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100 Core Competencies Examples for Your Resume [+Definition & Writing Tips]

thinking Prioritizing tasks Team building Conflict resolution 6. Creative thinking Creative thinkers are able to see things from diverse perspectives and actively explore different approaches to a problem or a challenge. Examples of creative thinking skills on a resume: Analytical mindset Open-mindedness Experimentation Active listening Divergent thinking 7. Adaptability Adaptability refers to the ability to adjust mindset and behaviors to fit into a new environment. Examples of adaptability on a resume: Fast learner Networking Communication Analytical thinking Self-motivation

那些新創教我的事 VII「 與公司一起快速成長,是最棒的人生經驗 」- 鄭淙勻 (Fugle 全棧工程師)

了交易下單功能 (FugleTrade),提供用戶更加全面的投資理財服務。 跟上潮流、不斷學習是工程師不可或缺的 Mindset 最初加入 Fugle 是因為其中一位創辦人是我實驗室學姊的朋友,當時 Fugle 還是很早期的新創,很缺人
Career Development
Jun 22nd 2022

Mau Sukses di Usia Muda? Tiru 10 Kebiasaan Ini!

Dengan sikap ingin belajar terus dari berbagai aspek, kamu akan semakin dekat dengan pintu kesuksesan yang ingin kamu capai. Tidak menutup diri pada kritikan atau masukan adalah sebuah pembelajaran yang baik untuk cara menjadi orang sukses. 📚 Baca juga: Growth Mindset: Arti, Penerapan dan Manfaatnya dalam Karir 5. Kelola Hubungan Baik Dalam proses mencapai kesuksesan, tidak bisa pungkiri kalau kamu akan bertemu dengan banyak tipe orang. Ada yang mendukung kesuksesan kamu dan juga yang tidak. Motivasi cara menjadi orang sukses
Interview Skills
Apr 15th 2022

15 Tips on How to Answer Interview Questions Confidently

plan your route. To show up to the job interview with confidence and avoid unforeseen accidents, give yourself an extra 30 minutes to travel. 💡 Stay positive. Preparing for an interview can be a nerve-racking situation. Adopting a positive mindset is essential for candidates to build confidence for an upcoming interview. Positivity is not about believing in a happy ending. It’s mostly about preparing for uncertainty and knowing, while it’s impossible to have everything under control, how

How to Write an Interior Designer Resume (+ Samples)

to the job listing can help the company see your vision and values. Examples of interior designer resume objectives: Example objectives for interior design intern resumes: Resourceful and passionate interior designer student with a commitment to deadline and a collaborative mindset. Completed various projects. Experienced in managing student projects and design principles and tools. Looking to gain internship experience at X company. Example objectives for interior designer fresher resumes: Detail-oriented and driven graduate student in interior design. Previous interned

Writing a Business Development Cover Letter (with Samples)

Market research is a crucial component of global client acquisition. I researched market competitors and provided informed reports by using CRM systems to target sales leads from our global analytics. Your mission for international outreach is perfect for the comprehensive mindset I have to bring to global markets. I would like to meet up and unpack how my cross-cultural and cross-departmental communication and leadership roles contributed to market expansion. I would be happy to provide further information regarding
Interview Skills
Apr 26th 2022

How do you work under pressure?—Interview question tips

Tips “How do you work under pressure?” - example answers “How do you handle stress and pressure?” 🖋 For professionals: “I have achieved some of my proudest results under pressure. As an account manager, I face endless issues and problems everyday, and I’ve found that getting familiar and comfortable with problems is a mindset that has helped me tackle and prioritize many stressful situations at work . Early on in my career, there was an inventory management oversight on our client...

從 Apple 到 Google,Recruiter WeiLin 解析 Google 面試技巧與科技人資職涯!

主管經歷,但具備驅動團隊、管理 stakeholders 的經驗與能力。 Googleyness:意指是否符合 Google 的企業文化,像是團隊合作、growth mindset 等。 而根據 Google 前人事副總裁 Lazlo Bock 在 Work Rules! 一書中提及的,Google 尋找的人才特質通常有以下五點: 享受
Job Search Tips
Feb 5th 2021

全端工程師找工作 大全 - 薪資情報、熱門職缺、面試技巧

行的專案項目,協助客戶在激烈的產業競爭中保持領先。採用敏捷開發(Agile Software Development),同時將敏捷思維(Agile Mindset)注入公司文化,目的是快速、靈活地應對客戶和市場需求的變化。 資深軟體工程師 / 全端工程師 全

IBM 校園徵才開跑!專訪 IBM 全球企業諮詢服務事業群總經理,揭秘 13 年職涯進化史與 IBM 顧問工作日常

新的技術、思維和工作方法,學習跟年輕世代的同事溝通相處,也學習怎麼當 Leader。 重視成長型心態(Growth mindset)的 IBM,從管理層到員工端都認真落實,「像 2015 年導入的 Design Thinking(設計思考),還有最近的敏捷工作方法、混

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