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20 世紀末,網路興起、個人電腦的問世與普及,使得科技業開始在世界經濟中嶄露頭角。根據 PwC 在今年六月所公布的 2020 全球企業市值排名 的前十名中,科技業就佔了一半,包括 Apple、Microsoft、Amazon、Google 母公司 Alphabet、Facebook

What Is a Resume: Resume Formats, Resume Elements, Resume Writing Tips

Created by CakeResume A resume, also known as a Curriculum Vitae (CV) , is a necessary formal document for job seeking process. A strong resume can help grab the attention of employers and can be the key to landing an interview. But "what is a resume?" you might ask. In this blog post, we'll share with you all-thing resumes, from its definition and types to writing tips and best practices for creating a compelling one, whether you are a

College Freshman Resume Examples [Writing Steps & Tips]

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: Step 1: Create the best layout for your college freshman resume Step 2: Adopt the right format for your college freshman resume Step 3: Start with basic personal details and contact info Step 4: Title your college freshman resume with an eye-grabbing headline Step 5: Compile a well-written resume summary Step 6: Highlight your skills Step 7: List educational qualifications and background Step 8: Demonstrate your best experience and achievements Step 9

100+ Key Hard Skills to Put on Resume [+ Listing Tips for Maximum Impact]

Created by CakeResume You may have heard a lot about the importance of the skills section in a resume. However, you might have not heard of hard skills to put on resumes which are different from soft skills. To put it simply, hard skills are teachable and measurable abilities that an individual can acquire through practice, repetition, and education. When going over the hard skills on your resume, employers can grab a quick idea of your expertise and see whether

How to Write The Best Cover Letter Salutations [+Examples]

that comes before your actual resume. It is a page for you to explain your traits, intentions, and details that you cannot describe through your resume in a letter form. Your cover letter is as important as your resume to grab the attention of the recruiter and land yourself an interview (and eventually a job)! There is a general cover letter structure used commonly by almost all applicants. This means that the cover letter greetings at the beginning and end

Industrial Engineer Resume Examples, Templates & Formats

provide services. Whether you're looking to create an entry-level industrial engineer resume, an industrial engineering student resume, or a senior industrial engineer resume, you need to be able to manufacture a robust, precisely tailored industrial engineer resume to grab the attention of a hiring manager. How to write an industrial engineer resume? Creating your industrial engineering resume is more than just identifying the industrial engineering skills for your resume or finding that perfect template. A concrete understanding of

Operating Room Nurse Resume Examples (Resume Writing Steps & Tips)

relevant work experience such as preparing lab specimens, assessing a patient's condition pre-operation and ongoing through surgery, and ensuring that everything is available for the surgery. 5 steps to draw up a killer operating nurse resume Step 1: Grab the employer's attention with an on-point resume headline. A resume headline can be a title of your operating room charge nurse resume or a short statement introducing yourself. A well-branded and intriguing resume headline has a

Tax Accountant Resume Examples & Guide

the hiring manager and land the dream job. Let's make it happen with our step-by-step guide and a killer tax accountant resume sample. How to write a strong tax accountant resume in 5 easy steps? Step 1: Grab the employer's attention with a strong resume headline. Put it simply, a resume headline is like a resume title. In only one sentence, you need to introduce yourself to the hiring managers in the most impressive way. You

Human Resources (HR) Manager Resume Guide (Examples & Tips)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a professional Human Resources (HR) Manager resume What is the best resume format for a Human Resources (HR) Manager? How to make a Human Resources (HR) Manager resume template 10 Human Resources (HR) Manager Resume Dos and Don'ts Human Resources (HR) Manager Resume Sample A human resources (HR) manager is responsible for the company’s most irreplaceable and valuable assets: people. HR manager takes ownership of employee recruitment, HR policy

15 Short Cover Letter Examples + Tips on How to Write One

Created by CakeResume In this article, you’ll learn: 15 Short Cover Letter Samples Short Cover Letter Template Tips on How to Write a Short Cover Letter FAQs about Short Cover Letters If a resume works as a summarization of your experience, skills, and proficiency, a cover letter tells a story that you could not fit into your resume and helps you put the cherry on top of your job application and land you an interview. It also will speak

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