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Mar 25th 2022

Mau Jadi Personal Assistant? Tugas, Gaji, dan Caranya! [+Contoh CV]

rumah tangga, sebuah keluarga, dll. Tugas-tugasnya dapat mencakup mengelola kalender pribadi/keluarga, persiapan makanan, perencanaan acara, dll. Asisten pribadi paruh waktu : bekerja paruh waktu dan menjalankan tugas untuk beberapa individu. Asisten pribadi real estat ( real estate personal assistant ) : membantu makelar atau individu yang bekerja pada sektor real estat lainnya. Asisten pribadi selebriti ( celebrity personal assistant ) : bertugas untuk menangani tugas-tugas yang berhubungan dengan bisnis atau kehidupan pribadi seorang selebriti. Asisten administrasi ( administrative assistant ) : umumnya bekerja di perkantoran untuk membantu

Summary for Resume|Examples, Templates, Writing Guide

In today’s competitive job market, you as a candidate have to make sure that the resume you draft stands out in more ways than one. An easy yet incredibly effective way to do this is to use a professional profile summary at the beginning of your resume. In this article, you will get to know h ow to write a professional summary for a resume, no matter you are a fresher with no work experience or an experienced job
Career Development
Jul 1st 2022

How to Create a Perfect Biodata for Marriage

dream job. You want someone who is compatible with you, has similar interests and has a good personality. So how do you find such a person? One way is to create a biodata for marriage. A biodata is essentially a CV for your personal life. You would include important details about your work history and qualifications in a CV; similarly, a marriage biodata is a document that contains an individual's personal information. For many couples, the biodata is one

Waiter/Waitress Resume (Examples and Tips)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a professional waiter/waitress resume? What is the best resume format for a waiter/waitress? How to make a waiter/waitress resume template? Top 10 waiter/waitress resume dos and don'ts Waiter/waitress resume sample “How may I help you?” The lady came close to the table and asked with a generous smile. Waiters (and waitresses!) are the group in charge of delivering an enjoyable dining experience to their customers

Translator Resume (Resume Example & Tips)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a translator resume? What to put on a translator resume? Tips for writing the best translator CV How to write a translator cover letter? Translator resume sample As the world becomes more globalized, multilingualism will gain more traction. A translator is usually employed to translate written materials into one or more languages. The primary responsibilities include ensuring that the context and meaning translated are properly maintained, implementing the correct terminologies, and

How to Write a Perfect Lawyer Resume (with Examples and Tips)

A dazzling lawyer resume boosts your overall competitiveness among other candidates. How to write a lawyer resume Before drafting your lawyer resume, here are some crucial steps to follow to understand the basics. Step 1: Understand the differences between a CV and a resume. A lawyer resume briefly summarizes your experience, skills, and accomplishments. A lawyer CV is, on the other hand, a detailed summary of your affiliations, research, and accomplishments and is typically used for academic purposes. Step 2

Dentist Resume Writing Guide: Examples & Templates

experiences rather than fabricating them) is crucial to show oneself as the perfect fit. 💡 Tips: Something to keep in mind: depending on one’s location, the recruitment requires one of the two major kinds of professional catalog: a dentist CV or a dentist resume. Dentist CV Context: academic settings. Content: a detailed version of all experiences (educational, academic, professional). while a length of 2 pages is normal, it is expected to be expanded as one’s experience multiplied. Design

Chemist Resume: Templates, Examples & Essential Skills

with free downloadable chemist resume pdf) How to write a resume for chemists? Step 1: Know that a chemistry CV and a chemistry resume are not the same! This is a typical problem seen amongst freshers; they mistake a chemistry CV and chemistry resume to be alike. Too often hiring managers can tell apart between an undergraduate chemistry resume from those more experienced. Four important aspects that differentiate a chemistry CV and a chemistry resume: Your chemistry CV aims to

How to Write a Dancer Resume (Examples & Tips)

reverse chronological order - CONS: not suitable for the people with career gaps Functional resume format: - PROS: emphasizes on skills instead of work experience - CONS: might raise suspicion Combinational resume format: - PROS: focus on both work experience and skills - CONS: might make your dancer resume appear repetitive Which format should a dancer resume be sent in? Check through the dance job posting to confirm if the recruiter asks for a PDF or word file for your dancer resume. If there are

10 Steps to Writing an Impressive Artist Resume

resume headline (10 words or less). Artist Resume Headline Examples: For an artist resume: Resourceful Artist Specializing in Abstract and Minimalist Designs. For a digital artist resume : Certified Digital Artist Dedicated to Developing Fascinating Animation. For a resume of a makeup artist : Personable Makeup Artist with 5+ Years of Designing Unique Looks. Step 5: Craft an artist resume summary . For most pieces of artwork exhibited in galleries or museums, you will find a short explanation next to them. Similarly, you

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