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機會是用創造的!看李威從 MIT 國際創業訓練營、Udemy 到 SaaS 工具 LearnWorlds 的職涯 MVP

Bootcamp 開始,營期中提案的公司超過 100 家實際成立並募得超過 7,000 萬美金的資金, 「We believe learning by doing.」 作為 MIT Bootcamp 網頁 的第一句話,這個精神在 Bootcamp 中被發揮地淋漓盡致。 身為非英文母語的亞洲學生,李威的確在
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8 Jul 2022

How to Lean in and Become a Software Developer

Software Engineering Bootcamps Coding bootcamps are short—usually less than four months—and intensive training programs that aim to help people develop job-ready software engineer programming skills. If you don’t meet the software engineer education requirements, attending programming bootcamps will be a good way to build strong knowledge and compete for an entry-level role. Bootcamps are like software engineer schools for those who don’t have a formal eduction on the subject. Even though bootcamps tend to
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14 Des 2020

資料科學家要有哪些技能?精選 11 門資料科學自學資源、求職管道

不會程式的困境。這堂課最主要的目的,還是著重在幫助學生建立資料科學的架構。 3. Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R 講師:Jose Portilla 平台:Udemy 費用:約台幣 370 元(根據平台優惠活動價格可能不一) 課程時長: 18 小時 這堂
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24 Agt 2022

Want to Know How To Become a Graphic Designer? Read This!

Development Bootcamps: If you’re not too interested in the theory part of graphic design education, you can try a bootcamp. Bootcamps are a type of intense short course, designed to build your skills and knowledge on the essentials quickly. Bootcamps will usually pick one type of graphic design software and get you to a proficient level so you can use the tools independently for your own designs. Websites which host a range of bootcamps include: Udemy Coursera EdX SkillShare

Pinkoi 是人的企業:企業文化、徵才職缺與那些你好奇的幕後故事!專訪 Pinkoi 人資長 Michelle

天的 ±45~90 天,就是我們的 Talent pipeline。」 歷時最長需經半年的過程聽起來有點硬,Michelle 比喻,就像在準備新人的 Bootcamp,「或許最後沒有找到這個人才,但如果真的找到了,大家就要一起推他衝上火箭。」 雖說衝,倒也不是
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31 Agt 2020

LinkedIn 公布 2020 最夯工作:AI /機器學習免費資源、最新職缺都在這!

學習、自然語言處理及深度學習等算法,最後知道如何運用不同的模型去解決問題。 4. Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R 講師:Jose Portilla 平台:Udemy 費用:約台幣 342 元(根據平台優惠活動價格可能不一) 課程時長: 18 小時 這是

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