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創業的最強後盾!AppWorks 加速器負責人 Alyssa 的 Startup 第一手觀察

踐 Female Power 的? 31:35 針對 Mental Health 的議題,有什麼值得分享的 insight? 34:40 Alyssa 平常會怎麼關照自己的 Mental Health? 加速器(Accelerator)加什麼? 「加速」到下個階段,但不一定是成功 「加速器」聽起來是個很抽象的名詞,加速什麼?如何加速

那些科技新創教我的事 I「 挑最難的問題來解決,自我成長最快 」- 林聖昌 (Cubo iOS 工程師)

護。除此之外,我也會協助客服負責處理偏技術性的 iOS 問題,並協助 AI 團隊串接資料和產品。 Cubo 是 AppWorks Accelerator #16 的校友,主要是做利用 AI 人工智慧偵測寶寶口鼻覆蓋危險的嬰兒攝影機,可以透過手機的 App

那些科技新創教我的事 IV「 在新創,有更大的空間去創造新產品 」- 曾祥龍 Shyne (Origami Labs 首席軟體工程師)

事半功倍,提升工作效率,因此,如何挑選適合的夥伴加入團隊,是我一直積極學習的課題。 Origami Labs 是 AppWorks Accelerator #15 的校友,開發出全球第一款採用骨傳導技術的智慧戒 ORII ,將通話訊息的音訊轉化為頻率震動

那些新創教我的事 VII「 與公司一起快速成長,是最棒的人生經驗 」- 鄭淙勻 (Fugle 全棧工程師)

自由選取欲參考的數據顯示在個人版面上,更方便地分析個股資訊) 開發、FugleTrade 的功能開發等。 Fugle 是 AppWorks Accelerator #12 的校友,志在服務自主、有想法的投資人。Fugle 開發一站式的股票研究平台,用戶可以自行建置投

Professional Network Engineer Resume: Examples

of resume headline for network engineer: Dedicated individual with 3+ years of experience at various IT consultancy companies Detail-oriented and experienced engineer who understands technical and analytical IT skills Skillful network engineer who is exceptional in proxy servers, WAN accelerators, and DHCP Step 2. Craft a professional profile summary for network engineers. What is a summary statement and why is it important? A summary statement is an outline that describes your most valuable skills and experience using one or
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2021 mai 31ème

APP 工程師找工作 大全 - iOS/Android 工程師薪水、應用程式發展趨勢一次掌握

透過手機進行搜尋;為因應越來越多人透過行動裝置來獲取資訊的趨勢,Google 甚至於 2015 年底推出 AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page,行動加速網頁) 技術,就是為了提升行動裝置用戶的線上體驗。 龐大且仍不斷增加的手機用
Technique pour Interviews
2020 juin 20ème

How to Answer Salary Expectations? 3 Useful Tips for Salary Negotiation

such cases, it is better that the job seeker sets an acceptable range of salary expectations at first. Having an idea of your acceptable salary range can help you filter out offers with unacceptable terms. Therefore, it can help you accelerate the decision-making process, and select a better offer. Company culture Different companies will have different cultures, such as diverse work environments, peer relationships, decision making process, and etc. If you are unsure about what kind of company culture

Best Resume Tips to Gain Recruiters’ Attention

track record. This is one of the top resume making tips. Focus on numbers, time, and percentages. 6. Use resume action verbs. Using action verbs can help create immediate information impact on the recruiters’. Popular action verbs for resumes include “accelerated”, “outperformed”, “analyzed”, and “negotiated”. 7. Use relevant keywords. What are keywords? Keywords are words that tie into a job description or posting. The use of keywords in resumes can boost your chance of not getting eliminated from ATS. 8

99+ action verb giúp CV tiếng Anh của bạn thêm xuất sắc

lực lãnh đạo trong CV Executed Spearheaded Administered Implemented Delegated Established Pioneered Reviewed Mentored Inspired Action verb trong CV kỹ thuật Automated Coded Programmed Modified Troubleshooted Remodeled Verified Resolved Installed Devised Action word trong CV xin việc sales tiếng Anh Accelerated Boosted Expanded Enhanced Acquired Deducted Diagnosed Maximized Reduced Negotiated Action verb trong CV quản lý dự án Advocated Coached Taught Motivated Cultivated Directed Instructed Supervised Guided Động từ trong CV nghiên cứu thị trường Discovered Assembled Evaluated Identified Measured

300+ Action Verbs for You Resume to Make Your Writing Stronger

Facilitated Formalized Fostered Furthered Guided Handled Hired Implemented Incorporated Inspired Integrated Leveraged Maintained Merged Mobilized Optimized Orchestrated Predicted Prepared Preserved Projected Promoted Recruited Refocused Reinforced Reorganized Resolved Restored Restructured Shaped Steered Strategized Sustained Taught Unified Creative Action Verbs List Altered Authored Built Choreographed Conceived Conceptualized Corrected Crafted Created Designed Drafted Drew Engineered Fashioned Formed Formulated Illustrated Modernized Originated Overhauled Piloted Pioneered Produced Renovated Sketched Started Transcribed Transformed Visualized Wrote Goal-Oriented Resume Buzzwords Accelerated Achieved Advanced Amended Amplified Attained Attemp...

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