Detail-oriented Accountant who is well versed with working in a diverse team in order to ensure that Senior Management are provided with accurate information for key decision making. Looking to utilize problem solving and analytical skills to assist a team-focused accounting department."

Entry-level Accounting resume objective statement example:

"Accountant who has completed Accounting Degree with honors. Looking at gaining experience by learning and growing within a team-focused Finance department."

Experienced career objective for Accountant example:

"Senior Accountant with over 10 years of relevant experience as a Department Head. Possess the skills and expertise required to ensure that Senior Management is well informed with accurate, timely financial information. Looking to share experience in advanced accounting to help (company name) grow and excel."

6. Administrative Assistant resume objective samples

General Administrative Assistant objective example:

"Approachable Administration Assistant with friendly and hardworking attitude. Driven to provide exceptional work as per the given deadlines, and implement administration procedures to ensure the smooth operation of an Administration department."

Entry-level Administrative Assistant resume objective example:

"Organized and professional Administration Assistant with excellent communication skills. Desire to meet and exceed set goals.”

Experienced Administrative Assistant resume objective example:

"Experienced Administration Manager with over 5 plus years’ experience. Possess keen office management skills and knowledge to manage a diverse team while achieving departmental and company goals."

7. Sales resume objective example

"Enthusiastic Sales looking to grow and manage a sales team in a professional and organized manner. Motivated to work in a team environment focusing on meeting and achieving tight deadlines."

8. Medical Assistant resume objective example

"Experienced Medical Assistant with experience in handling challenging working environments. Looking to lead a healthcare team by providing support in administration and encouragement."

9. Career objective example for Retail

"Shrewd Business Graduate seeking a position in Retail industry to utilize knowledge on merchandising, effective communication, and excellent customer support to drive sales and maintain targets."

10. Career objective sample for Managers

"Result-driven Manager with over 10 years of experience handling general operations of a renowned PR agency. Seeking a position at (company name) to challenge communication and strategic planning capabilities."

11. Career objective example for Mechanical Engineers

"Qualified Mechanical Engineer with proper training. Experienced in mechanics and thermodynamics. Looking for a position at (company name) to utilize mechanical skills and team building knowledge while driving career growth and development."

12. Career objective sample for Civil Engineers

"Licensed Civil Engineer with over 4 years’ experience, looking to join (company name) as a Senior Civil Engineer to develop innovative infrastructure designs."

13. Job objective example for Receptionists

"Detail-oriented Receptionist who has been much-admired on friendly personality, adaptability, and organization skills. Looking for a Receptionist position in (company name) to make use of excellent communication skills, problem solving abilities, and efficient computer competences."

14. Job objective samples for Data Analysts

General Data Analyst resume objective example:

"Highly skilled, competent, and well-experienced Data Analyst with detailed nature and prior experience. Able to work under pressure with an organized, focused approach. Seeking a career with (company name) as a (position)."

Entry-level Data Analyst resume objective example:

"Highly-capable Data Analyst with a record of accuracy. Looking to assist a data management team to gain experience and career growth."

Experienced Data Analyst resume objective example:

"Senior Data Analyst who is able to manage a team to ensure that timely and authentic information is available for senior-level decision making. Looking to lead a Data management team to ensure accuracy and focus."

15. Career goals statement example for Marketing Managers

"Resourceful Marketing Manager with experience in handling international advertising and media campaigns successfully. Able to plan and execute marketing plans effectively to ensure product and company success."

16. Career goals statement sample for Software Engineers

"Well-educated Computer Software Engineer with 4 years of relevant experience. Looking for an organization that will provide me with a challenging work environment that can help me grow in the software field."

17. HR career objective example

"Detail-oriented HR professional with expertise in labor laws and grievance handling. Looking to apply for a position as an HR Generalist at (company name) where her skills can be fully utilized."

18. Resume objective statement example for Electrical Engineers

"Certified Electrical Engineer with the ability to resolve design and development issues while accomplishing strict deadlines. Looking to join (company name) as a (position)."

19. Career objective example for Internship

"Self-motivated student with an excellent school record. Looking for an internship to dedicate himself to be part of an organization, while grow his skills and work experience needed to become a professional in (field)."

20. CV objective example for Part-time jobs

"Experienced retired Manager with 20 years of industry experience. Looking for a part-time staff-counselling position to make use of his experience and professional skills in Management to help (company name) grow." 

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