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Jan 18th 2022

6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2022

also show off your personality and values to companies who want to get to know their freelancers. However, for someone who's just starting out, it might be hard for your website to show up on the first page of Google search results, making you practically invisible for those who need your talents. It may take a year or two before you become highly sought-after in your chosen field. So registering in a few freelance websites to build your

工程師面試履歷的 Do's and Don'ts

經看過上百封履歷,你的履歷是不是網路上的範本,只要看一眼就知道。複製一段很突兀的句子去 google 搜尋也馬上就可以找到來源文章。 基本上,求職者一旦被發現是直接拿網路上的履歷範本來面
Interview Skills
Mar 22nd 2022

STAR Interview Method: Definition, Tips, and Examples

is exceptionally effective in helping you demonstrate your skills. Some strengths you could mention for the action in the STAR method in your response : Attention to detail Determination Analytical thinking Strong communication skills Trustworthiness A fast learner A great team-player Solid work ethic ✅ Support y our claims with numbers. With CakeResume, you can easily create a CV online and download your CV’s PDF format for free. Land your dream job and create your CV online (free download
Interview Skills
Apr 15th 2022

15 Tips on How to Answer Interview Questions Confidently

ideal time to arrive for an interview is approximately 10-15 minutes before the arranged time. Arriving earlier gives you the advantage of looking effortless, which is beneficial to showing your confidence for an interview. Make sure you check your google map and plan your route. To show up to the job interview with confidence and avoid unforeseen accidents, give yourself an extra 30 minutes to travel. 💡 Stay positive. Preparing for an interview can be a nerve-racking situation

Cách tạo CV trên điện thoại cực đơn giản mà vẫn siêu ấn tượng

điện thoại của mình, bạn đã có thể tạo cho mình được một chiếc CV xịn xò bằng hai cách đơn giản và tiện lợi sau đây Dùng app tạo CV trên điện thoại Tạo CV online trên điện thoại qua liên kết Cách 1: Dùng app tạo CV trên điện thoại Bạn chỉ cần tải ứng dụng tạo CV có sẵn từ Apple Store (cho hệ điều hành IOS) hoặc Google Play (cho hệ điều hành Android) và bắt...

20 Computer Skills to Write in Your CV [w/ Examples & Writing Tips]

that are sought by companies as their best candidates. Let’s look into a list of 20 important computer skills examples for a CV. MS Office Word Excel Outlook Powerpoint Access Google Workspace Docs Slides Sheets Forms Meet Spreadsheets Excel Google Sheets Numbers Smartsheet OpenOffice Calc Email Filters Folders Rules Mail merge Hubspot Presentations Powerpoint Google Slides Prezi OpenOffice Impress Tableau Database Management MS Access Oracle Teradata IBM DB2 SQL Quickbooks Expense tracking Accounts payable Invoicing Cash flow management Payroll

20+ Contoh Skill Komputer Dalam CV dan Cara Menulisnya!

ini, dan menunjukan kemampuan komputer ini dalam CV kamu pastinya akan membuat kau lebih unggul lagi. 💻 Berikut adalah keterampilan alat web untuk CV kamu: Blogging : CSS, HTML, WordPress, Sistem Manajemen Konten/Content Management System (CMS) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Pagespeed Insight, Google Mobile-Friendly Test, Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google Trend, Ahrefs, Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker, Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar, Moz, SEMrush, GTmetrix, Yoast SEO, Classy Schema Structured Data Viewer, SERP Robot, SERPsim, XML Sitemaps

如何為資料庫服務做產品設計?MongoDB Product Designer Tan 的紐約科技職涯與 UX 求職技巧

MongoDB 營收 49% 的 MongoDB Atlas Tan 負責的 MongoDB Atlas 產品是一個雲託管資料庫即服務(Database as a Service;DaaS), 支援三大雲端平台 Google Cloud Platform(GCP)、Amazon Web Services(AWS)和 Microsoft Azure,協助企業實現全球部署,並且大幅節省開發者維運的時間。 從 2016 年上市

Best Computer Skills for Your Resume: How to List Them & Examples

can help you impress the hiring team when suitably placed on a resume. Below is a list of example basic computer skills for resumes: Typing Word Processing: Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote, SharePoint, Pages, Google Docs Presentation Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides Spreadsheet: Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets Communication Tools: Microsoft Outlook, Mail, Gmail, Microsoft Team, Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom, Slack, TeamViewer Cloud: Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox Scheduling Tools: Outlook Calendar, Calendar, Google Calendar Web Browsers: Chrome, Firefox
Career Development
Jan 17th 2020

Secrets of How to Become a Freelance Writer in College

Just make sure to fill your portfolio with high-quality texts only. After that, you can start looking for your first project. Check out famous freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, blogging platforms like Probloggers and BloggingPro, and search on Google to find websites that pay their authors. Come up with a strong pitch, don’t forget to add the link to your portfolio, and don’t stop pitching clients. It might take a while before you get your first

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