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How to List Transferable Skills on a Resume: Guide + Examples

Created by CakeResume In this article, you’ll learn: What Are Transferable Skills & Why Are They Important? 10 Types of Transferable Skills Transferable Skills Examples for Resumes (Different Jobs) How to List Transferable Skills on a Resume Tips on Including Transferable Skills on a Resume Transferable skills in a resume refer to those skills you have accumulated back in school, internships, volunteers, or any previous working experiences. If you are a fresh college graduate, those who are looking for career

Research Assistant Resume: Skills, Templates & Examples

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a research assistant resume? What to put on a resume for a research assistant? Tips for writing a great student research assistant resume? How to write a cover letter for a research assistant position? Research Assistant Resume Sample Researching is no easy task; it's time-consuming and requires a lot of effort to complete due to its challenging nature. Thus, plenty of research managers or college professors will employ research

Music Teacher Resume Guide with Examples & Templates

on a resume for a music teacher? How to write a music teacher resume with no experience? Music teacher resume sample Music teachers teach students of all ages to sing or play instruments. They can provide lessons at home, school/college, music academy, or conservatory. Music teacher job duty examples: Design lessons to meet individual students' needs and syllabuses. Acquire appropriate teaching materials and resources. Teach music theory, aural skills, and practical techniques. Motivate students with practice and rehearsal sessions

How to Write a Professional Resume?|Ultimate Writing Guide & Tips

Put on a Resume? While writing a resume, there is a common problem that bothers us all, whether you are a seasoned employee who has several years of experience in the workplace, or a fresher who just came out of college with no work experience. “What to include in a resume?” “What NOT to include in a resume?” A professional resume should be able to serve its ultimate purpose of landing the interview. In short, after reviewing your resume, the

Career Changer Resume: Writing Guide & Template

a career change Career change resume sample A career change simply means you switch to a different career field. For example, you have worked as a graphic designer but recently looking to be a social media specialist. According to Vista College, the reasons for career transition may include company downsizing, restructuring or closing, possible job relocation, issues with colleagues and/or managers, personal interests, etc. Seeking new jobs for career shifters has never been an easy journey, especially competing with

從電機系到設計系:Mozilla 產品設計師的轉職故事

邀請到 Mozilla 前 Senior Product Designer (現任 Product Manager)的 Mark 來和我們分享他的轉職故事。Mark 從台大電機系畢業後,到加州 California College of the Arts 就讀 Interaction Design,畢業後先在 AKQA 擔任一年的 Creative Technologist,四年多前回到台灣加入了 Mozilla。 本集 Podcast 精華摘要
Career Development
May 25th 2021

Get a Letter of Recommendation from Them Easily!

is a letter of recommendation ? A letter of recommendation is a formal document that validates a person's work, accomplishments, and skill sets. Usually, employers are those who ask for a letter of recommendation , but it is often required by college applications as well. Some of the benefits of including a letter of recommendation with your job application: Advocate for the job candidate Highlight the personality traits of the job candidate Emphasize the job candidate’s previous achievements Boost the
Job Search Tips
Sep 9th 2020

For Freshers: Tips to Land Your Coveted Job

waters (i.e. job-hunting), creating a hotbed of panic and ambition that has become your greatest nightmare. But fear not fellow fresh grads, I will delve more into the career aspect to help you plan your perfect life after college. Let me tell you a little secret, you’re not actually completely starting from scratch. Even though you have no prior job experience, this 3-part article will help you appear to be an “experienced fresher,” and assist you

How to Write a Resume with No Experience for First Jobs [+ Examples, Steps, Tips]

no work experience. Employers know how to spot potential talents, all you need to do is to show the hiring manager you’ve got the makings. 💡 Note: This is a resume writing guide for high-school teenagers, internship seekers, college students, or graduate freshers. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of writing a resume with no experience, and the strategies of where to focus if you have nearly nothing to list. With resume tips and

【備審資料範例】5 招攻略教授的心!大學/研究所自傳、模板、格式等

料 讀書計畫  - 備審資料 相關證明  - 備審資料 作品集/小論文 一、備審資料是什麼? 備審資料(英文:Application Materials for College/Graduate Admission)是在高中生透過 個人申請 的方式進入大學(或稱學習歷程檔案) ,以及大學生透過 推甄 的方

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