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Journalist Resume Tips for Any Experience Level

have unique formatting, information and style, which are meant to represent your journalist persona. 1. Understand the differences between a CV and a resume When applying for journalism roles, first make sure you provide what is asked of you. A CV is a more lengthy document, which provides detail of an applicant's professional career, whereas a resume is a shorter, more specific document which allows applicants to emphasize how their experience qualifies them for the role. As a journalist

Essential Creative Thinking Skills Examples and How to Develop Them

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: What Is Creative Thinking Skill? Benefits of Creative Thinking Skills What Are Some Examples of Creative Thinking? Techniques for Developing Creative Thinking Skills Tips for Showing Creative Thinking Skills In a Resume/CV Creative thinking is the ability to look at things from diverse perspectives and generate unorthodox solutions to everyday challenges. Creative thinkers actively explore different approaches to a problem or a challenge to drive innovation, change, and progress. It is a set
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Aug 30th 2022

How to Become a Journalist: Step-by-step Guide & Career Advice

about journalist qualifications and skills, as well as which degree is required to become a journalist. What does a journalist do? In short, journalists create new stories. Generally speaking, there're many opportunities within the journalist career. You can work for different areas of media such as newspapers, magazines, television, or radio. The duties and responsibilities of a journalist may involve: Researching to uncover interesting and significant news Gathering and interpreting data for relevant news stories Conducting interviews to collect

Military-to-Civilian Resume Guide with Examples

enlisting. Eager to join CollectX as an administrative assistant to organize and update big data records. Expressive mass communication specialist with 4+ years of experience documenting and presenting Navy stories to the public. Looking to fulfill the role as a journalist at World News to feature worldwide news and topics. How to write a summary for a military to civilian resume ? A summary statement in your military to civilian resume provides you the benefit of featuring your most impressive abilities

Freelance Writer Resume Guide with Samples

CV Check the table below to understand the differences between a resume and a CV. Freelance Writer Resume 1-2 pages Covers the information related to the job opening only, including contact details, resume summary, education, work experience, certifications Required for the job application along with a cover letter for a freelance writer Creative and unique Freelance Writer CV No length limit Include full professional details: contact info, summary, work experience, education, academic experience or awards Usually required for academic

20 Computer Skills to Write in Your CV [w/ Examples & Writing Tips]

about: Good IT Skills for CV How to Put IT Skills on a CV Computer Skills on CV – Examples Tips on How to Highlight IT Skills on Your CV What are IT skills? Information Technology, or IT, skills in a CV are the set of abilities to utilize computers and related technology efficiently. With the prevalence of digitalization, computer skills in a CV could set you apart from other candidates when applying for jobs. As businesses improve and people seek

Building a Professional Art Portfolio: Tips & Examples for Students

currently living in San Francisco. I create art content inspired by conflict and chaos around the world as well as my childhood memory in Mumbai, India. I received two Bachelors from The University of California, Los Angeles – the first in Journalism, the second in Design. 2. Resume/CV You probably think that an artist needs no resume. Yes, but no. An artist’s resume is like the cherry on the cake. It adds a beneficial effect to prove you can

The Power of Resume Colors: Here are Things You Need to Know

CV color scheme. That means selecting a primary color for the header, a secondary color for the subheadings, and an accent color for important bits of information. Note the following things if you wish to adopt the best color scheme for your resume : How many colors do you use? Do you use high or low contrasting colors? Do you want to use colors to highlight important parts? What colors will be used for the background, headings, and main text? 2

Personal Websites - A Guide With Examples

In this article, you will learn: Why You Need a Personal Website 20 Best Personal Website Examples How to Create a Personal Website Tips for Creating a Personal Website Having a personal site is a super interesting aspect when working in the communication, marketing, journalism, design, architecture, or similar sectors where visual works reign. These are environments in which it is necessary to be able to demonstrate the work carried out and a personal web page is a perfect channel

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