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Oct 11th 2023

BD 工作內容大揭秘:商務開發必備技能、BD 職缺與面試方法整理

職缺,希望幫助想應徵 BD 工作的求職者。 文章大綱 一、BD 意思是什麼?工作內容有哪些? 二、怎麼成為 BD?Business Development 的必備技能 三、想應徵 BD 工作嗎?BD 求職技巧報你知 四、BD 職缺哪裡找?熱門職缺分享 一、BD 意思

【履歷範本】BD 履歷教學,說服人資就是你!

進你的履歷中,比如說絕對有益無害的語言能力。 BD 熱門職缺整理 徵才企業 招募職缺 薪資待遇 KKday Business Development Manager 30K ~ 60K TWD / 月 KKBOX New Business Development Manager 1M+ TWD / 年 SHOPLINE Business Development Consultant 30K ~ 100K TWD / 月 ShopBack Business Development Manager 800K ~ 1.1M TWD / 年 GoSky Business Development Manager 60K ~ 120K TWD /月
Interview Skills
May 27th 2022

The Best Elevator Pitch: Samples and Template

a great way to network, and it functions as a self-introduction when you meet someone. You might also use an elevator pitch for an interview, when you’re asked the question “tell me about yourself.” You could use a business elevator pitch to promote your service or product. An elevator pitch is an important networking tool. Having a perfected elevator speech ready can help you deliver your introduction more smoothly, or help you sound more polished when you come


缺 徵才企業 招募職缺 薪資待遇 KKday [Adtech]商業資料分析師 50K ~ 90K TWD / 月 Carousell 旋轉拍賣 Business Intelligence Analyst 900K ~ 1.4M TWD / 年 Shopee 蝦皮 Logistics Business Analyst 35K ~ 45K TWD / 月 KKBOX Business Intelligence Analyst 850K ~ 1.15M TWD / 年 新加坡商鈦坦科技 Business Analyst 600K ~ 840K TWD / 年 Playsee Business Intelligence Analyst 40K ~ 60K TWD / 月
Job Search Tips
Oct 6th 2023


重視數據,連帶讓商業分析師(Business Analyst)成為話題度最高的職業之一,本篇文章將與大家分享商業分析(Business Analysis)是什麼以及成為一個商業分析師(Business Analyst)所需的技能、薪水以及獲取求職資訊的方法。 文章大綱
Job Search Tips
Sep 2nd 2022

BD 跟業務有什麼不同?從工作內容、必備技能等認識缺一不可的 BD & Sales

作內容、技能與未來發展 Part 1 BD 和 Sales 的不同 JD 首先,我們以 Amazon 的 AWS(Amazon Web Services,雲端運算服務)業務中的 Business Development Manager 及 Sales Manager 為例,將兩者的職責、能力要求及加分條件列出: 職稱 Business Development Manager Sales Manager 職責 1. 協助合作夥
Career Development
Feb 14th 2023


重視數據,連帶讓商業分析師(Business Analyst)成為話題度最高的職業之一,本篇文章將與大家分享商業分析(Business Analysis)是什麼以及成為一個商業分析師(Business Analyst)所需的技能、薪水以及獲取求職資訊的方法。 文章大綱

5 Contoh CV Marketing Menarik Perhatian Rekruter [+Tips dan Trik]

Menurut Business Insider , Marketing Executive dan Marketing Manager adalah 2 dari 30 pekerjaan dengan bayaran tertinggi di masa depan. Untuk melamar pekerjaan, CV marketing haruslah menarik. Bagaimana tidak; sebelum memasarkan produk perusahaan, seorang Marketing Executive harus bisa memasarkan dirinya sendiri dulu. Dan Curriculum Vitae marketing adalah “iklan” pertama dari seorang kandidat kepada perusahaan tempatnya melamar. Karena itu, tuntutan bagi cv untuk marketing sangatlah tinggi. Untuk itu, CakeResume sudah merangkumkan tips sukses membuat CV marketing. Selain itu, ada juga contoh CV
Hiring Tips
Oct 27th 2023

How to Draft an Effective Performance Improvement Plan [+ FAQs]

As a business owner, you should constantly be seeking ways to improve workflow, efficiency, and returns on your investments. Thus, it is critical for employers to constantly monitor and maintain the performance level of their employees. But what happens when an employee is falling short of the mark? It is not always the best idea to simply fire and rehire. A great way to maintain and guide the performance level of employees is through a performance improvement plan! Performance improvement
Career Development
Apr 8th 2019

5 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand that Will Help You Out in Harsh Times

Using personal branding, business owners can attract new customers and increase their loyalty. Although the competence in the market is constantly growing, and it’s harder and harder to stand out, a personal brand can be an effective crisis management tool for businesses and professionals who provide services. Moreover, such a brand may guarantee the quality of services that in its turn creates credibility and attracts new clients. What is a Personal Brand? There are a lot of definitions, but

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